Semisynthetic oil "Lukoil 10W-40": reviews of owners of cars


Oil "Lukoil" 10W-40 - semisynthetic, whichis popular in Russia and CIS countries. This is one of the most common products of the company of the same name. The line of products of oils "Lukoil" 10W-40 includes different liquids. We suggest that you read more about them.

Lukoil 10w 40


"Lukoil" is a Russian manufacturer, whichproduces engine oils with high enough quality. The company's assortment has many different lubricants with different viscosity and an additive package. Therefore, when choosing a particular product, it is first necessary to consider all samples of lubricants with a viscosity of 10W-40.


Motor oil "Lukoil" 10W-40 Super isall season grease that can be used on cars, small trucks and minibuses. According to official data, this product is able to ensure the start of the motor even in harsh conditions and at high negative temperatures. This oil also has good antioxidant properties. This means that the probability of formation of deposits inside the engine tends to zero.

Also in the "Lukoil" assure that the oil can beuse on diesel engines. At the same time, they guarantee the protection of the motor even when using fuel with a high sulfur content in the composition. All cars of Russian and Ukrainian production, manufactured after 1996, "take" this product well and go on it successfully.


butter 10w 40 semi-synthetic

Semi-synthetic motor oil "Lukoil" 10W-40series "Avant-guard" is intended exclusively for diesel engines, which often operate under high load conditions - at high speeds. Features of oils of this class are as follows:

  1. The composition contains additives that allow the oil to work in wide temperature ranges. They withstand even severe frosts.
  2. "Vanguard" allows you to increase the efficiency of the motor.
  3. Some drivers in their reviews claim that after switching to oil class Avangard, their cars began to consume significantly less fuel.
  4. The characteristics of the lubricant make it possible to increase the life of the engine.
  5. In diesel engines, oil provides a softer work.
  6. The product complies with the EURO-3 standard.
  7. The use of this oil is allowed in Russian, European and Japanese cars.


The line of oils "Lukoil" 10W-40 "Lux"is intended for different types of engines, characterized by high formation. The temperature range of lubrication: -20 to +35 degrees. However, it is inherent in all lubricants with a viscosity of 10W-40. "Lukoil" was no exception.

Lukoil 10w 40 reviews

The manufacturer declares that in the manufacture ofThis product uses modern technology aimed at creating the highest quality oil. It does not lose its viscosity at too high and too low temperatures, providing a high efficiency of the motor in summer and winter.

Oil "Lukoil Lux" 10W-40 reviewsmore positive. Buyers first of all allocate the low price of the goods and quite acceptable quality. According to motorists, the product effectively works with older motors with a mileage of more than 200,000 km. Lubrication is a good alternative to the famous European brands, almost not inferior to them in quality.


motor oil 10L 40

This is the cheapest grease of this manufacturer.It is made on a mineral basis and belongs to the economy class. Oil is produced especially for cars with high mileage, so it is appropriate to use it only on older engines. Often it is "prescribed" to cars with engines that "eat" oil, that is, with worn-out friction pairs, because of what it enters the combustion chamber.

Lubrication of the "Standard" class with the specified viscosityis all-season. The manufacturer recommends the use of the product in regions with a hot climate. It is also ideal for engines with a carbureted power system. It was for these units and this oil was developed. It is also allowed for use in small trucks, minibuses and cars with a diesel naturally aspirated engine.

10w 40 characteristics


In the characteristics of "Lukoil" 10W-40 class "Extra"it is indicated that the product meets the Euro-2 and Euro-3 standards. It is intended for diesel engines used in trucks, but it is also possible to use it in gasoline engines with a turbocharger.

There are the following features of this oil:

  1. The product can be used on cars of Russian and foreign production, the motors of which meet the Euro-2 and Euro-3 standards.
  2. The composition includes an additive package that extends the temperature range of the oil.
  3. When using grease, it is possible to save fuel, but this can not be guaranteed.
  4. If you believe the manufacturer, the oil not only allows you to squeeze the maximum out of the power plant, but also to increase its life. However, all manufacturers write about it in the description of their products.
  5. The oil does not go intoxicating. This applies only to engines that do not "burn" fuel by themselves.
  6. The composition includes special detergent additives thateliminates the possibility of carbon deposits on the walls of motor components. This means that the deposits that were collected for years on the inner walls of the engine as a result of using a low-quality oil can dissolve and come out with the used extra-grade lubricant from "Lukoil" 10W-40. Reviews of car owners confirm this fact. After all, when you replace the waste oil, you can clearly see that the oil turns black, indicating that it contains dirt from the previous grease.

Forgings of oils "Lukoil"

Low price and good quality product makesits very popular in the market. Because of this, unscrupulous companies create fakes. Scammers try to cash in on the popularity and popularity of oils, so massively copy these lubricants.

It is a large number of counterfeitsthe first and only disadvantage of oil. If you believe the reviews of buyers, then the probability of stumbling upon a substandard product is very high. Therefore, you need to know how to distinguish the original oil from forgery. First of all, pay attention to the lid, packaging, sticker. On the container there should be no gross seams, the lid must be made qualitatively, and the sticker must be held firmly. If at least one of the elements provokes mistrust, then buying such a product is not recommended. It is worth once to pour bad oil into the engine, and the consequences will have to be solved for many years. So be careful when choosing.


oil lukoil luxury 10w 40 reviews

So the line of oils from "Lukoil" looks like.Due to the variety of products with the specified viscosity, each car owner will be able to choose a product that will be ideally suited to him. In this review, we examined oils with a viscosity of 10W-30, but there are others.

If you have a domestic manufacturer's car, then "Lukoil" is ideal for him. Beware of counterfeits, and your engine will confidently and long work with the products of the company "Lukoil".

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