Speedometer on VAZ 2110 does not work: what to do?


The speedometer is one of the most indispensabledevices, the correct operation of which can depend not only on safety, but also on the life of the driver and his passengers. In the event that the speedometer ceased to work, any motorist will immediately feel its lack. And this is not only unpleasant for you, but also dangerous for other participants in the movement. For example, a malfunction of the speedometer may cause incorrect selection of the speed of entry into the turn and, as a result, of the traffic accident. In addition, you can get a substantial fine from a traffic police officer for speeding. In any case, if the speedometer does not work (on VAZ 2110 including), it should be repaired immediately. And today we will talk about the reasons for the breakdown of this device and the methods for solving them using the example of the tenth "Lada".

does not work the speedometer on VAZ 2110

Why does the speedometer not work on VAZ 2110? Causes

On cars of domestic production, thisthe component can fail for several reasons. The most probable of these is the oxidation of the contacts. This is perhaps the most banal and simple reason, which can be eliminated literally in 5-10 minutes. To do this, simply remove and clean the contacts, and then put them back into place.

VAZ 2110 does not work speedometer

In addition, the cause of malfunctions of the speedometercan become the wire itself, or rather its deformation. When viewed visually, it can turn out to be whole (an insulating winding without cracks and tears), but the inner part (veins) can be ripped. In this case, it is necessary to make a "wiring" of the wire. This is done with a special tester.

If the speedometer on the VAZ 2110 does not work (oranother model of the car of the tenth family), perhaps you have broken slots, turning the cable of this element. It may also be that the whole instrument panel breaks down with it, but this happens exclusively on electronic shields.

Also, a malfunction of the speedometer may beprovoked by the breakdown of the speed sensor itself. In this case, you should purchase a new part and install it in place of the old one (see the description below for a more detailed description and description). So, if the speedometer works, then the conclusion is obvious - the problem was hidden in the sensor. If you find that the speedometer does not work on the VAZ 2110 after the gearbox has been repaired, see if you forgot to connect the clutch.

The principle of the sensor

the speedometer stopped working

The algorithm of this device isthe following. When the wheels of the machine rotate, the controller receives a short signal from the speed sensor, which in turn is proportional to the speed of the tires. The principle of operation of this part is based on the Hall effect.

What if the speedometer on the VAZ 2110 does not work?

How to make a replacement yourself? To change this spare part is very simple. Another thing is to get to the speedometer sensor. Here and there are difficulties. In order not to get confused in the nuances, let's consider in order how to replace the speed sensor on the domestic cars of the VAZ of the tenth family.

So, if there is a new spare part, proceed toreplacement. The first thing to do is to de-energize the vehicle's on-board system, that is, remove the negative terminal from the battery. Be careful: sometimes it can spark, so to avoid unpleasant sensations we work in rubber mittens. Next, find the speedometer sensor on the gearbox. On the "dozens" it is located between the speedometer drive and the tip of the flexible shaft. Further we disconnect колодку with a wire from the gauge. In this case, it is necessary to remove the spring clips. After that, unscrew the device from the drive with the help of a key for 22. Now we have a task with the installation of a new part. The main thing here is to get into the drive center with a new sensor rod. After all, you can safely plug in everything, spin and get to work.

Pay attention to the rod

repair speedometer VAZ 2110

Note also that in the event of a broken stockit is necessary to disassemble the drive. This is done with a 10 mm key. If the drive is stuck, you can try to throw a big key and gently move it to the right and left. Then we lubricate the rubber ring of the new rod with oil and install it in place of the old one. The question "why the speedometer on the VAZ 2110 does not work" can be considered closed. As you can see, the work is not very dusty and complex, so almost every driver can cope with it.


So, we found out why the speed sensor may not work, and how to repair the VAZ 2110 speedometer by installing new elements together with the rod.
Remember that a non-working speedometer is forthe driver is in great danger, which can lead to the most unpredictable consequences. Knowing all the rules of its repair and replacement of sensors, you will be able to protect yourself from possible emergencies.

We wish you good luck on the roads and as little as possible of such troubles!

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