Which is better: Kalina or Priora?


For more than one year, journalists, experts andsimple motorists are arguing about which of these machines is better. There is no consensus on this issue. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of these machines and form our opinion on such vivid examples of the domestic automotive industry. And, maybe, we will decide what is better - Kalina or Priora, especially since many Russians prefer these cars. If you are doubtful about machines manufactured in Russia, then, of course, you can buy cars from the US or Europe, but in any case, you need to know what the Russian car industry has achieved.

what is better than viburnum or priora

Let us pass to a concrete analysis. The external appearance of Kalina is more "kind" and round. However, it is far from a sensation that Lada Priora is in fact a "dozen" after the rally, which looks somewhat more aggressive than her opponent. Both of them have almost one mass (1080/1088 kg), however the power units on them are different. Motor Lada Priora is more powerful, the volume of the engine is 1.6 liters (Lada Kalina has - 1.4 liters), and its power is equal to 100 hp. (Kalina has 10 hp less). The speed of Priora, naturally, is higher - up to 5600 rpm (5250 rpm for Kalina). Also, with a visual inspection, you can immediately note the differences in road gaps: Lada Kalina is higher (160 mm), and Priora, respectively, is inferior (only 135 mm). So, what is better - Kalina or Priora? And yet, in terms of power, we would give preference to the second car.

priory price

Now let's look at the machines with our eyesmotorists and will test them. The first thing that can immediately be said about Prioru is the difficulties with locks on the doors. They definitely need to be set up, since without a clap the door can not be closed. At Kalina in this matter everything is fine, the doors open and close easily and smoothly, like a refrigerator. Strange, but the salon at Kalina seems a bit more roomy. The driver in it is not crowded. Due to the high roof, large people can comfortably settle here. About Prior such can not be said. After the opponent, it seems cramped, the passenger's legs literally dig into the driver's seat, and it's quite problematic to sit in the back seat if you have a big growth or fat dimensions. If the question of what was best, Kalina or Priora, would have been won, the first car would have won.

As for the price, in this respect they are located in approximately one segment. The price for Priory and Kalina is quite affordable for domestic consumers.

Lada Kalina

To summarize, we can say that Lada Kalinaa bit more spacious, more convenient. All the mechanisms responsible for the movement of the seats, operate clearly and without problems. If you look at the version of "station wagon", you can relax without thinking about space. As for Lada Priora, not everything is clear. At this car, the rear seats and trunk are practically not suitable for active recreation (we are now talking about a sedan), but for the sake of justice it should be noted that the power unit is very pleased. The engine accelerates quite aggressively. But Kalina has excellent management. The steering wheels on these two machines are easy to turn, without any extra effort.

And in conclusion I want to say that AvtoVAZwell advanced in the creation of comfortable and decent cars. And what is better - Kalina or Priora, to solve to consumers. For each model, there is a buyer who will rightfully evaluate all its advantages.

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