Drawing on the car: on film, on discs, airbrushing


Every car owner wants histhe four-wheel friend was unique in its kind, unlike other brands of cars. Nowadays it's quite easy to do it in tuning salons. But, unfortunately, not all drivers can afford such a luxury. Do not get upset - you can easily change the car and at home. For example, only one small drawing on the car is already able to distinguish it from the crowd.

Car tuning

Tuning a car is a whole art thatrequires skill, time and effort. Now in every city there is one or a couple of car dealers, who for modest money will change the car beyond recognition.

To change or alter in the car it is possiblealmost everything. Not enough power - you need to do tuning the engine. To improve the braking system put the vacuum brake booster. To facilitate torsion of the helm will help the GUR or EUR.

drawing on the car

Most noticeable are the external alterations of the car: unusual painting, drawing on cars or special stickers. Such tuning can be made not only in the cabin, but also independently at home. All that is needed is a suitable tool, a little time and imagination. Drawing on auto, on film or paints is one of the most common types of tuning.

Drawings on the car with your own hands

You can decorate the car body in several ways:

  1. With the help of vinyl stickers.
  2. Using an air brush - an airbrush.

Drawing a picture on a car usingairbrush is a very delicate matter. The quality of the application depends on the skill and skill of the artist. This tuning is performed mainly in special salons. But if the driver can hold a brush, you can try to decorate the car and yourself, saving a tidy sum. For the work you will need an airbrush, special paints and sketches.

car picture on film

A simpler way of external tuning -Vinylography. This is a finished drawing on a car on film. Sometimes a high-quality vinyl sticker can not be distinguished from the picture by an airbrush. The material from which the stickers are made will protect the car's surface from scratches and chips. The technology of labeling is much easier and less expensive. It is enough to buy a sticker in a specialized store and apply it to the car body as described in the instructions. Such decoration will cost 3-4 times cheaper than airbrushing. In addition, it is easy to remove if tired.

You can paste vinyl tape in two ways:

  1. On a dry surface (more often used by specialists in the cabin).
  2. On a wet surface. This method is more suitable for drivers who use the film for the first time. On the wet surface it will be easier to fix the flaws.

Drawings of airbrushing on the car

To create a drawing-aerography is like creating a new picture. Such an occupation will be to the liking of those drivers who are keen on creativity.

The main tool in the work is the airbrush. It is somewhat like a spray gun. There are different models of it - single action, double independent, double dependent action and automatic. Drivers who first resort to painting the car, you need to choose an airbrush with a double dependent effect. Such a tool has two valves - one for paint, one for air. First comes the air, and then the paint. Such a design of the tool provides a high-quality spray and minimizes the number of errors.

drawings on auto photo

To figure on the car turned out beautiful, the surface of the body must be prepared. First the surface is sanded, then degreased and, at last, covered with a primer.

To work with an airbrush, special paints are needed - nitro-colors, acrylics, etc. Beginners are well suited for water soluble, when working with which it is easy to remove dried excess particles.

Those drivers who use the toolfor the first time, it is worth using templates. Drawings should be chosen simple, consisting of one or two colors. First they draw by the template in one color. Superfluous, not adhering paint is removed with a napkin or brush. Then thoroughly wash the airbrush and pour in a different color paint. When the picture on the car is ready - it is opened with a varnish.

Aerography is a long process, which requires perseverance and creativity. Of course, masterpieces will not be immediately. However, after several trainings the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Pictures on car disks

Drawings can be applied not only on the body. The same airbrush is used for painting discs. This procedure will emphasize the individuality of both the driver and his vehicle. The principle of drawing on disks is exactly the same as on the body of a car. At the same time, you can create whole masterpieces, or you can simply "freshen up" the discs by painting them in a new color. In addition, coating discs with paint will save you from such a problem as metal corrosion.

drawings on car disks

You can paint the entire disk, but you can only use itseparate elements - spokes, inner part or rim. In the process of preparation of disks for airbrushing, the driver also has the opportunity to clear them of dirt and rust, which, in turn, affects the period of their operation. To better look paint on the discs, you can make an LED backlight.

Aerography is a service of a car dealership

drawings of aerography on the car

In our time, few people will independentlydo car painting, especially if there is not a good tool or experience. In this case, car dealerships are what you need. Pleasure is not cheap, but it's worth it. On average, prices range from four hundred to two thousand dollars. Everything depends on the paint, the complexity of the execution, and, of course, on the size of the drawing. The customer can choose pictures on the car, photos of which are presented in catalogs, and can also offer their sketches. Common images are landscapes, animals (especially tigers and wolves), abstractions. As they say, any whim - for your money!


Drawing on auto is a good way not onlydecorate the car, but also hide such body defects as scratches, abrasions, chips. In addition, a small figure on the wing of a car or a huge image on the hood - this is the best way to emphasize your personality.

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