Technical characteristics of "Grand Vitara" will provide comfort on any road


When assessing the capabilities of carsthe usual practice is when any nedogip or parquet crossover is positioned by a real all-terrain vehicle, or an off-road conqueror. However, there is a reverse situation. If you look at the technical characteristics of the Grand Vitara, then they correspond to the usual, with good capabilities, SUV. And in appearance - a typical crossover-SUV, in which developers emphasize nonexistent dignity.

technical characteristics of grand Vitara
It should be noted immediately that the Grand Vitara - Japanesecompact SUV - is already the third generation of popular cars. When it was created, the authors, in addition to the tasks of updating the machine, pursued the goal of retaining all the advantages and advantages of the claimed car. The technical characteristics of the Grand Vitara fully confirm that the Japanese designers have coped with this task. True, they abandoned the classic version with a frame, typical for the previous models of the Grand Vitara.

This, of course, made the car easier and improved itcontrollability. Instead of such an element of construction, a so-called carrying body with an integrated frame appeared, which was not the only change allowing a somewhat different evaluation of the car. The new "Grand Vitara" 2013 can be considered as an all-wheel drive crossover, one of the confirmations of which can serve as an independent suspension of all wheels. Nevertheless, such a car must be recognized as being well-equipped to overcome dirt and broken roads.

Proof of this can be a pretty decent ground clearance in two hundred

Grand Vitara 2013
millimeters, as well as the presence of severalblockages in the transfer case inherent in these all-terrain vehicles. In order not to be unfounded, it should be noted that for the "Grand Vitara" the technical characteristics provide for such operating modes for the transfer case:

- self-locking interaxle differential, which can be forced to lock;

- Forced interlock differential lock;

- non-switchable four-wheel drive;

- additionally connected demultiplikator (downshift) with the intercoles differential locked.

grand vitara technical characteristics
Technical characteristics of "Grand Vitara"provide for the possibility of its acquisition by three different motors (gasoline) volume of two and four tenths, two, one and six tenths of a liter, developing power of 169, 140, 106 liters. from. respectively. With these motors, a five-speed automatic transmission or manual transmission is installed. Depending on the configuration, the acceleration time to hundreds varies from 12.5 to 14.4 seconds, consumption in the urban cycle is not more than 10.6 liters, on the route 8 liters.

Features of the body and suspension according to the establishedclassifications allow to attribute this car to crossovers, nevertheless, the technical characteristics of the "Grand Vitara" are more in line with SUVs. Despite such a small difference in the assessment, the car is able to provide its passengers with a sufficient level of comfort when driving in any difficult conditions and allow access to inaccessible corners. When driving in the city and on the highway, the Grand Vitara will provide the required safety, speed and maneuverability.

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