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Emerged in the markets of automotive accessoriesStarLine alarm systems have become a real breakthrough in the field of vehicle protection, because they combine a wide range of functions, innovative technologies, an intuitive interface and a high level of protection. Why do car owners leave only positive feedback about car alarms StarLine, what is its difference from the analogs and how to properly install and configure it? All answers are presented in the article.

car alarm starline

Signaling Features StarLine

One of the main features of car alarmsStarLine is an interactive method of data encryption, reducing the risk of hacking the system. Models of the system, created for work in the city line, have a multi-kilometer range. Radio interference is directed to separate channels, which ensures the stability of signaling to interference.

Self-diagnosis is another distinguishing featurecar alarm StarLine: the system automatically checks and monitors the functioning of all sensors located in the car. A notification of damage to the entire system or its individual components is carried out via an LED indicator or alarm keychain.

Protective mechanisms that prevent attempts to hack the system are listed in the instructions for car alarms StarLine:

  • The dynamic code does not allow you to intercept the system signal;
  • interrupt the alarm signal without disarming;
  • The number of alarm repeats is limited, despite its cyclicity;
  • Custom alarm settings are retained in the event of a power outage;
  • the introduction of a personal access code allows you to immediately turn off the alarm.
car alarm starline a93

Car Alarms

When choosing a security complex, car owners inFirst of all, they pay attention to its capabilities and functionality. The set of options, the number of protected zones and protection algorithms can vary depending on the particular model of car alarm StarLine.

The functionality of StarLine systems includes:

  1. Control and blocking of the engine in case of an attempt of its unauthorized start, which is carried out by a conventional or digital relay.
  2. Remote start of the engine.
  3. End push-button switches guarantee protection of the trunk, doors and hood.
  4. Two-level sensors protect the body and glass of the car from impacts.
  5. The sensor located inside the interior monitors its condition.
  6. It is not possible to disengage the parking brake.

Principle of operation of the system

All models of StarLine security systems, includingnumber and one of the most popular versions of the car alarm StarLine - A93, equipped with innovative technology that works through the use of a secure channel. The signal received from the sensor is checked by the system for authenticity. A request for confirmation sent in response is an encoded number.

The secret code and algorithm allow the key fobcar alarm StarLine process the received signals and send a response to the control unit. The alarm is deactivated in the event that the sent and received signals are the same, and the keyfob receives confirmation. The process of exchanging signals and confirming them takes less than a second.

car alarm with remote start starline

User's manual

Car alarm StarLine comes incomplete with instructions, which explains in detail the principle of its operation and the installation process. Installation, adjustment and subsequent operation of the security complex can be carried out by the car owner both on its own and with the involvement of specialists in car repair shops.

The fastening points of the system components are selected up toinstallation of car alarm StarLine. The control unit is best placed behind the dashboard or front seats. The siren is installed in a place protected from moisture - the best option is the engine compartment. The antenna is located at a distance from the wiring and metal parts of the car.

The impact sensor is fixed in the central part of the passenger compartment in view of the fact that the principle of its operation is based on reading the impact on the body at the same distance from all sides.

It is desirable to place the alarm button under the hood at the maximum distance from heat sources. Such elements, as a rule, are attached to the inner surface of the car's wing.

The LED is located on the center console. This situation warns intruders in advance that the car is equipped with a car alarm with a start-up StarLine A93.

All elements of the security complex are connectedonly when protected mode is activated. After the parts are placed and the alarm is set up, grounding is carried out and power is supplied. The correctness of the installation and functioning of the car alarm StarLine is checked.

Due to the high sensitivity of the sensors, the alarm can falsely trigger. Eliminate this reaction by recalibrating the system.

keychain car alarm starline

Alarm system setting

After installing the car alarm, they begin to configure it, which starts with the keyfob binding.

Binding of keyring

In the set of car alarm with autostartStarLine comes with two remote controls. The main keychain with four control keys and a liquid crystal display, the additional is equipped with only a light indicator and three buttons. Before using the key chain, you need to implement the basic settings of the alarm itself:

  • set the date and time;
  • if necessary - set the alarm;
  • adjust the timer;
  • adjust the volume of the sound signals;
  • select the tone of the audio alert.

In the management of car alarm StarLine priorityis given to the main key fob. It, in fact, is the only remote control with which you can control the system from a distance. An additional keychain is used as a duplicate in cases where the main is not at hand or it is out of order.

car alarm system starline

Cursor adjustment of the system

Car alarms support severalmodes, for programming some of which you can resort to the cursor mode. Activation of this method is carried out by pressing two buttons at once: the first proceeds to the corresponding sound signal, the second - confirms the activation. The icon of the activated function appears on the LCD of the main keyfob. Move from one character to another by using the control buttons. Activate a specific option by pressing two keys.

The cursor mode allows you to activate the following functions of the car alarm StarLine A93:

  • silent protection mode;
  • locking and unlocking the doors;
  • anti-robbery;
  • third-party maintenance mode;
  • activation and deactivation of the turbo timer and others.

Alarms for StarLine

The alarm system has not only a wide range of functions, but also a rich set of operating modes:

  • Immobilizer.
  • Anti-plagiarism.
  • The regime of panic.
  • Self-diagnosis of all sensors and elements.
  • Activation of a silent mode of protection both with the engine running and with the engine stopped.
  • Autostart alarm in case of its shutdown.
  • Emergency call for help in the VALET mode.
  • When strikes on the glass, wheels and body silently trigger sensors.
  • Determining the coordinates of the machine and GPS monitoring.
  • Automatic programming of the new key fob on the given parameters in case of loss of the old one and destruction of the previous encryption code.
  • Locking of the car wheels during its evacuation with special equipment.
car alarm system starline

Malfunctions of the security complex

The most common are the following breakdowns of car alarm StarLine:

  • Disconnection of the key fob due to discharge.The battery installed in the remote control does not have a large working resource, so when the first malfunction in the operation it is necessary to change the battery.
  • Problems with food. The reason is a malfunction in the power supply of the alarm system, the fuse block or the battery discharge of the machine.
  • The failure of the central control unit. May provoke the failure of the entire alarm system.
  • Problems in the operation of sensors. Defective system elements can be replaced with new ones.

Most of the automotivesignaling is solved by replacing the failed components. The problem with the replacement and repair of the control unit is problematic, since it is the most complicated and expensive part of the security system. Any repairs related to car alarms should be carried out by the masters who installed it.

car alarm starline a93 with autostart

Advantages and disadvantages of car alarm StarLine

The main advantage of the alarm systemStarLine is easy and simple to install: all the installation steps are understandable and available in the instructions that come with the security system. The car owner can independently conduct all stages of alarm installation or resort to the help of car service specialists, if necessary.

Among other advantages of car alarm StarLine note:

  1. The ability to install a security system on any vehicle regardless of the brand, model, type of engine and transmission.
  2. High-strength case of key rings.
  3. Resistance to atmospheric precipitation and temperature leaps.
  4. Protection from third-party interference and signals through the use of innovative technology.
  5. The autorun function, which increases the comfort and efficiency of using car alarms.

At a relatively low costStarLine signaling systems differ not only in a wide range of basic functions, but also in a large number of additional options. A rich model range allows you to select the most suitable system for the vehicle and the system that meets the wishes of the car enthusiast. Depending on the specific model, the StarLine car alarm functionality is changing, which may include the following options:

  • Navigation system and vehicle location tracking via satellite communication.
  • In the event of an emergency, the car owner will be notified in various ways.
  • Autostart the engine at a distance.
  • Several channels for eliminating radio interference and many others.

The only flaws in car alarmsStarLine can be considered a large number of electronic components, failure of which can lead to the need to replace the entire security complex. Avoiding such sad consequences is quite easy - the car owner needs timely diagnostics and maintenance of not only the vehicle, but also the signaling system itself.


Car alarm StarLine is consideredAn ideal security system that provides vehicle protection in any situation. The security complex is favorably allocated among analogues and competitors with affordable cost, wide functionality, a considerable list of additional options, a high level of protection, an intuitive interface, the possibility of self-installation, which is highly appreciated by motorists.

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