Engine resource 1ZZ-FE and its technical characteristics


The first engines of the ZZ line appeared in 1998year. They were designed to replace obsolete power units of the A series. Specifically, the first representative was the ICE 1ZZ-FE. The resource of the engine, in comparison with the previous ruler, has been considerably increased. Virtually all parts and components were made from other materials, which significantly increased the performance of the motor. Let's talk in more detail about this power unit.

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Some general information

As already noted above, the first enginesseries ZZ appeared in 1998, and they were produced until 2007. But in fact, this is a Canadian development, since it was there that the first such internal combustion engine was designed. In the future, Japan was engaged in the manufacture, installation and sale. For the most part, 1ZZ-FE was installed on cars for the domestic market. A little later, cars with these power units began to ship to Europe and Russia.

For us, this motor a few years agoremained not fully studied. About its design features, many motorists knew, but only in large cities. Now, of course, there is no such problem, because 1ZZ is widely distributed in the Russian Federation. The motor is mainly installed on the top models of Toyota cars, so this engine replaced rather 3S-FE than A series. Well, now let's go further and talk about technical characteristics.

Photo of the engine 1ZZ-FE and its modifications

This Japanese engine was famous for its increased power characteristics and reliability. For all time production the following modifications have been produced:

  • 1ZZ-FE - the most common and mass motor of the line. It was made at a Japanese factory in the USA. Power of the power unit is from 120 to 140 liters. with., depending on the modification.
  • 1ZZ-FED - more powerful power unit. The key difference from the classic version in forged lightweight connecting rods. Power - 140 liters. from. Manufactured at a factory in Japan.
  • 1ZZ-FBE is an export version that was developed exclusively for Brazil. The engine operated on biofuel standard E85.

At the same time there are about six modifications1ZZ-FE. The resource of the engine is not different, but the power varies from 120 to 140 liters. from. It is worth noting that the motor of this line was installed on more than 15 models of cars "Toyota", on "Chevrolet" and "Pontiac."

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Engine 1ZZ-FE: reviews, technical specifications

As for consumer reviews, manymotorists note that this engine is relatively problem-free and walks long enough. But he has, according to the drivers, one significant drawback - a large oil consumption. Japanese engineers tried to eliminate this problem, but apparently nothing happened, because the problem has not gone anywhere.

With regard to technical characteristics, thisrow 4-valve for 16 valves with VVTi gas distribution system. The volume of the engine is 1.8 liters, and its power - about 120-140 horsepower. The resource of the engine is 1ZZ-FE - approximately 200 000 engine hours, which is quite a lot. The fuel consumption for the city is more than 10 liters, but on the highway this power unit proved to be quite economical. It consumes about 6.2 liters, in a mixed cycle - about 8 liters of fuel. The amount of engine oil is 3.8 liters. It is advisable to pour synthetic 5w30 with the necessary tolerances.

About the design features

The Japanese company at the time of thismotor has introduced a large number of innovations into it. Here, the aluminum alloy was used as the main material for the production of the block. This made the motor much lighter, but it became more vulnerable to overheating. Thin-walled cast-iron sleeves. They are fused into the block material. It is worth noting that the cylinder block here has a number of features that need to be said. First, an open cooling jacket was used. This solution allowed to increase the processability in the manufacture of ICE, but at the same time the block strength decreased.

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Loss of strength designers decidedcompensate as follows. The crankcase was connected to the main bearing caps. It turned out that the line of connector passed along the axis of the crankshaft, which increased the strength and rigidity of the block as a whole.

About maintenance

I would like to note that the engine 1ZZ-FE,technical characteristics of which we have considered, not too "capricious" and forgives its owner a lot, but for the time being. In the maintenance of this power unit there is nothing special, the main thing is to observe the scheduled terms. It is worth following the following rules, which are prescribed by the manufacturer:

  • replacement of engine oil every 10,000 kilometers, in severe operating conditions - 5,000 km;
  • adjustment of the valve's backlashes every 20,000 km;
  • replacement of the timing chain every 150-200 thousand km.

Japanese engine 1ZZ-FE is considered to be disposable.This means that it is impossible to perform major repairs. This is due to the fact that it will not be possible to reuse the cartridge case, as this is not stipulated by the manufacturer. This also applies to the inner liners. Therefore, it is recommended to service this engine as best as possible, because if it jams, then it will be difficult to repair it. Although now German repair kits have appeared.

Major motor diseases

As for various malfunctions,they are not found here very often. Nevertheless, this power unit can not be called unproblematic. Sometimes owners face a knock on the engine and its noisy work. Usually this is a sign that the timing chain has stretched. If the mileage is about 150 thousand kilometers, then it is recommended to simply replace it. It is also worth checking the soot and tensioner, as they too can cause trouble.

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Another rather typical problem forThis power unit - a large oil consumption. Usually, the problem is solved by installing the oil rings in 2005 and later. Raskosovka and other similar activities are often ineffective. It is worth noting that after 2002 this problem was completely solved, therefore it is advisable to give preference to the power unit of these years when buying such a car.

Briefly about the main

Many motorists are very concerned about the issueresource of the engine 1ZZ-FE. It is rather difficult to say, through what run the power unit will fail. Nevertheless, on the forums there is information that engines run about 150-200 thousand kilometers. In fact, this is not so. First, the timing chain is replaced every 150-200 km. Consequently, the engine lives for longer. Secondly, 200 000 engine hours is a lot. It is clear that not every engine will work so much, because much depends on the modes of operation and maintenance.

Quite often there are instances with a rununder 300-400 thousand kilometers. Therefore, we can safely talk about 500 thousand km. Although it will not be easy to achieve such a run, because the service in this case should be really good. Well, in which case you can always buy a contract engine 1ZZ-FE with a small mileage.

Toyota engine 1zz fe

How to extend the life of the motor?

As already noted above, much depends on thedriver. Firstly, it is a high-quality lubricant. Engine oil is worth buying only the one recommended by the manufacturer, or an analog that has the appropriate tolerances. Secondly, it is desirable to change the oil in a timely manner. But do not do this every 2-4 thousand kilometers. Under normal operating conditions, the original lubricant runs around 10,000 with a slight loss in performance. It is necessary to try not to allow oil starvation, since this can lead to a significant decrease in the ICE resource.

Problems in the cooling system can lead tooverheating engine "Toyota" 1ZZ-FE. Since the head of the block is made of aluminum, it can lead. This motor is better to replace with the contract. It is advisable to choose a sparing mode of operation. All sorts of kickdowns have a negative effect on the power unit, so it's better to avoid long driving at high rpm.

On tuning the Japanese engine

Any improvements to this powerunit are not performed so often, in view of its low maintainability. But still there are those who wish to get out of 120 liters. from. - 200 and more. Usually in this case, install a Japanese compressor Toyota SC14 and an intercooler for cooling. Change the injectors and the fuel pump for more efficient ones. Fine tuning of all motor systems can give an increase in power up to 40%.

contract engine 1zz fe

But there is another option that allows to increasepower up to 300 liters. from. and more. However, such a revision will cost much more than the engine itself. For such tuning get a kit kit Garrett GT284, nozzles 550/630 cc, and also change the fuel pump. Next, forged connecting rods and pistons under another compression. The electronic control unit also changes to Apexi Power FC. Far not many are solved for such alterations, because it is really expensive, but the result will meet all expectations. More often than not, the 1ZZ-FE 1.8 liter engine is thus remodeled.

A few interesting details

We have already figured out what engine resource1ZZ-FE. Under ideal conditions, it is possible to achieve about 500,000 kilometers. But in practice, usually no more than 350 thousand km. It is for this simple reason to buy a used car with such a motor you need extremely carefully. After all, there is a possibility that you will get an ICE, which has practically developed its resource. In this case, you can not perform its major overhaul. The only thing that remains to be done is to buy a contracted power unit. It will cost about 60 000 rubles, plus the removal and installation work. Total approximately 75 thousand. Whether it's worth it or not, it's up to you.

In general, the engine 1ZZ-FE, the characteristicswhich we considered in this article, many motorists are very praised. If the problem of oil consumption is already solved, everything that remains to be done for its long and trouble-free operation is to carry out maintenance on time. Of course, this motor has its own drawbacks, but often they are simply and quickly solved and are connected with exploitation rather than with any design features.

1zz fe engine specifications

Let's sum up the results

The Japanese engine of the ZZ series is definitelyDeserves attention. It is unfortunate that the developers did not envisage the possibility of overhauling, and perhaps deliberately made the construction exactly with the aim of improving the performance characteristics. One thing is for sure: this motor is not bad and is very popular. From its design features it is necessary to distinguish only vibrations. Completely from them to get rid it will not be possible, it is possible to replace only a back pillow of fastening DVS, that not always helps to solve a problem.

For its time, this power unit hadunique performance characteristics. The 1ZZ-FE engine from Japan is always a high level of reliability. Although the development is considered partly American, because there is a gas distribution system DOCH, which was invented in the US. But all further modifications were developed directly in Japan. That the motor worked long and regularly, it is necessary to serve it and periodically to be engaged in small repairs. It is clear that overheating must be completely eliminated, because it can lead to major repairs. Time-spent routine maintenance is already half the success.

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