Oise Simbir - a real all-terrain vehicle!


Any modern SUV thatis produced at the UAZ plant, it must combine all the positive qualities of an all-terrain vehicle and city car. Proceeding from this, Ulyanovsk engineers created an absolutely new model of SUV "Simbir".

oas simbir

This car, unlike its predecessors,became more comfortable, powerful and easy to manage. At its sight it is immediately clear that the machine is designed for operation in any conditions (this is a distinguishing feature of all "UAZ").

History of creation

Initially, model 3162 was built on the basis of UAZ3160, which was serially produced for seven years, from August 1997 until 2004. The new "UAZ Simbir" was an improved version of this model, featuring a long base and a new bridge. And it was released in April 2000. Since that time a lot of time has passed, for which the Russian SUV has proved itself well. Oise "Simbir" - the responses of the owners were very flattering. Buyers had the opportunity to purchase a 6-seat Ulyanovsk SUV in luxury version with 3 rows of seats, as well as a mechanical head restraint system.

oas 3162 simbir

Overview of design and technical characteristics.

Many will agree that Uaz 3162 "Simbir"had a rather attractive appearance, which emphasized the solidity of its owner. The body of the car was executed very qualitatively (this concerns both design and its durability). Now the jeep became more stable on sharp turns, and also developed a great speed.

The interior of the new model has become more spacious.Changed and front seats - now trips by car no longer tire the driver and his passengers. Rear seats can easily fold, which significantly increases the volume of the trunk (however, it was already very capacious).

The UAZ "Simbir" is equipped with power steering, radio tape recorder, air conditioning, power windows and headlight washers. It also has a central lock and a hatch in the cockpit.

The word about the engine

Until 2001 the novelty was completedcarburetor engine of UMZ 421-10. After that, a more modern and powerful engine of the same brand was installed on the SUV. And a year later the company produced a new line of UAZ "Simbir" with turbodiesel engines of the brand ZMZ.

oas simbir reviews

Oise with the eyes of consumers

Russian jeep UAZ "Simbir" could boast ofits remarkable patency, high maintainability, and also unpretentiousness in service. But numerous factory defects (including engine defects, increased clutch wear and frequent breakdowns of the power steering) adversely affected the reputation of Ulyanovsk SUVs. Sometimes people called it "a harmful and disobedient car". Initially, our domestic car industry was famous for its unfinished machines.

However, the engineers' attempt to update the outdatedmodel 469 (the legendary UAZ "Bobik") was not in vain. New SUVs had many advantages over their "ancestors". But still there are no ideal machines in the world, and each of them has its own drawbacks.

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