"Volkswagen Polo Cross": all the fun about the German pseudo-crossover


"Volkswagen Polo Cross" - this is a special versiona popular hatchback, which the producers called "off-road". For the first time it was published in 2005. Its main feature is the original style, thanks to which the car looks like a compact crossover.

Volkswagen Polo Cross

Briefly about the model

With its dimensions the first versions of the car"Volkswagen Polo Cross" is not particularly impressive. The length hardly exceeds 3.9 m, the height is 1467 mm. The width reaches 1650 mm. The wheelbase is 2466 mm. Ground clearance is also quite modest - 15 centimeters. But the machine can boast a protective unpainted body kit and large wheel disks.

The first versions of the pseudo-crossover were offered withatmospheric petrol engines, the power of which was from 70 to 105 "horses", and the volume - from 1.2 to 1.4 liters. But, in addition to them, turbocharged diesel engines could still be installed under the hood. Their volume was 1.4 and 1.9 liters. The capacity of cars was 70 and 100 "horses", respectively. They were offered, by the way, as with 5-speed "mechanics", and with "automatic machine" on 4 or 6 steps.

"Volkswagen Polo Cross" first generation fastbecame popular. After all, he, in addition to the original appearance, boasted a quality interior, energy-intensive suspension, good sound insulation and good basic equipment. So it's not surprising, why in 2010 the release of the second generation started.

Volkswagen polo cross specifications

About the second generation

Since 2010, new models of VolkswagenPolo Cross ". And they became more attractive when compared with the very first cars. First, there were roof rails and protective pads in the lower part of the bumpers. The ground clearance was increased by 1.5 centimeters - not so much, but still better. There was also plastic protection of black color on all perimeter of a body. And still a novelty of 2010 has found light-alloy 17-inch disks. Rectangular fog lights, in turn, it was decided to replace the round ones. A body of side mirrors painted in silver.

Inside, though, it's still the same Volkswagen Polo. The hatchback "Cross" has not received practically any differences. But still the interior looks attractive. Pleasant comfortable armchairs, covered with a 2-color fabric, and the steering wheel, the wings of the checkpoint and the "handbrake" are covered with leather. The pedals were decided to be equipped with metal plates, and the interior should be decorated with chrome elements.

In general, being inside is very nice. By the way, especially pleases the trunk. Of course, in the normal state, it can accommodate 261 liters of cargo. But, folding the rear row, it will be possible to increase the volume to 952 liters.

Volkswagen Polo Hatchback Cross

What's under the hood?

A special attention should be paid to thehas "Volkswagen Polo Cross" specifications. Potential buyers are offered three petrol engines and the same number of diesel engines. They are offered in tandem as a 6-speed "mechanics", and with a 7-band transmission DSG.

Gasoline units are offered with a capacity of 70,85 and 105 horses. The volume is 1.2, 1.4 and 1.2 liters (the latest version of TFSI), respectively. Diesel units have almost the same characteristics - 75, 90 and 105 hp. Only the volume of all motors is the same - 1.6 liters.

I would like to note a special attentionquality of the model. It is positioned as a pseudo-crossover. And here it is important to remember this prefix. From the crossover this car has only style. On the off-road on it to go is not recommended. Although the city and the highway the car goes confidently - neither rolls nor drifts, and the trajectory holds perfectly.

Volkswagen cross-country kit price

Equipment and cost

This should also be told, touching upon the topiccar "Volkswagen Cross Polo". Packages, prices - this is quite important information. Especially for those people who would like to buy such a car.

In basic equipment, the model haselectric heated mirrors, electric windows, color MFA-display, tire pressure sensor, armrest, adjustable seats, and other standard systems and options. For an additional fee the car gets heated front seats, signaling with feedback and autorun, a rear-view camera and some other useful additions.

It is worth noting that in Russia you can buyonly one version of this car - with an 86-horsepower 1.4-liter gasoline engine. Model 2013 release with a small mileage and in good condition will cost about 500-600 thousand rubles. So if you want to become the owner of a high-quality, reliable and comfortable car of German production with an interesting style - you can opt for the Volkswagen Cross Polo.

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