Even more aggressive Ford Mustang 2013


Since 2010, the automotive industry hasproducer Ford clearly sees the desire to erase the edges between powerful cars and sports. Moreover, the designers of the company make a lot of efforts to improve existing models, while making them even more aggressive. A bright confirmation of this was the Ford Mustang 2013 model year.

ford mustang 2013

The front of the novelty catches the eye moreTotal. The matter is that the car has received completely altered nose. The radiator grille has become noticeably larger, but the usual xenon lamps in its frame remained in the same place. This makes the "look" of the Ford Mustang 2013 more threatening. Even more impressive car looks when the headlights are switched on, when the LED stripes form a kind of grin.

In the new model, unlike its previous version,the manufacturer still decided to get rid of black plastic. Instead, it uses the painted thresholds, which are typical for the modifications of the Ford Mustang GT 2013 and V6. Car buyers have the option of choosing among twelve wheel variations. The model uses low-profile rubber, which is characterized by good adhesion to the road surface. The real feature of the novelty is certainly mirrors, which form the projection of a galloping mustang during the opening of the car at night.

ford mustang gt 2013

Equally interesting is the power equipment of the car. Under its hood flaunts five-liter V-shaped "eight", capable of developing as many as four hundred and twenty "horses". The engine can function in combination with an automatic or mechanic. Both variations of boxes are calculated on six steps. Ford Mustang 2013 weighs just over 1600 kilograms, which has a positive effect on the acceleration and braking parameters. In particular, 4.4 seconds of time is sufficient to disperse from a place to a hundred cars. Despite its rigidity, the suspension allows the driver to feel comfortable even in conditions of domestic roads that are not of the highest quality.

Now let's talk about the salon of the new model. In the interior I want to highlight a spectacular steering wheel sportswear, which is now covered with natural stitched skin. Even long trips by car will not seem so tiring thanks to comfortable and expensive seats that are characterized by excellent back support. By the way, the system of their adjustment was significantly improved. In the Ford Mustang 2013, one can not but note a significant innovation, which consists in the presence of a monitor measuring 4.2 inches. It shows the driver information on fuel consumption, kilometers and other system indicators.

ford mustang 2013 price
The only disappointment in the model can causebrakes, which are not very tenacious. The manufacturing company has provided an additional system designed to combat this. This is a set of Track Pacckage, which is characterized by a powerful cooling capacity, as well as a large radiator. Additions will cost the buyer about three thousand dollars. As for the value of the Ford Mustang 2013, the price of its basic version equals forty-three thousand US dollars.

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