National SUV 31514


UAZ 31514 is an SUV with improved finishsalon and roof made of metal, produced since 1995 for active and comfortable driving off-road. The standard equipment of the car includes a soft upholstery of the cabin, comfortable seats, which can be adjusted, a clutch that disables the front wheels, decorative trim and kangurin. This SUV was produced on small leaf springs or with front spring suspension, with conventional or military bridges equipped with reducers.

UAZ 31514 (photo below) was equipped with one of threeengines: carburetor UMZ-4218 with a volume of 3,000 liters and a capacity of 98-100 horsepower, as well as ZMZ-402 or UMP-4178 with a capacity of 92 horsepower and a volume of 2,500 liters.

oaz 31514
UAZ 31514: specifications of the car

  • SUV - body type;
  • length is 4 meters 2.5 centimeters, height - 2 meters 2 centimeters;
  • The capacity of the luggage compartment is 400 liters;
  • body five-door, designed for seven seats;
  • The maximum possible speed is 120 kilometers per hour;
  • fuel consumption averages eleven liters for every hundred kilometers;
  • ICIE;
  • Operation is possible at temperatures from -45 to +45 degrees.

Salon UAZ 31514 is quite spacious and big. The steering wheel is not adjustable in slope, the chair can only be moved in the horizontal direction (back and forth), the height can not be adjusted. Although UAZ 31514 is not the most comfortable SUV, it is appreciated by many motorists for their versatility and high traffic. This car easily crosses the coppice, crossed terrain or swampy area, snow or blurred rut.

уаз 31514 technical specifications
The body is all-metal, five doors. Front suspension, equipped with small leaf springs and a spring, creates more comfortable conditions for passengers when traveling on an asphalt highway. If necessary, for this model, as an option, you can put the leading bridges. This will increase the clearance from twenty-two to thirty centimeters. But, perhaps, the main plus of UAZ 31514 is the possibility of installing a heater for free starting the engine, stove and rework of the cabin (you can even make a hatch). This allows you to use the machine to work in difficult conditions (taiga, departure for hunting, fishing).

The maximum possible speed of the UAZ car31514, whose mass reaches 2.5 tons, is 110 kilometers per hour. Two tanks can hold up to seventy-eight liters of fuel, which is very good for long trips and expeditions. Experienced UAZ owners recommend to fill one tank first, and top up another. The consumption of gasoline in a mixed cycle is approximately 16 liters per hundred kilometers. But when installing additional equipment (for example, HBO), the issue of high consumption is reduced.

уаз 31514 photo
UAZ 31514 is also appreciated in the city. The driver, having got used to specific driving and rigid management, will confidently move, without problems pass various obstacles (lying policemen) and confidently be reconstructed.

UAZ 31514: reviews of motorists

Pros: high passability, spacious interior, high load capacity. Motor SUV unpretentious and reliable, will process almost any gasoline. Reliable transmission.

Cons: UAZ 31514 is a car-designer. To get a reliable and trouble-free car, the owner will have to do a lot of things in the home.

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