Minivan "Opel Zafira": technical characteristics, design and price


The car "Opel Zafira" is one of the mostpopular and in demand minivans in the European market. Over its entire period of existence, more than 2 million machines of this model were sold. Therefore, to keep the first lines of sales ratings, over the years, German designers will gradually improve this car, releasing more and more generations. What is now the German "Opel Zafira"? Technical characteristics, design and its cost - further in our article.

Opel Zafira Technical Characteristics


German minivan looks quite impressive and evenaggressively. Swift body, a large windshield and a powerful lateral line do not give a hint of modesty. Particular attention deserves optics. These headlamps, coupled with fog-shaped fog-shaped bumarangs, clearly distinguish it from the "crowd" of cars and make "Zafira" the object of admiration. Especially expressively, the minivan looks on the background of our "dozen" and "sevens." The massive bumper includes a radiator grille with a chrome strip and the Opel emblem, a wide air intake, two small headlight washers and, as we have said, a boomerang optic. In general, the car looks quite expressive and modern. Despite the fact that the German designers were the first to launch a car with such a super-original design and unaccustomed for the perception of the body lines, this minivan is not ugly. Everything is planned to the smallest detail, for which the designers have a separate praise.

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Opel Zafira: technical specification

Under the hood of the minivan can be placed one of thefive engines, among which there are both petrol and diesel units. Let's start with the weakest unit, which will be included in the basic equipment of the car "Opel Zafira". The technical characteristics of this engine are as follows. Its working volume is 1.8 liters, power - 115 horsepower. Another gasoline unit with a capacity of 1.4 liters and capacity of 120 "horses" will also be offered. The last gasoline engine from the engine line is a 1.4-liter engine with a capacity of 140 horsepower. In the future, developers are planning to release a modification on natural gas.

Regarding diesel engines, whichare completed on the minivan "Opel Zafira", the technical characteristics are as follows. Among the three proposed engines there are two "related" two-liter units with a capacity of 110 and 130 horsepower respectively, as well as an entirely new two-liter engine with a capacity of 165 horsepower. In any case, the engine (Opel Zafira) will be economical, reliable and taut.

As transmissions, the buyer can choose either "automatic" or "mechanics".

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The cost of the car "Opel Zafira"

Price - this is one of the main secrets of popularityGerman minivan "Opel Zafira" in the world market. For 722 thousand rubles, you get a powerful, dynamic, comfortable inside and beautiful exterior car, which will withstand steadily any Russian frosts and will travel thousands of miles without breakages.

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