Ford Mustang 1967 - the symbol of America sixties


The car "Ford Mustang 1967" became a cultmachine. This is the same symbol of US industrial power, as the plane "Phantom F-4", or the spaceship "Apollo". His silhouette is recognizable, and the appearance on the road invariably attracts admiring glances.

Ford Mustang 1967

Like any outstanding phenomenon, the "Ford Mustang"became a legend, like the story of his creation. The class of cars "Muscle Car", whose name is translated literally as "muscular car" - is a typical American phenomenon. A powerful eight-cylinder engine, a very rigid and rationally arranged two-door body, a suspension that withstands high loads, and an aggressive external appearance are the main features of such "wheelbarrows". The fuel consumption in those years did not interest Americans (gasoline was cheap).

 ford mustang shelby gt500 1967

In April 1964, a mass campaign began"Ford" to promote the new brand "Mustang". Advertising widely used electronic media, in particular, television. The main slogan was the phrase that a new generation of Americans needed a new car. Thus, from the vehicle "Ford" was transformed into an element of the American way of life. This approach to marketing was revolutionary, as were some of the technical solutions used in the design.

Further development of the Mustang lineupled to the creation in three years of this masterpiece of the American automotive industry - the "Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 1967", named after its creator, the famous American car designer and racing driver Carroll Shelby. The car became taller and longer, the radiator grille got a simpler and more elegant form, and in general the car became more luxurious.

Engine 428 "Cobra Jet", the capacity of 335"Horses" created excellent dynamic characteristics, speed of a hundred kilometers per hour, "Ford Mustang 1967" recruited in just six and a half seconds. The unusual design of the body remains a standard of technical beauty to this day.

ford mustang shelby gt 500

"Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500" was produced invariant four-seat coupe, fastback and convertible. Additional options in the form of radio equipment, sun shields, adjustable rear-view mirrors, a tachometer, clocks and other items that facilitate driving and improve comfort were provided to the buyer to choose from, and changes in the design were made in dealerships (just before the sale). The same applied to the front seats, which could be separate for the passenger and driver, but could be a common "sofa".

Today, the "Ford Mustang 1967" - the epitome of the erasixties. But sometimes it can be seen on the road. This car immediately catches the eye against the backdrop of faceless foreign cars, most of which are externally worked out according to the same pattern. "Mustangers" idolize their iron horses, they often restore them with their own hands. And, of course, they take care of this technique. At once huge volumes of manufacture of these cars in a good kind they were saved not so much. Therefore, collectors are looking for them very aggressively (sometimes from several copies one is collected, but its technical condition is brought to perfection).

Prices for the "Ford Mustang 1967" vary significantly(from ten to fifteen thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands). It depends on the condition of the car, and sometimes on the historical fate of the specimen, for example, the fact that it was owned by some celebrity.

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