What is the blend of the lambda probe?


Approximately 110-150 thousand kilometersalmost all motorists are faced with the problem of the appearance of a sinister "Check Engine" on the dashboard. The reason for this can be a failed catalyst. Typically, the Check Cheg lamp lights up because of the lambda probe. In our case, it gives the electronic engine control unit a signal that notifies the incorrect operation of the catalytic converter. In order to eliminate such a problem, motorists mount such a detail as the lambda probe fric- tion. With it, the sensor will feed the "right" signal to the electronic unit about the state of the catalyst and the exhausts in the system.

dummy lambda probe

At the moment there are three types of deceptions:

  • Mechanical. This is the most common option for motorists.
  • Electronic.
  • Electronic emulator the work of the lambda probe.

What are they different from each other?

All the presented details have many differences, infirst of all concerning the price category. The first type is the simplest and, accordingly, cheap. Often this is a detail made of a special heat-resistant steel measuring 2 x 1.2 centimeters. Such a deceptive lambda probe can withstand temperatures of up to 650 degrees Celsius. The remaining parts are also quite hardy and functional, but their cost exceeds all permissible limits, so the mechanical version is in the lead in all lists. Also worth noting is the bundle bundle bent. It is intended for installation in hard-to-reach places where there is no usual spacer. Lambda probe blend bent is able to rotate in a 360 degree radius and at the same time remain functional. However, the distance from the exhaust nut to the center of the probe axis is no more than 12 millimeters. For comparison: the mechanical blend of the lambda probe has a 35-mm distance between the same elements.

lambda probe blende

What is the benefit of them?

Lambda probe deformation first of all reducesfuel consumption of the car. In addition, the engine power is significantly increased. As a rule, this value is 4-5 percent. This "bonus" arises due to a decrease in the resistance of exhaust gases in the catalyst.

What to choose?

Definitely, the best option would bemechanical blende. It is a small detail with a thread, thanks to which the product is screwed into the emulator. It is also positive that the mechanical blend has a platinum-rhodium catalytic element in its composition, which is similar to the matrix of the original catalyst. As a result, the probe sensor will only receive information about the air-fuel mixture, which corresponds to the world environmental standards.

dummy lambda probe

Will this mechanical blende fit a lambda probe of a domestic car?

This item fits allmodern cars, whether it's the Japanese "Mazda" or the domestic VAZ. To be more precise, the snag is installed on those machines in which there are screwed lambda probes (which is most vehicles).

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