Ford Shelby and its creator


In 1961, the current racing driver, champion of the racein Le Mans in 1959, Carol Shelby, offers the British firm AS to use the V8 engine from Ford on their Cobra cars. It is this event that marks the birth of the legendary sports car Ford Shelby Cobra. British auto-cars gave their consent to the assembly, which immediately began in Caroll's own workshop.

After one year, engineers decide to replace the engine, and equip the car with a new 4.7-liter "monster". Issue Shelby Cobra stops in 1966, stopping at the mark of 1140 cars.

In 1965, for his offspring Ford Shelby, CarrollShelby uses a chassis from the Ford Mustang. The first prototype was named Shelby 350GT. Further, it was converted into a more serious Shelby 500GT, which was in production until 1970.

ford shelby
The history of relations Shelby with auto giant Fordwas developing as well as possible, especially for Carroll. The result of close cooperation was the Ford GT40, and most importantly, the fact that for two years Shelby manages to collect cars at the factory price of his partner.

To legitimize their activities, Carroll createsown automobile company "Shelby American". The company is only engaged in "pumping" of existing cars, for which it falls under a hail of criticism from authoritative auto specialists. But this city is drowning in a sea of ​​positive reviews about the Ford Shelby 500GT and, of course, Cobra.

Carol Shelby, having problems with the heart,motor racing in 1959, but the passion for motorsport did not fade in his veins. With the financial support of Ford b Goodyear, the Shelby team, since 1963, has won the SCCA three times in a row.

ford shelby cobra
Despite the huge popularity, in 1970the love of muscle-carbs, including the Ford Shelby, went down sharply. And in the same year the production of the legendary cars was completely curtailed. But the world will forever remember two legendary cars, which to this day amaze with their power and beauty, about which I would like to say a few words separately.

Ford Shelby GT350. Produced from 1965 to the 1970s. Despite the fact that this car was a Mustang upgrade, most motorists call it a real Shelby.

The engineers of the mini-company managed to collecta car that surpassed all the indicators of the Corvette, which dominated at that time in all of the country's auto racing. During the assembly time, the power increased from 306 to 400 hp. In production, many innovations were used to achieve the cherished goal.

GT500 - Ford Shelby, 1967-1970

ford shelby 1967
GT500, a new car, has cardinaldifferences from the Mustang. This "monster" gets a new engine with a reduced speed, but an insanely high torque. Working volumes of engines were 7 and 6.4 liters and had a power of about 400 hp. An interesting fact is that, in order to reassure the insurers, Shelby and his partners went on the cunning and deliberately underestimated the performance of the new engines to 355 and 335 hp, respectively. And the roof of the car was reinforced with special beams, for the protection of the driver and the passenger when turning over.

In 1968, the last variation was releasedmodel, called GT500KR. This car was designed for customers who prefer not only powerful, but also luxury cars. The new model had an air conditioner and even an automatic four-speed transmission. The windows were already tinted. Grown up and the size. In this regard, the mass of the new supercar reached almost 1.7 tons.

In the next two years, the popularity of the model, like the entire muscle class in America, has declined. And, as we already know, in the beginning of 1970 the project was curtailed.

Further history of Carol Shelby is marked by symbiosis with such companies as "Crysler" and "Dodge". But that is another story.

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