Windshield wipers creak: how to fix the problem?


The janitors are that thing in the car, whichdrivers use almost every day. Many people face the problem of squeaking. And if short trips can survive this problem, then at long distances this annoying sound can be pretty annoying. How to solve this problem? Why do scratchers wipe the glass? The answers to these questions are in our today's article.

Product quality

The most common reason why creaksjanitors - this is the quality of the brush itself. Imagine the situation - on the road you caught a heavy rain, and the old wipers do not have the power to clear the glass. You go to the nearest supermarket and buy a set of new ones.

squeak wipers what to do

However, after installation, you hear a characteristiccreak. But where did it come from, because the brushes are brand new? The creak of new products suggests that the elastic band is not able to cope with its task and "smears" on the glass. However, the manufacturer is not always to blame. Frequent situations when the driver simply forgets to snap the fixing mechanism to the end. As a result, the brush "walks" through the glass, making a fatal sound.

Natural wear

How much should I change the wipers? There is no single answer to this question. The producers themselves recommend changing these elements at least once every 2 years. During this time, the rubber element of the brush dries out and becomes less elastic. Also distinguish wipers for the season. There are winter and summer options. Many use one kind all year round. This is not entirely correct. After all, the manufacturer calculates the strength and properties of the windshield wiper according to the temperature regime in which it is operated. If you have not changed them for more than two years, and you have scratchers wipers on the glass, the reason for the natural wear and tear. You should replace them with new ones.

Brush type

There are two types of windshield wipers:

  • Wireframe.
  • Frameless.

The janitors of the first type most often creak. Why is this happening? The brush is fixed in a metal base. If it deforms, the position of the rubber also changes with respect to the surface. Also the brush joints can rust or turn sour. Especially often this happens in winter, when the skeleton literally envelops the ice cake. The driver has to literally rip off the brush from the surface so that it can work again. Frameless analogues are deprived of this shortcoming. Therefore, if you acquire new ones, then only frameless.

Other situations

For what reasons are the squeakers scratched? Sound also occurs due to the presence of dirt under the rubber band. And this dust accumulates on the upper side of the brush. Including the windscreen wiper, the car owner does not even suspect that the glass will soon be covered with micro-scrapes, and the rubber will fail because of the abrasive action of the road dust.

scratchers wipers

Even after a short stay underjanitors accumulate a layer of dirt. Therefore, to protect the glass from small scratches and gum from damage, periodically clean this place with a soft soft cloth.

Another reason is poor quality fastening. The janitor should not play. If this is so, you need to pick up a new attachment, or press the metal part of the janitor with the pliers (where the plastic clamp is installed). Also, deformation of the "arc" is inadmissible. The element should be adjacent to the glass at a right angle.

The wipers creak: what to do? Ways to solve the problem

If the windshield wiper suddenly started to emita characteristic sound, first you need to thoroughly wash the glass. It is better to do this with car shampoo. Part of the foam is applied to the rubber brush itself. Make sure all dirt has been removed. This simple procedure helps to eliminate the crease of the wipers in 50% of cases.

why scratch the windshield wipers

The next step is to check the fastening of the brush. As we said earlier, it should be fastened without backlash. If so, change the plastic latch, or press the edge of the wiper with pliers.

Check the mechanism of wipers

If the bow is adjacent to the stela crooked, the wiperswill creak in any case. And it does not matter how much you bought them and what type they are. The elastic will always be in the opposite direction. This can be corrected by replacing the arch or bending it off to another corner. As a result, the brush should be strictly perpendicular to the glass. Only in this case the elastic band will not crawl over the surface, producing a meticulous sound.

why scratch the windshield wipers
It is not superfluous to check the spring, which presses the bow to the glass. If the surface is cleaned with skips, the wipers creak, replace this element.

The spring changes on the previously removed bow. It is quite easy to dismantle it - for this you need a car key on 13. The main thing is to remember the position of its relatively rotating collar. Replace the spring, put everything in place. Do not tighten the nut. If the janitor has turned out of place in the off position, it does not matter - you can always adjust it again. To do this, unscrew the nut and change the position of the metal arch. The procedure does not take much time.

scratchers wipers on the glass

Manufacturers - what is the best choice?

If the problem does not dare, try to replacebrushes, having preliminarily measured their length. Please note that it can be different on the left and right wiper. As for manufacturers, the best quality products are made by the French brand "Valeo". Quite a lot in the market of janitors firm "Bosch". However, the reviews about them are very ambiguous. The fact is that there are a lot of fakes on the market. Really original brushes will cost at least 700 rubles per set. Among other manufacturers, mention the company "Champion" (USA) and "Hallo" (Austria).

scratchers wipers on the glass what to do

It is better not to save on the quality of janitors,They will not last long. Often, when on the second day, motorists scratch the windshield wipers. What to do? Only replacement will help. By the way, when choosing it is important to pay attention not only to the price and brand, but also to the availability of adapters. After all, each car has its own type of fasteners. The most popular of them is a "hook" or "claw". Peugeot and Mercedes cars use a side pin or side pin. On the "Volvo" and some models of "Citroen" - Push button. On cars of mark "Renault" it is used lateral fastening or Side mounting. When choosing the right brush, be sure to specify this point. After all, you can not install a part without an adapter.


So, we found out the reasons for squeakingjanitors. In most situations, the fault is due to natural wear, or poor quality of the rubber bands themselves. Alas, no one is insured against forgery. But it is possible to distinguish really high-quality goods. First of all, this is the price. However, if the wipers scratched for 2 or more thousand rubles, the reason is a deformed shackle. Check the angle between the brush and the glass. We hope that these simple tips will help you in solving this problem.

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