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Everyone knows about the existence of the BMW brand.Even those who are not too interested in cars. These machines can be treated differently, but in one opinion all agree. This is a high-quality and reliable car. BMW X5 (2013) was no exception.

bmw x5
Manufacturers retained their identitymachines, only slightly changing them. The radiator grille has become wider, and the headlamps seem to be adjacent to the hood, making the car stricter. LEDs are equipped with head lights and tail lights BMW X5 (2013). And in front on the bumper fog lights were installed. Both bumpers have also undergone minor changes, like the tailgate. One more detail: the car is lighter than the previous model by 150 kg, which, of course, affected its speed and economy.

The external appearance of the machine has become more rapid andeven somewhat aggressive-defiant. But considering that any BMW production car is a challenge to the road, then, creating the BMW X5 (2013), the manufacturer made no exception.

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Two types of petrol engines

The first eight-cylinder xDrive50i and the second6-cylinder, in-line, called xDrive35. Power V8 with two turbochargers is 407 hp, which allows you to disperse a large car to a hundred in just 5.5 seconds. The second engine is not much inferior to the older brother, since it is also equipped with a turbocharger and direct fuel injection. Its power is 306 hp, with a maximum torque of 400 Nm. It rips from the spot and accelerates to 100 km / h in only 6.8 seconds.

Diesel engines are also two types.It seems that the manufacturers decided to create so many modifications that every fan of this brand could find the perfect car for himself. Two six-cylinder engine. The first, like with gasoline, is more powerful. 306 hp together with the turbocharger will develop a speed of 100 km / h in 6.6 seconds, and the maximum speed indicated by the manufacturer is 236 km / h. The second engine - xDrive30d - is declared as the most economical in its class. Of course, on cars of this level, talk about saving is not accepted, but, nevertheless, any owner is pleased that the "steel horse" requires a little less fuel than its counterparts.

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In the interior trim of the New BMW X5 (2013) usedleather, wood, metal. All this together creates simultaneously a reserved, but very expensive interior. The entire interior is thought out to the smallest detail, everything you need is at hand. Among the options is a system for projecting to the front glass all the necessary information, which allows the driver not to take his eyes off the road.

For the convenience of the driver, absolutely everything is done here.BMW X5 (2013) is equipped with cameras that allow you to monitor the situation in the most difficult circumstances. Even if you do not experience difficulties when parking or driving in a confined space, the image collected from all cameras will show you the car from above, allowing you to make a decision instantly.

The salon can be adjusted from top to bottom,adjust the seat so that it was convenient for you, and the ability to save changes in memory will make the ride as comfortable as possible in the BMW X5. The price of the car, depending on the configuration, ranges from 3 to 4 million rubles. Given the technical characteristics, appearance and interior of the car, this bar does not seem too high.

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