Rubber on "Niva Chevrolet" - dimensions, types and properties of tires


Every year motorists on several occasions"Rehob" their iron horses. In the autumn it is winter tires, in the spring - summer. And there are those who change their wheels only when they become bald. But anyway, to monitor the technical condition of the tires is extremely necessary, and that at one point the car does not incur into the ditch, it is necessary to perform "re-training" and monitor the wear of the tread. And today we will talk about the peculiarities of the winter and summer tires on Russian off-road vehicles "Chevrolet Niva".

rubber on the field chevrolet

At once we will notice, that "всесезонка" is veryrisky option, especially in those regions where the winter lasts for 5-6 months. The fact is that such tires have only averaged qualities of both seasonal tires. In the snow, at low temperatures, this rubber behaves simply unpredictably. And to suddenly not lose control, you have to develop a special skill and ride at a speed of no more than 60-70 kilometers per hour. For beginners, "all-weather" in winter is the same as a summer tire on ice. Therefore, tires on the "Niva Chevrolet" should always correspond to seasonality. And it does not matter what your driving experience is, the situation on the roads is sometimes so unpredictable that it's not even the driver's responsibility to cope with the management.

Rubber on the "Niva Chevrolet" - dimensions

Although this SUV is produced inseveral trim levels, the diameter of the tires at all the same - 16 inches. The length and width of the wheel, as a rule, corresponds to the value of 215/65 millimeters, but here there are some nuances. Therefore, before buying in the first place, pay attention to the dimension of the wheels. Most tires on the "Niva Chevrolet" has a value of 215 / 65R16.

winter tires on Chevrolet Nivu

Properties of summer and winter tires

The summer tire is primarily different from the winter tireits characteristic pattern of the protector. The best grip with the roadway is provided by a tire with an asymmetric tread. Also a distinctive feature of this tire is its composition. Summer tires on the "Niva Chevrolet" is made from rubber of softer varieties. In turn, the "spiked" is made from a material of solid varieties. Such composition is caused by different temperature regimes in which a particular tire is used. Also winter tires on "Chevrolet Niva" is distinguished by its protector and the presence of spikes, and in some cases by their absence (this is the so-called "Velcro"). The latter, with its properties and composition, provides the same maneuverability and stability to the vehicle as a conventional tire. Studded rubber on the Chevrolet Niva has, as a rule, a larger protector, due to which it provides maximum traction on the rolled snow and ice.

studded tires on the Chevrolet Field

It should be noted that this tire is not alwaysprovides a guarantee for the safe operation of the vehicle. On bare asphalt or loose snow (which is not uncommon for large cities), it simply loses all its thorns, and the car becomes uncontrollable. Therefore, in urban areas it is best to use Velcro.

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