Ford Fusion - reviews vs. practice


It should be noted immediately that the European modelcar Ford Fusion does not look like the American. It is slightly inferior in its dimensions, and the configuration is different. Well, it's no wonder, because people of different nations disagree about the use of the car. Frankly, in the west and cars for several purposes, several in the garage. The company Ford is well versed in consumers, so they let cars out to the place where they are going to sell them. Consider a Ford Fusion machine. Reviews, which are accepted to rely on before buying a car, say that this "iron horse" people are highly respected.

First, the appearance indicates thatThe car is practical enough in everything. Of course, this is hardly a beauty, but at the same time, it is not ugly. The body shape is a little angular, the dimensions of the car are compact - a typical city car. I must say that this opinion is dissipated immediately after you sit behind the wheel of the car. According to some people, he is almost a minicross. Indeed, by the fact that the ground clearance of the car reaches 185 mm, we can confidently confirm this. The cabin is very spacious, which once again confirms these people's words about the Ford Fusion. Reviews are confirmed after sitting in the car for a while. The upholstery of the seats, interior elements and other inside the salon confirms that the Ford Fusion is not a budget car. If we talk about the functionality and capacity in the cabin, then there are also no problems - everything is clear, as expected. Electric windows work smoothly, the air conditioner with regular music maintains the atmosphere inside the car. All elements work out their money.

The driver and passengers will feelcomfortable, sitting in a Ford Fusion. The owners' comments on the comfort of the salon allow us to say that in this respect the designers deserve all 5 points! A minor disadvantage is the appearance of characteristic noises inside the car at high speeds. Of course, you can not ask for a car of this class more than it can, but you want a lot of sound comfort. Probably, if you do not know that this is Ford, you could not pay attention at the moment.

Minus swam out of the very annoying noise in the cabinat high speed. It is clear that this is not a "business", but ears ask for sound comfort. If it was not Ford, then on this parameter a lot of people would hardly pay attention, and so - if you please.

Even a modest 1.4-liter engine is capable ofshow yourself on the road is quite good. And 80 horses for this car is quite enough. When you sit behind the wheel of Ford Fusion, the feedback from the owners begins to be justified. As some of them say: "You feel like driving a Fiesta." On a direct car behaves well, while the rigidity of the suspension allows you to hear the tapping of all the small things. In turns at high speed, too, do not go, because they let you know about the dimensions of the car.

If you use the car on your directpurpose - for driving in the city, then the power for this he just will be enough. But if you reload it a little with your things, which you are dragging into the country, then 80 horses are clearly not enough. Just remember the reviews of Ford Fusion and criticism. But this is not worth bothering.

From the foregoing, we can conclude thatthat the average European who buys such a car is not afraid to get stuck somewhere off-road. But as for us, and especially our roads, then we need to think carefully about whether or not to choose the Ford Fusion. Reviews reviews, but the road conditions are everywhere different. And if for city roads the considered car almost ideal, it is obvious not for impassability.

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