Replacement of cooling radiator on VAZ-2110. Instruction, reasons for replacement. The device and the principle of the radiator


Any internal combustion engine is neededgood heat sink. For this purpose, a cooling radiator is provided in the car. VAZ-2110 is also equipped with them. Over time, its performance deteriorates. Therefore, the motorists are brewing the question of replacing it.

The device, the principle of operation

The design of the VAZ radiator assumes the presence of the following elements:

  • The shell, which consists of two halves.
  • Branch pipes.
  • Drain tap.
  • The jammed plug.
  • The inlet and outlet valves.
  • Core.

With regard to materials, the body can beis made of copper or aluminum. Rubber nipples adjoin it. Coolant circulates through them. The core is a series of brass tubes. They are soldered to the cooling fins. The antifreeze enters the system through the upper jam. The bottom is provided with a drain cock. In addition, the design provides an electric fan. It produces forced air circulation.

how to remove a radiator vases 2110

Reasons for replacement

The radiator is not an expendable material, butbecause its service life is not regulated. Moreover, this figure can significantly differ on the same car and make up from three to ten or more years. Everything depends on the quality of the liquid that was poured into the system, as well as the periodicity of its replacement. If you do not change the antifreeze in time, it begins to precipitate. Because of this, the throughput of the tubes deteriorates. This can lead to poor heat transfer and, as a result, to engine overheating.

how to remove a radiator vases 2110
Another reason for replacing the cooling radiatorVAZ-2110 is the breakdown of the element. And it may not be so obvious. For example, a motorist can replace a small withdrawal of liquid from the expansion tank. This is due to the depressurization of the enclosure. And if before these radiators repaired, it is now easier and faster to replace them entirely.

What is the price for the VAZ-2110 radiator?

The cost of the heat exchanger is directly dependent onmaterial from which it is made. Earlier we already said that there are copper and aluminum radiators. The cost of the latter is an order of magnitude smaller. The most affordable in terms of cost is the radiator "Luzar". It can be purchased for one thousand rubles. The production of the company "Pramo" costs about one and a half thousand.

how to remove a radiator vases 2110
The aluminum radiator is lightweight.However, it has less heat emission. In addition, the aluminum radiator is more quickly corroded. As for copper products, they are heavier in weight. However, they have a high efficiency, which is 40 percent higher than that of aluminum analogues. The cost of a two-section copper radiator is five and a half thousand rubles.

Tools and accessories

This element is fixed quite simply.Therefore, the VAZ-2110 cooling radiator can be replaced with a minimum set of tools. To perform this operation, we need a key for 13, a Phillips screwdriver and a container for draining the liquid. It is desirable to use a flat basin. You can use a 10-liter plastic canister (previously cut out the sidewall from it).


Before removing the radiator on the VAZ-2110, you needdrain the old coolant. We open the hood and place a container underneath the heat exchanger. We unscrew the drain cock using a key to 13. To avoid vacuum in the system, unscrew the cap of the expansion tank. So the liquid will flow much faster.

Since the system uses an electric forced cooling fan, you need to disconnect it. First, unscrew the terminal from which it is powered.

replacement radiator cooling vases 2110
Next, we find on the sides of two mounting bolts. We unscrew them with a spanner or a wrench. After that, we unscrew the third bolt. It is located at the bottom of the fan assembly. Then you can safely remove it from the anchorages to the outside.

But on this replacement of the cooling radiator VAZ-2110does not end. Since the heat exchanger is connected to the system by means of nozzles, it is necessary to remove them. These rubber elements are located along the perimeter from the bottom and top. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the fixing clamps.

Vase 2110 cooling radiator
How is the radiator replaced?cooling on the VAZ-2110? Then carefully disconnect the pipes. Note that they can be tightly clamped in the holes. Therefore, it is necessary to exert force. Try not to damage nearby mounted elements. Then you can remove the old radiator out. To get it you need to tilt (towards the engine), otherwise it will rest on the "TV".


Installation is in the reverse order. Pay attention to the rubber cushions on which stands the heat exchanger. If they have cracks, they should be replaced with new ones. The same goes for the nozzles. It is desirable to replace the clamps in a complex. Sit the pipes themselves on the "Litol".

radiator vase 2110 price
So, we found out what price the VAZ-2110 radiator is and how to replace it with our own hands.

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