Chery Tiggo FL 2013 - the updated model of the Chinese car industry


The car brand Chery from the Middle Kingdom is knownas in Russia and CIS countries, and around the world at the expense of their inexpensive cars. Whether it's mini-cars, sedans, crossovers - everything is relatively cheap. Overpay for the brand is minimal. In the end, you need to understand that Chery is not BMW or Toyota. But on the other hand, low price should carry something for itself.

Crossover Chery Tiggo FL (photo below) - model2006 after facelift. Chinese designers have tried to give the car a new life, changing the appearance, interior design and technical characteristics. The predecessor of the Tiggo FL model was accused of plagiarism. Strange as it may seem, the car really looked like Toyota RAV4. Whether this was done intentionally or not, we, ordinary people, do not recognize this.

chery tiggo fl
However, the designers' plans were grandiose, and allwith a fading expect after the restyling of the new model Chery Tiggo FL. Feedback from owners who purchased it in 2013 are quite good. They are satisfied with the ratio of price and quality.


Considering the appearance of the crossover, you cansay that the work of designers was not in vain. Changes affected almost the entire front part. The bumper is simply huge, which fits perfectly into the overall concept. On it there are anti-fogs of the original form. They are advantageously shaded by black inserts. Optics of the head light also underwent changes. First, they have somewhat increased in size. Secondly, their form and design have acquired complex lines. Such innovations with the body of Chery Tiggo FL have brought features of confidence, dynamism and masculinity, which were not previously seen in cars of this brand.

The lateral parts were not reworked, sincehere the design was the most harmonious. Plastic inserts on the sides of the car protect it from chipping and striking, and also perform some decorative functions. The roof was left even, like most crossovers. From above it is decorated with chrome rails.

The back of the Chery Tiggo FL is in the shape of a straightangle. If you look from the side, you get the impression of an even vertical line. The door from the luggage compartment adorns the reserve. It looks neat and harmonious. Headlights are located on each side, stretched vertically on the body, stop-signals gave a more square shape.

chery tiggo fl owners reviews

Dimensions of the crossover "Tiggo"

The new Chery Tiggo FL (reviews)owners fully confirm this statement) can be called a stretch. This is connected with the fact that it is not developed "from scratch", but based on the hatchback of 2006, relatively popular among Russian motorists. Innovations affected only the length parameters, it increased by 105 mm. The rest remained: the wheelbase is 2510 mm in size, the ground clearance is 190 mm, the width and height are 1765 mm and 1705 mm respectively. The tires were decided to choose from 215 / 60R17, 215 / 65R16, 235 / 65R16.


The salon is admired.Beautiful expensive upholstery, soft and comfortable chairs, a multimedia steering wheel, an onboard computer, large tachometers with a clear scale, a central console in modern execution and many other novelties.

Form armchairs original, elongated pillow,rollers on the sides, which serve as fixatives. Developing such a design in the car Chery Tiggo FL, engineers have not lost, during the steep maneuvers people feel comfortable enough and safe. Front seats are equipped with adjustment (6 levels). The seats are quite enough, the passenger and driver are not limited by space. Three people will fit in the back seat, and they will feel comfortable.

The general interior is dominated by rigor, a lotelements that imitate metal. Designers, also with a desire to please the amateurs of entertainment, installed a new multimedia system in Tiggo, placing it on the instrument panel. Here everything is quite ergonomic, at arm's length. You can control air conditioning, music, adjust the temperature of heating. On the driver's door is a system that is responsible for the operation of the front windows and locking locks.

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Essentially new engines Russianbuyers will not see on the new Chery Tiggo FL. The Chinese manufacturer chose the following units: 1.6 l, 1.8 l, 2 l. Each of them squeezes 126 liters, respectively. with., 132 liters. with., 136 liters. from. In the complete set with engines it is established only a mechanical transmission five-step. And only the models released on the domestic market have the CVT variator. In the suspension nothing has changed, disc brakes with EBD and ABC systems. The features of these programs are a significant increase in the level of security. The all-wheel drive is only complete with a two-liter power unit, but there is information that an expansion is planned in the near future.

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Package Contents and Prices

Buy in Russia Chery Tiggo FL (price perComfort set about 500 thousand rubles) is not a problem. These cars are in demand in our homeland. For such money the engine 1,6 (draft force - 126 hp) with a mechanical transmission (5 steps) is offered.

In the automotive market, anotheroption - Luxury. This is an all-wheel drive model with a two-liter unit of 136 horses. Transmission 4WD mechanical. The cost of this equipment is about 700 thousand rubles.

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