How is the diagnosis and grinding of the cylinder head performed?


Cylinder Head is one of the leading engine componentsinternal combustion. It is from her condition that the work of the entire ICE system will depend. As a rule, the diagnosis of cylinder head is performed every 200-300 thousand kilometers. It is after the car reaches this run that the system is repaired, namely the grinding of the cylinder head. In today's article, we'll talk about how to diagnose its current state and how to restore its previous properties.

grinding of the cylinder head

Can this element fail before the manufacturer's specified time?

Of course it can.The reason for this is the frequent overheating of the engine, which is provoked by the failed cylinder head gasket. And although its cost does not exceed $ 5, some owners ignore its replacement, thereby jeopardizing the future of the engine. Also, the engine can boil because of the cooling system, but this happens much less often. It happens that the car requires grinding the head of the unit due to a faulty thermostat or even a fan. All this leads to the boiling of the engine, which necessarily leaves a serious imprint on the cylinder head. On its surface, various burns and microcracks are formed. To prevent this from happening, all you have to do is not bring the car to a boil. But even if the car has never been subjected to such risks, the grinding of the cylinder head will still be needed after 200 thousand km. There's nothing you can do about it - the part itself wears out.

grinding of the cylinder head price

How to diagnose the condition of the cylinder head?

This process can be done with your own hands,without recourse to specialists. To do this, take a ruler and alternately apply it to different parts of the lower head of the block diagonally. When the rib does not fit snugly against the surface, we take the dipstick and measure the gap. If it is, the grinding of the cylinder head is done without fail.

Is it possible to repair the cylinder head with your own hands?

Unfortunately, this process is only doneprofessional workers on specialized equipment. It is called a milling and grinding machine. However, some craftsmen find alternative ways and do everything themselves. The method is not very popular, but still effective. And since there is a service "grinding the cylinder head" (price - from 6 to 30 thousand rubles) a lot of money, it's best to do everything yourself.

grinding of the head of the block

So, take the cylinder head and secure it toworkbench. Next, we take a special grinding wheel with a diameter of 50 centimeters and more and in circular motions bring the head of the block to the factory state. The work is very long and tedious. In general, to restore, we need 2-2.5 hours of time (without taking into account the preparation of tools). At the same time from time to time, measure the level of depressions on the surface. When grinding will give the desired result, we will see that when the probe is diagnosed, the surface will be perfectly even. But that is not all. Further on its surface, it is necessary to pour a graphite powder and grind the metal with a thick piece of felt. Only after this, the cylinder head will be ready for use.

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