What does the black candle say?


Every car maintenance isnot just the replacement of consumables and troubleshooting. This is also a diagnosis that helps to avoid breakdowns, since most of them can be prevented even at the stage of appearance. No malfunction appears on its own. This phrase applies to the entire car, especially its power unit, which consists of a gearbox and an engine. The latter is a complex "organism", the "organs" of which work in harmony and understanding with each other or do not work at all, the third is not given.

black candle

Over time, the engine exhausts its resource,becomes not so powerful and economical. For some, this resource is several tens of thousands of kilometers of mileage, for others it exceeds a million. But age is not the only factor that affects engine performance. Perhaps, its regulation is simply violated, which means that the "organs" work, but it is wrong.

The correct way is to inspect the spark plugs. A black candle can tell a lot to the right owner. First of all, you need to check why the candles are black. To do this, try to erase the black coating on the electrodes and see how tightly it sits. If it can be done with a finger, then a black candle is not too scary. Here, everything can be limited to adjusting the carburetor or replacing the electronic control unit. At once it is necessary to tell, that the combustible mixture getting in cylinders, is too enriched by gasoline. As a rule, in this case, behind the car you can observe the clouds of black smoke, especially with loads on the engine. In this case, it is worth to go to the maintenance station and adjust the fuel system in accordance with the toxicity standards, this will be the surest way to eliminate this malfunction.

black spark plugs

Another unpleasant situation, which saysA black candle is the wear of the piston rings. In this case, the oil, which serves to lubricate the cylinder walls, passes under the oil-removable rings, after which it rises into the combustion chamber. Here it is coked on electrodes. Black spark plugs should make you think about the oil-cap. Naturally, all engine parts have about the same resource, after which they need to be changed all together. So, rings and caps are just such details. In order to verify the correct diagnosis, you must, again, turn to the exhaust pipe, the blue smoke from which indicates exactly this. Naturally, it will not be dark blue, but slightly bluish.

candles black

It happens that a black candle indicateslater ignition, because at the time the piston is at the top dead center, therefore, part of the fuel remains on the electrodes. The combustion temperature in this case is significantly reduced.

In conclusion, it should be said that the black candlemay be a consequence of poor-quality fuel. In this case, you just need to change the gas station. Naturally, you should not rush to extremes, you first need to determine the nature of the malfunction, because for different models and brands of the car the price of repair varies, and in huge limits, which it is simply impossible to limit.

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