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One of the largest enterprises in Belarus is theMinsk Automobile Plant. He is engaged in the production of heavy vehicles, trolleybuses, buses, trailers and semi-trailers. In Russia MAZ cars can be seen as often as, for example, KamAZ or "Ural". They are used in various fields of activity. They are not inferior in their characteristics, and in some cases even ahead.

Variety of modifications

The plant produces a large number of modifications that make it possible to use them for various purposes. The main ones are:

  • Truck tractors.
  • Tippers.
  • Vans.
  • Buses.
  • Trailers and semitrailers.
  • Special equipment (truck cranes, concrete mixers, timber trucks, municipal equipment, manipulators and others).

car "MAZ"

Used car MAZ (photo can be seen in this article) in many countries of the post-Soviet space and not only. Basically it is Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

MAZ Tippers

Dumpers are popular for severaldecades. During this time they showed themselves as a quality, strong and passable technique. The high characteristics of MAZ vehicles make the technology competitive. It is not inferior in its properties to the products of other countries.

If to speak about Russia, then in our country the following advantages which MAZ car possesses are most appreciated:

  • Reliability.
  • Economical.
  • Good cross-country ability.
  • Affordable price.
  • Availability of components and spare parts.
  • Ease of operation.

Most modifications of MAZ dump trucks have the following characteristics:

  • Engine power - 155-412 horsepower.
  • The transmission can have from five to sixteen speeds.
  • Spring suspension.
  • Wheelbase 4 x 2 or 6 x 2.
  • Carrying capacity - 5-20 tons.

The most popular trucks of the enterprise

For transporting goods for short distances, the MAZ car is manufactured in the form of a flatbed truck.

car «MAZ» photo

The history of MAZ truck models began right afterthe end of World War II. In the period from 1947 to 1966 the enterprise produced the MAZ-200 model. She had a wooden cabin, but with a plating of metal. The body also lined up on a wooden platform. All three sides opened.

On its basis at the same time, a modification of the MAZ-205 was developed. The body platform has already been changed to metal. Only the tailgate was opened. The cabin has not changed.

For severe climatic conditions of the Far NorthA special modification of the MAZ-500 was developed, which was carried out for five years (1965-1970). The cab had additional insulation, diesel fuel, along with engine oil, was heated by a special trigger, there was a searchlight on the roof of the cabin.

To date, the MAZ series of onboard vehicles includes thirty-four modifications.

Special machinery

Together with dump trucks and trucks, the company manufactures equipment with a specific purpose. Their history began simultaneously with other types of equipment.

Since 1959, for seven years,car-tanker TZ-200. It was equipped with a one-section tank with a volume of 7.8 thousand liters. Its filling (release) was carried out by means of a centrifugal vane pump.

On the MAZ-200 chassis, a prototypetruck crane K-51. It had a carrying capacity of 5 tons. Serial release of it began in 1951. Later appeared the model K-61, the carrying capacity of which increased by one ton. All variants of truck cranes were equipped with a screw jack, which was taken out by hand. The crane mechanism was powered by a mechanical drive.

In 1966 there was a car MAZ-509, whichwas intended for the transport of timber. With the passage of time, the range of timber trucks of the enterprise has expanded considerably. Among them - MAZ 6303A8-328 (sortimentovoz), MAZ 641705-220 (timber carrier)

characteristics of MAZ vehicles

To date, there are nine modificationsconcrete mixers. A mixing drum is installed on the car platform. It starts to rotate after the car starts to move. One of the best representatives of this series is ABS-9 DA (based on MAZ 551605).

For utility services, seven modifications of equipment are developed and manufactured. Among them we can distinguish a vacuum machine KO-523V and a garbage truck with side loading MKM-35.

List all models of equipment produced onMAZ, for too long. The assortment is too large. It is enough to understand that the goods of this manufacturer managed to win a large part of the market in different countries due to high quality.

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