Lada Priora: characteristics and description


Lada Priora is a domestic car inhatchback-body. This type of body among buyers is no less in demand than sedans. Lada Priora characteristics is almost the same as her fellow sedan. What is the difference?

Lada Priora, technical characteristics of whichdiffer from the sedan only body type, has a different interior finish. In the hatchback, the trunk is bigger, especially if the seats that are behind are folded. Machines do not differ in characteristics and type of engines. Hatchback Priora is equipped with only one engine in 1.6 liters (16 valve), it can squeeze 98 horsepower power. This indicator is very good for a car, whose weight is slightly less than 1.5 tons.

Lada Priora specifications

Priora, technical characteristics of whichare at a fairly high level, was released in 2007. This car was created on a platform of "dozens", and it differs not only from its pleasant interior and more modern design, but also from many other, equally important details. For example, the body of this unit has become more rigid, and this has improved both handling and safety. The list of additional equipment has also increased. It has a pillow designed for the front passenger, plus a brake anti-lock system (abbreviated ABS) and assistance that is used in emergency braking. Also it is necessary to note in the car of Lada Prior the characteristics of the central lock with remote control, multifunctional light and rain sensors. This machine is offered to buyers in several trim levels, and therefore the basic equipment differs (it all depends on the level of performance).

Lada Priora: characteristics

In the Russian Federation for the model in advancethere are two power gasoline units, as well as an 81-strong so-called eight-valve. But on the market in Ukraine the car was released only with a sixteen-valve modernized unit (its volume is 1.6 liters). Transmission is manual, designed for five gears. If you look at the passport data of the Lada Priora car, the specifications indicate that this unit accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in eleven and a half seconds, and gasoline for a hundred kilometers will require about ten liters.

Priora - technical specifications

Before the car market appearedcar Largus, Priora was one of the most spacious machines among the developments of this brand. This sedan has a four-trillion-tonne trunk, as well as a practical clearance of 165 millimeters.

Lada Priora characteristics is good, and amongthe brightest pluses can be identified as follows: fuel consumption is very decent, also the car is reliable, it gives its owner relatively little trouble. Good suspension, on the road very comfortable to enter the turns. By speed and acceleration the car can compete even with foreign cars! And besides, it's worth mentioning the design - the front panel is perfectly trimmed, plus the central console looks decent.

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