Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R: quality and style


Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R - sports bike withtop characteristics. Its level of reliability is so high that the service centers, designed to provide warranty repair of the racing car, stand idle for months. Reviews of the owners of one of the most popular representatives of the family of Japanese two-wheeled racing cars can be combined into one: "Kawasaki is Kawasaki." But, however, the same can be said about other Japanese motorcycles - about "Suzuki", "Honda" and "Yamaha". However, "Kawasaki" is still in a special position, his brand is undeniable.

The history of the appearance of the ZX 6R goes back to 1985year, when the model GPZ600R was created. The motorcycle had enviable characteristics for that time, the demand for the car exceeded the offer. For 10 years, the GPZ600R was manufactured using small technology in the developed technology, and when such giants as Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha produced similar models and serious competition, the Kawasaki concern, in order to get ahead of its rivals, in 1995 created the Ninja ZX 6R. It so happened that the reputation of the motorcycle was strengthened by several victories at the prestigious world-class ring races, and such achievements are never forgotten and the winning motorcycle bears its title indefinitely.

kawasaki ninja zx 6r


Since the release of the ZX-6R in 1995, almost20 years, and the motorcycle confidently leads the top-selling models, behind only Yamaha YBR125. From 1995 to the present, Kawasaki ZX 6R Ninja, photo which are placed in the article, passed severalstages of modernization: restyling in 2000, when the engine was modified, - due to the improvement of the injection system, the acceleration increased almost twofold. The maximum power of the engine increased to 110 liters. from. In 2003, the engine was reworked, the working volume of the cylinders was 632 cm3, the power was 117 liters. s., at 500 rpm.


The Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R features the following:

  • Engine - four-cylinder, in-line, withliquid cooling, four valves per cylinder, two overhead camshafts, injector injection. Cylinders with a diameter of 67 mm, stroke 42 mm. Ignition is non-contact, with digital advance control.
  • Front suspension - Fork reverse Showa Big Piston with automatic adjustment of compression and recoil.
  • Back fork, Botton-Link Uni-Trak, pendulum with gas shock absorber operating in two compression ranges.
  • The weight of the motorcycle is 192 kg.

kawasaki zx 6r ninja pictures

Racing characteristics

In 2010, Kawasakithe design bureau a number of questions concerning the racing characteristics of the Ninja ZX-6R. The machine was unstable on long sections of the road. In other words, the engine did not withstand frequent exceedances of the maximum permissible speed. The range of capacities was not wide enough. Thus, the newly engineered ZX-6R engine was developed, developing ultra-high speed, thus ensuring sufficient parameters in the middle part of the range. The power curve approached the linear one - and the problem of dynamic acceleration at any point of the range was solved.

In solving the acceleration problems, the speed box played its role, with the gears as close as possible, which "played up" the smooth growth of the turns.

kawasaki ninja zx 6r specs


The next general task, which requires a solution,there was a speedy entry into the turn. Passing sharp turns at high speed is the prerogative of lighter bikes, and the Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R with its four-cylinder engine was a heavyweight. I had to look for a compromise between the mass of the motorcycle and its high-speed parameters. The profile of the aluminum frame made it possible to make the structure more light without damaging the strength and the designer took advantage of this opportunity. Helped in solving the problem and the automatic tuning of the motorcycle suspensions, which pressed the car while passing the bend, underestimating the center of gravity. As a result, the speed of the passage of the turns has greatly increased.


The exterior design of Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R began to changeSince 2012, when the emblems, inscriptions and labels have moved from place to place. The classic color of the motorcycle remains the same, it is a characteristic acid green color in combination with black. Elements and contours were shifted, but the color scheme did not change. The inscription Kawasaki moved from the sidewall of the fuel tank to the area of ​​the footboard. In its place stood the inscription Ninja, and in place of Ninja the emblem of ZX-R6 was placed.

motorcycle kawasaki ninja zx 6r

Motorcycle today

The latest version of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R (636) 2014 meets the following specifications:

  • The engine is four-cylinder, four-stroke.
  • The volume of cylinders is 636 cm3.
  • Cooling is liquid.
  • The cylinder diameter is 67 mm.
  • The stroke of the piston is 42.5 mm.
  • The number of valves per cylinder is 4 valves in the DOHC system.
  • Fuel supply - a system of double injector, Keihin flap.
  • Ignition - electronic.
  • Power - 130 liters. from.
  • KP - 6-step, cassette.
  • Drive - chain, twin.
  • The front brake is a double flap ventilated disc, diameter 300 mm.
  • The rear brake is a ventilated disc with a diameter of 220 mm.
  • Acceleration to 100 km / h - 3 seconds.
  • The wheelbase is 1385 mm.
  • The fuel tank is 16.5 liters.
  • Weight without fuel - 192 kg.

For the year 2014, according to someKawasaki design bureaus are planning to replace individual bearing components from aluminum with the same parts made of high-strength CFRP, and this promises a tangible gain in weight.

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