Tuning UAZ-469


The huge modernization potential laiddesigners in this unpretentious and unpretentious car, already in our time has led to the appearance on the roads of the country of such remarkable designs, in which from the native "Bobik", besides the name there is not much left.

Tuning of oases 469
So, where do you start tuning UAZ-469?With lifting. It means lifting the body above the ground. This is done in two ways: you can apply special spacers that lift the body above the frame, or add a couple of leaf springs and change the shock absorbers. It is possible to combine these two methods, but it is important to remember that raising above 100 mm is not recommended due to the displacement of the center of gravity of the car. Such tuning of the UAZ-469 can be done by oneself, of course, but if you do not have enough skills or you do not have the necessary equipment, it's better to turn to professionals.

After lifting it immediately becomes clear what to dofarther. Change the wheels, good place under them appeared, and if not enough, it is always possible to prune the wheel arches. We change the standard 16th disks to the 15th with tires of 30-34 inches in diameter. The protector is chosen based on the operating conditions, but, of course, the toothmarks.

To effectively break small trees and crushnot frightened elks without damage to the car, you need to install the "kenguryatnik" and strengthen the rapids with metal pipes. Strongly broken terrain can turn "UAZ", so the security arc is also a mandatory option. This tuning of the UAZ-469 will immediately give it a brutal appearance and somewhat expand the off-road capabilities.

уаз 469 tuning by one's own hands

It is necessary to put a winch, and better two, one ahead, the other behind, because where they are useful, tractors will not be within a radius of many kilometers.

Engine. You can change, you can not change.There is practically nothing to modernize and bore there, but the complex tuning of the UAZ-469 involves the replacement of a regular engine with a modern injector ZMZ-409.10 or diesel Andoria 4CT90.

Installation of disc brakes will achieve theirnormal operation under conditions of severe pollution. Drum on dirt can wedge and unevenly wear out, but discs have greater reliability and some ability to self-clean.

tuning uaz 469 with your own hands
The sealing of the mechanisms and the installation of the snorkel are actual, if it is necessary to overcome fords or for a long time to knead the dirt on the waist.

Additional optics is very useful, especially at night. In the dark, weak light and impassability are incompatible.

If we talk about the salon, then there are no canons.However, in itself, the base salon "UAZ" to use is of little use, but there is really someone that is much. Modernize everything and everything. On the other hand, on off-road qualities it does not affect, therefore to tuning of interior there are no obligatory requirements.

Here is such a "Bobik" of UAZ-469, tuning with which he is able to create from a simple all-terrain vehicle the true conqueror of directions.

With regard to spare parts, the market in sufficientis saturated with all necessary to produce tuning UAZ-469, as they say, in all fields. Information on the Internet is also quite enough. The only limiting factor is the owner's wallet, but money is a gainful business.

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