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The Chinese motorcycle "Irbis TTR 150" is consideredone of the best representatives of the class. It is used, as a rule, in extreme competitions. The company Irbis Motors has long presented several models that are part of the enduro class. Recently, the transport range was replenished with the average, which received an engine of 140 cubes. This model is considered the most optimal for those people who want to have a motorcycle of small dimensions and low cost.

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Short description

Pitbike "Irbis TTR 150" (price below) was released in2014 year. This model is highly anticipated in the Russian market, so immediately after its presentation received many reviews. Buyers say that this motorcycle will be an ideal assistant for those people who plan to defeat the strong mud, rural roads and even small rivers. This transport perfectly passes all kinds of obstacles. The design is reliable, all elements are thought out as much as possible, and the draft engine is of excellent quality. Immediately after the first moves, the owner can understand that the motorcycle is able to offer good dynamics, acceleration and maneuverability. Its characteristics will surprise anyone.

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If the rider decided to choose "Irbis TTR 150",it is necessary to pay attention to its engine. The technology is standard, the motor works with a four-stroke mode. Its volume is 150 cubes. On road surfaces of various types, transport shows excellent cross-country ability. The manufacturer positions it as a full-scale cross-country motorcycle. There are protections of all types, respectively, a special sheet of metal is mounted on the engine. The transmission is as much as possible in harmony with the engine. It works on 4 levels, and with it a reliable suspension works. The last detail has a pendulum shock absorber. When you overcome a difficult road, he shows himself perfectly. Considering that the motorcycle has received a short length - only 1760 mm, it will suit not only for large drivers. The dry weight of transport is 87 kg. There is an air cooling system. It works perfectly and allows any motorcyclist to travel long distances. It can only be a problem with the volume of the fuel tank. He is shallow. Only 4.3 liters.

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additional characteristics

Even with the fact that the motorcycle "Irbis TTR 150" came out in2014, it is still called a novelty. In some reviews on the Internet, you can see that there are still some drawbacks. The manufacturer did not work the driver's steps. They are too fragile, have a thin base. In addition, the motorcycle is sold with a non-standard frame, so that immediately you will see all the attempts to increase the rigidity and strength. Due to the fact that the frame has extra parts, the motorcycle has a strong disadvantage in terms of weight. The last disadvantage, which is noted by buyers, is rather insignificant. It consists in the fact that the headlight and the wing are connected. Because of this, after the breakdown will have to change just two parts.

This model in official outlets is no longeris on sale. That's why you can get it only with your hands in the state of used. It is inexpensive, as a rule, it can be purchased for 60 thousand rubles. By external signs, you can not evaluate all the advantages or disadvantages, but it must be said that this particular pitbike does not have special twists and turns. That is why it can be noted that this motorcycle is made entirely in the style of the company "Irbis". All the above-mentioned shortcomings are considered to be frivolous, since during the test drive they do not greatly affect the success of the track. This pitbike can be confidently used for both simple pokatushek, and for work on special routes.

You need to notice that this motorcycle is notrequires a driver's license and registration. That's why it is forbidden to use it on public roads. In general, various impressions are formed about this transport, because the earlier model of the Irbis TTR-125 pitbike is considered much more powerful and reliable. Therefore, before buying you need to weigh the pros and cons, as well as focus on the ratio of price and quality.

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