Painting the car with your own hands.


The time comes when the car needspainting. The reasons leading to this may be different: a scratch, the replacement of some detail, the burning out of paint, etc. The painting of the car with your own hands can be accomplished in several ways. The process of painting depends on the nature of the damage and the car itself.

Scratch on the car

In cases when a vehicle is detectedscratch, you need to check its depth. If the scratch does not reach the paint, but only on the surface of the varnish, then polishing is necessary. To do this, the area of ​​scratches is rubbed with fine sandpaper (preferably mirka 2000) and after polishing paste polished.

A deep scratch that reaches the metal requirespaint, otherwise corrosion of metal will begin. To do this, you need to scratch the surface of the scratch with sandpaper 360. Depending on the car, auto painting can be done in two ways: using a paint spray gun or using a spray gun. Most often, paint cans are used for painting parts of old cars. This kind of painting is considered not professional, but sufficient for old cars. In addition, it can be carried out by any car owner without much effort. The process is quite simple - after preparation of the surface (grinding and degreasing) several layers of paint are applied to it with a can.

Painting a car with your own hands usinga spray gun is considered professional. The quality of the painting depends on the equipment: gun, compressor, filter. From the quality of materials: paint, primer, putty, solvent. Also from the preparation and painting conditions: grinding, putty, chamber temperature, etc. However, the process is not as complex as it seems at first glance. The qualitative painting of the car in the metallic by the hands can be made only with the help of a spray gun. Most often this kind of painting is made for the supported and not old cars. Sequence of the process:

  • First of all, it is necessary to preparethe surface of the car for painting. If necessary, straighten the jammed parts and use a putty to make them as flat as possible. Try to ensure that the layer of putty is as thin as possible.
  • Then the surface is covered with two or threelayers of soil. (Using a primer gun.) The primer should dry for 12-24 hours. After it is sanded with sandpaper 360 before the gloss disappears from the surface.
  • Then the surface is wiped with a sticky napkin (suitable for SilFix) and a cloth moistened with gasoline (for degreasing).
  • Several layers of paint are applied. It is necessary to move the pistol smoothly and evenly. The paint should dry for 20-30 minutes.
  • After making sure that there are no gaps, 2 coats of varnish are applied. The varnish should dry for several days.
  • If desired, you can polish the surface of the varnish.

Replacement parts, paint burning and other cases

In these cases, painting the car with your own handsis performed in the same way as in the case of a scratch. Only here there are some nuances. If the part is replaced, it may not be necessary to cover the ground (if the part is already covered with soil). Also in these cases the details are painted completely and therefore it is more difficult to determine if the car was painted. In general, it is best to paint the details of the car completely, and not pieces.

Painting a car with your own hands is a very interesting process. You can draw some drawing on your car. There are no borders to fantasy and fantasy.


Evaporation from paint, varnish and other materials is harmful to the body, so be sure to use special masks. It is recommended to use rubber masks with carbon filters.

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