Earthing devices for road tankers: the need for


Throughout Russia, from Sochi toVladivostok, at gas stations, mandatory use of grounding devices for road tankers (UGA). This requires the rules of fire safety, for non-observance of which the supervising authorities impose large fines.

What is UGA?

The device of grounding of road tankers is a device,It eliminates the appearance of a spark when working with flammable substances. In the process of pouring or draining any combustible oil products or liquefied gases, there is a risk of the formation of a static electric charge. After all, fuel, leaking under high pressure through a hose into a tank truck or from it, creates the effect of friction surfaces. The result, as is known from the school course of physics, will be the formation of a static charge. And this is fraught with the appearance of a spark that can lead to a fire and even an explosion. The grounding device of tank trucks provides resistance monitoring in the ground circuit and ensures the removal of static charge.

grounding devices for road tankers

Principle of operation of the device

The principle of the device is simple.Grounding devices for road tankers are connected to a container mounted on a trailer of a car that has arrived. Clips of special antistatic material are securely fixed, so that in the process of work there is no accidental disconnection of the fasteners. When switched on, the device will notify the employee of the presence or absence of resistance to the circuit. The signal can be supplied both by light - by turning on the LEDs and by sound.

The device of grounding of road tankers

What exactly is the modification of the UGA to choose, the owner of the filling station decides. It is guided at the same time by the technical equipment of the filling station or the gas filling station, as well as by the operational features of the facility.

All grounding devices for road tankers are produced strictly according to the GOST standards. They are necessarily equipped with both an explosion-proof enclosure and a device that controls the intrinsic safety of the circuit.

Universal set of UZA 4A

The device of grounding of tank-vehicles UZA 4A does not require a permanent power source. It works on batteries that can be charged from the network using the supplied adapter.

The device of grounding of tankers UZA 4A

The device of grounding of tankers UZA 4A Is a kit that includes:

  • CCD. This unit combines the functions of signaling and monitoring the earthing of the unit.
  • The battery pack and the charger to it.
  • A kit that allows the use of UGA, including owners of road tankers.

This is one of the most practical models in demand among consumers. After all the device of grounding of tankers UZA-4 can be used not only at filling stationsstations, but also directly by the owners of vehicles. The owner of the tanker includes a special key, which allows connecting to the CCD, a clamp and a grounding conductor.

The device of grounding of tankers UZA 4-K

Of course, quality UGA from reliablemanufacturer can not be attributed to the cheap. But is it worth it to save on security? Buying a low-quality UGA, the owner of a gas station risks losing property. And this is at best - after all, human sacrifices are possible. The price of a grounding device for road tankers is much lower than the possible losses that would result in a fire. It is even lower than the total amount of several fines for violation of TB. Do not risk your property and people's lives. Reliable UGAs, such as 4A or 4K, guarantee the safety of your business.

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