Yamaha NS 50f - an amazing harmonious sound


Considering how many small things are relevant foreffective process of sound recording, it is not surprising, for today the studios use simply an incredible number of models of monitors. But only one of them has been in almost all the studios for more than twenty years and is used for mixing pop and rock music - this is the Yamaha NS 10M version.

Yamaha NS 50f

First version

This speaker system was used inrecording studios since the early 1980s. Initially, it was intended only for home use as a hi-fi installation, although it was criticized by the press and some experts. However, it continued to be used in studios, conveniently fits between the mixing boards of the mixing consoles. Gradually Yamaha NS became a kind of symbol of the quality of sound that engineers in the various studios were constantly looking for. These loudspeakers "practiced" the solo of the bass drum at the required level, and without loss of sound or energy.

Yamaha NS 50f

These two-way floor systemsThe bass reflex type is ideally suited for both individual use and complete with various high-quality amplifiers or receivers designed for home theaters.

Yamaha NS 625
They are finished with original cellular material. Yamaha NS 50f is a universal model, which is preferably used in the theater with a subwoofer. In it along with the frequency bands there are three three drivers: a thirty-millimeter tweeter with a textile dome, and two completely identical heads with a "sight" for a strong and correct bass.


The power of the Yamaha NS 50f is eighty watts,sensitivity is ninety decibels. The range of reproduction frequencies ranges from 35 to 35000 hertz at a crossover frequency of two kilohertz. The type of emitters installed in this speaker system is dynamic. There is also a removable grille with magnetic protection. The Yamaha NS 50f comes in black and cherry wood laminated for sale. The bass reflex port in Yamaha NS 50f is provided at the front, which allows to expand the possibilities for acoustic installation. However, there is no separate switching in it.

Yamaha NS

Customer Reviews

This speaker system has everything that givesgreat power of sound. Particularly noted is its optimal compatibility with various electronics such as AV and reproduction of ultrasound content of modern audio digital formats, such as DVD-A or SACD. According to its indicators, this system is in the top three test leaders, leading after the Heco AU with Audio Pro respectively.

The sound of many models from this Japanesemanufacturer, such as Yamaha NS 625, 7390, etc., accurate and calibrated. Expressive and very harmonious music range is perfectly built on the complex of all sound parameters.

Acoustic system
Basses in Yamaha NS 50f are elastic and "mobile" inMost cases, as experts say, well-toned. The balance is natural, sometimes neutral with a slight upward shift. The Japanese are on top of everything. In the language of professionals, the columns emphasize the "graphic, dashed aspect of the whole musical fabric". The acoustic system copes well with a high-amplitude "twist" and with small dynamic reliefs, it is interesting to play even at the very low volume.

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