Engines for motoblocks - which one to choose?


If you are planning to purchase a gasoline ordiesel motoblock, then you are tired of plowing your estate with a shovel. The purchase of such equipment is a fairly reasonable solution for every owner of a suburban area. For today in specialized shops engines for motoblocks of various firms and marks from domestic and foreign manufacturers are presented. Motor for motoblock - this is the key part in its design, which directly ensures the smooth operation of the mechanism. From its characteristics will depend on the power, reliability and frequency of maintenance of the motor block itself.

motors for motoblocks

Also in the shops are cultivatorsElectric, which do not need gasoline or diesel fuel - they work at the expense of electricity. But if you want to buy a powerful motoblock, with which you can quickly process the site, you will need an internal combustion engine for this - it is more powerful and productive than electric motors for motor-blocks.

Homemade equipment

Every year is rapidly increasingassortment of motor blocks. But this in no way reduces the interest in making homemade analogs. It is very simple to do the construction of the unit on its own, but to make the engine itself is an impossible task. Therefore, it should be purchased in certain stores, where, by the way, there is a great choice. Today's market is meeting the buyers - new, light and compact engines for motor-blocks constantly appear, which have excellent technical characteristics. The prices for them are quite acceptable.

electric cultivators

Which companies should you pay attention to when choosing?

Judging by the reviews, the most popular, reliable, andthe main thing is that cheap engines are produced by the following companies: Greenfield, Agromotor, Subaru, Honda, and also the company Forza. It is on them worth paying special attention. As you can see, motors from domestic manufacturers are less popular. And there are a number of reasons for this - high cost, frequent maintenance and much more.

Engines for motoblocks of Chinese manufacture

Over the past five years,rapid growth and development of Chinese industry in the field of motoblocks. They have a number of advantages: small cost, modern design, reliability and universality of purpose. In addition, spare parts for them can be purchased without any problems. These and many other reasons contribute to the great popularity of Chinese motoblocks in Russia. If you believe the reviews, the most reliable and inexpensive brand of garden equipment is the company Lifan. Under her emblem is meant the production of copies of Japanese engines Honda.

diesel tractor unit

What power should the motoblock have?

It all depends on how large the area isyour homestead. If it is not more than 20 hectare, it is best to buy an engine with a capacity of 3.5 horsepower. If you have an estate of 1 hectare, be guided by the choice of motors with a capacity of 4 to 6 horsepower.

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