How is the noise insulation of the VAZ-2114 made by yourself?


It's no secret that every car is still off the assembly lineis equipped with special vibration and noise insulation. However, not all manufacturers provide their models with truly high-quality soundproofing. For example, the VAZ cars of the ninth model were initially distinguished by their low level of protection against noise and vibrations. And even with the release of the second generation of "Samara" (now it is model 2114), which was subjected to multiple technical updates, this situation has not changed. Therefore, these cars are modified by the car owners themselves. But how is the noise isolation of VAZ-2114 properly done and where to start? Let's consider.

VAZ 2114 white

Preparation for the process

In order to get to the right element, weneed a small set of tools for removing the skin. Only then we will be able to see on our own eyes what it is, VAZ noise insulation. VAZ-2114 has a not very complicated scheme of the cladding and fastening of the seats, so if you have a manual or even without it, you can cope with this work in an hour and a half. For those who want to provide themselves with the most quiet interior, it is also recommended to remove the floor and ceiling covering.

Step-by-step instruction

First of all, after removing the upholstery, we drawattention to bituminous sheets. It is from them that all noise insulation of VAZ-2114 consists. If the sheets have a rough or wavy surface, they should be replaced. When the bitumen is smooth and without any damage, there is no need to take any measures to eliminate it. From above on sheets we will glue an additional layer of noise insulation. But before doing this, regular parts should be thoroughly washed and degreased. The most effective means for this is ethyl alcohol. Also, this tool allows you to eliminate small traces of corrosion on the body of the car.

Next, we prepare a layer of vibration isolator for application.It is best to take a foil part - it is more effective in practice than all the others. We apply the material to the roof and door surfaces with an adhesive base of 1.5 millimeters. On the floor and the wheel arches should be slightly increased (up to 2 millimeters) this layer.

Sound insulation VAZ 2114

All accessible and prominent car body placescarefully glued insulators. When folds (ribs) appear on the surface of the metal, we pick up the roller and carefully roll the material over its entire area. So you will be sure that the noise insulation of VAZ-2114 was made at the highest level.

Then over the freshly applied part we gluenoise isolator. The entire application process is similar to the first, but here the thickness of the adhesive backing on the body should be 0.4-0.7 millimeters. Arches and trunk glue with a 0.8-mm base. You should also glue the wires. VAZ-2114 (white) often has a bunch of sibilant details on the door cards, which are constantly rattling and vibrating. Therefore, at the end of the work, we glue all wires to a new noise isolator. Everything, at this stage, you can collect the salon back and ride the car for fun.

cooling system VAZ 2114
By the way, the cooling system VAZ-2114, which includes a radiator and antifreeze, will not in any way influence the result of the work, so do not be afraid to do soundproofing yourself.

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