Turbine repair and diagnostics


Modern automakers often usethe turbine. Thanks to it, the amount of air supplied to the intake manifold increases. Accordingly, the power and torque of the engine are increasing. But like any other mechanism, the turbine can fail. In the article we will tell you how to diagnose and repair the turbine.

Symptoms of a malfunction

Not always the cause of all ills is thismechanism. Therefore, the diagnosis of the turbine should be made only after the detection of specific symptoms. This is the characteristic sound of the mechanism. When dialing the revolutions the turbine starts to whistle loudly. Yes, this sound should be present and on serviceable units. But in the case of breakage and defects, this noise can be compared with the operation of a jet aircraft.

diagnostics of diesel turbines
The following symptom, talking about malfunctionsThis mechanism is the oil consumption. How is this manifested? As you know, the turbine is smeared and cooled by oil from the engine. If the item has become unusable, it will "throw" the oil. With external diagnostics of the turbine, greasy streaks can be detected. The oil level in the engine will be steadily falling.

Note! Use a turbocharged engine with a low level of lubrication is strictly prohibited. This will lead to increased wear of the crank mechanism, as well as the details of the turbine itself (shaft, rotor and so on).

Is there any rate of "eating" oil?Yes, it is. The manufacturer claims that the natural care of the lubricating fluid should not exceed 15-20 percent of its total volume. For example, in engines of cars it is filled in 4 liters of oil. If the "topping" takes more than 800 milliliters (for 10 thousand kilometers), then the car needs a diagnosis of the turbine.

diagnostics of the turbine by one's own hands
The next symptom is the characteristic color of the exhaustgases. From the muffler will go black smoke. This increases fuel consumption. But this symptom also talks about malfunctions with injectors or a high-pressure fuel pump.

More detailed diagnostics

So, how to check this unit for serviceability?First you need to make an external diagnosis of the turbine. The car has a hot and cold part of this mechanism. It is worth checking both. On the exhaust manifold there should be no burn-throughs and other deformations. But often the problem lurks in the cold part of the compressor. So, the turbine does not work properly because of the tear of the rubber pipe that goes to the intake manifold. It can crack or even break. In this case, the turbine can still be saved without repair. Usually the problem goes away after installing a new branch pipe. Its value does not exceed 860 Russian rubles.

By the way, problems with the intake can be andcause of a dirty air filter. It needs to be changed once for 15-20 thousand kilometers. When performing diagnostics of the turbine, it is worth checking this cleaning element. Perhaps the whole reason lies in it.

diagnostics of the turbine of the diesel engine
If the nozzles are intact, you need to dismantle the turbineand do a more detailed inspection. Note: this mechanism is extracted only with polyhedral keys or heads. Otherwise, you can "lick" the head of the bolt (the latter can stick, especially on the hot part).

During the diagnostics, the turbine of the diesel engineis inspected for the presence of backlashes. The compressor shaft must not oscillate in the radial direction by 0.9 or more millimeters. Axial play and is completely excluded (the boundary threshold is 0.05 millimeters).

The impeller of the turbine must not touch its housing. Deformation is excluded on the blades themselves. If the blades are cracked or have no factory bend, such an element must be replaced.

Repair process

After diagnosis, the diesel turbine undergoesrepair (in the event that defects were found). To save time, you can purchase a new compressor cartridge in advance. How it looks is shown in the photo in the article.

turbine diagnostics
This mechanism includes all the working partsin the turbine. So, first the compressor needs to separate the cold and hot part of the "snail". To do this, you need a head "for 10". Do not use the carabiners, otherwise the bolted connection may be damaged. Preliminarily it is treated with a "liquid key" lubricant. Further markers are made by marks (corners of installation of "snails"). Then proceed to dismantle the hot part. She can get impetuous. To remove the hot part, you should use a gas burner. After heating, the metal will expand and free out of the grooves.

Note! When dismantling the parts of the turbine, you should not use a hammer. The compressor is a very fragile element and with one careless movement it can completely disable it.

diagnostics of the turbine in the car
After that, you can take out the old part of the turbine withrotor and impellers. But do not immediately go to the installation of a new cartridge. After assembly, it is important to remove all blockages, so the cold part of the "snail" is thoroughly washed in gasoline and cleaned of dirt. Only after that it will be ready for installation. It is also necessary to clean the mechanisms of the old oil. For this, use a dry and clean rag. Then, install a turbine cartridge with a new gasket and assemble the cold and hot parts. The tightening of bolts is made criss-crosswise.

The final stage

After performing repair work, it is necessary to rinse the intercooler (this is the radiator for air that comes to the collector).

diagnostics and repair of turbines

If this is not done, all the dirt that is in it will fall into the new turbine cartridge. This will negatively affect its resource.

How to clean the intercooler inside?

It is recommended to use the cleanercarburetor. " As practice shows, this product perfectly removes dirt in a short time. As an analog, you can use kerosene. Before pouring liquid, you need to close the second hole in the radiator. After a few minutes it can be opened - you will see how the dirty liquid will flow from there. Rinse until the interiors are completely cleaned of dirt.

How to delay the repair of the turbine?

In order not to have to restore thiselement ahead of time, you need to use quality oil. It is from him that 80% depends on the resource and operation of the compressor mechanisms. Regularly monitor the residual level of lubricant. The procedure for changing oil on turbocharged engines is 7.5-8 thousand kilometers. Adhering to these requirements, it is possible to ensure a long and reliable operation of the compressor.


So, we found out how repairs anddiagnostics of the turbine. The turbine is a very complicated mechanism, the malfunctions with which can lead to unfortunate consequences. Therefore, you need to know in advance the symptoms of malfunctions. Yes, do not exclude the natural wear and tear. But, in any case, the diagnosis will involve checking the axial and radial play of the rotor shaft.

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