"Volkswagen Touareg": car tuning (photo)


Tuning "Volkswagen Tuareg" is a revisionpower, power and technical characteristics of the famous German SUV. Although it has strong technical data, it seems to motorists that it is not enough, and they try to improve it even more by tuning.

Tuareg tuning

Outdoor tuning

Upgrading the exterior requires a completemodernization and installation of skirts, made just under the "Tuareg." Tuning in this case consists of installing a modified front and rear bumper, sill extensions, roof rails, tinted glass in different colors, and installing a tailgate spoiler. A separate category of refinement of this car is considered an off-road variant.

In the automotive market of modified spareparts you can order everything necessary to carry out tuning "Tuarega". The body kit is manufactured by the famous German studio Stellox or the manufacturer Atelay. Both options are great for VW Toureg and are installed on the regular seats. A feature of the skirts is that they are developed by professionals who have considered the aerodynamic qualities and increased streamlining.

tuning for Volkswagen Tuareg

The Tuareg glass (tuning version) producesGerman factory ADRGlass. A wide range and affordable prices allow car owners to choose what they like. The range of colors and shades of glass allows you to choose the perfect option for the color of the car body.

The trunk lid spoiler exists in two types.The first is installed as a continuation of the car and is attached with double-sided tape to the door of the luggage compartment. The second option - a full spoiler, which is also installed on the boot lid, but in this case is mounted using bolts.

Chip Tuning Tuareg

Expanders of thresholds are fixed for sparsbottoms. They are usually made of aluminum, the chassis is covered with chrome or nickel. This revision is often sold in salons as an option, but in fact it is a tuning part.

Separately it is necessary to stop on a lattice of a radiatorThe Tuareg. Tuning this part can be installed as a professional production, or made with your own hands. Since chrome returns to fashion, most owners want to have on their "iron horse" is a brilliant detail. You can order the chrome grille in the tuning version right from the Volkswagen plant.

Alternative optics

Alternative optics VW Touareg remains alwaysthe current version of tuning. Carrying out such revision does not require rework of fastenings or installation of additional brackets. The manufacturer "Volkswagen" has taken care of that it was possible to change headlights and lanterns on the tuning version. So, the plant offers three sets of optimized optics, one of them is fully LED.

Tuning Tuareg Outfit

The headlights are best installed withset Day & Night. On the qualitative characteristics, it is ideal, conducting light tuning "Tuareg." The optics is equipped with two lenses for good road coverage at night and daytime running lights blue, which are perfectly visible during the day. The tail lights of the Edition kit have a fully LED structure that allows them to see well at day and night.

tuning salon Tuareg

Interior modification

Tuning salon "Tuareg" is to modify the cabin. This includes:

  • Seat-tightening or installation of covers.
  • Modification of the instrument panel and installation of an alternative instrument cluster.
  • Installation of additional control and measuring mechanisms.
  • Pasting of noise-vibration isolation.
  • Installation of professional acoustics and multimedia center, as well as screens for video playback in the headrests of the front seats.
  • Boot luggage compartment trim of Akitos or Alcantara.
  • Installing the subwoofer.

Thus, the inner world of "Tuareg", tuningwhich is held, receives a range of new colors and improved comfort. The new seats become more comfortable, and additions to the dashboard allow you to drive more effectively, keeping track of all performance indicators.

Engine tuning

Chip-tuning "Tuareg" is the finalization of the powerunit via intervention via the electronic control unit. So, specialists in electronics can adjust the operation of the motor and increase its power. For this, the following operations are performed:

  • Adjusting the early ignition.
  • Setting the time for opening the valves.
  • Adjust the throttle to inject more air.
  • Installation of early fuel injection.

All these operations will help improve the dynamics and acceleration of the car, as well as develop power characteristics and power.

chip tuning Tuareg 2 5 tdi

Chip-tuning "Tuareg" 2.5 TDi differs from itsgasoline colleague. In this case, a number of improvements are being made at the program level. Thus, the turbine is tuned to inject the maximum amount of air. To improve the achievement of the effect, snails are also installed, which help the turbo. The fuel pump is programmed to advance the injection, after which the car feels an increased dynamics.

Improving the exhaust system

To improve the exhaust system to VolkswagenTouareg "will have to purchase a kit kit. Replacing all the pipes, the owner will feel that the sound of the exhaust has changed, and the car has become faster. The diameter of the exhaust system in the kit is more than the standard one by 3 mm, which makes it possible to increase the power by 30 hp without resorting to other modifications.

Replacing the exhaust system with a tuning versionis quite easy and simple. It does not require rework of fasteners, and new pipes are installed on standard seats. Therefore, the replacement of the exhaust system can be done by hand. To do this, you need a minimum set of tools, a lift (in the case of its absence, a pit or flyover will come off) and a new release kit. It takes about 2 hours to dismantle the old system and install a new kit.

Modification of the suspension

To improve the quality of the suspensionand undercarriage "Tuareg" undergo partial modernization. So, you have to change the front and rear shock absorbers, installing reduced Koni or Brembo. They are lower by 2 cm, which makes it possible to reduce the clearance.

Another refinement is the installationwheel rims with increased streamlining and rubber with a size of 245 / 65R17. This will allow the car to better feel the road and have more traction with the road surface.

Also need to replace the front stabilizer andlevers. It is recommended to install from the manufacturer AWD. This will make the VW Touareg softer and absorb the irregularities better, which will give more comfort in the cabin.

Upgrading the braking system

To improve the braking characteristics of the TuaregIt is worth changing brake pads and disks. Companies ATI and JPCars provide owners with complete brake kits. Installation is carried out on regular fasteners, which simplifies the order of replacement. The only nuance is the parking brake. To install it, you will have to replace the cable that goes from the handle to the distributor. In the regular tuning kit from ATI it is short. But the alternative is the standard reinforced cable, which is installed on the diesel "Tuareg".

Off-road tuning

Off-road tuning kit "Tuareg" is considered the most expensive. It includes:

  • Front kangaroo.
  • Side protective arcs.
  • Roof rack.
  • Protective reinforced grilles of headlights and lanterns.
  • Staircase tailgate.
  • Front winch.
  • Reinforced tow hitch.
  • External air filter.
  • Off-road shock absorbers and springs.
  • Tires for high throughput or low pressure.

All these improvements allow improving the off-road characteristics of VW Touareg.

Package "tuning-maximum"

Tuning «Volkswagen Touareg» in the complete set"Tuning-maximum" is the development of an off-road vehicle by installing a full set of modifications. This allows not only increase the throughput of the car, but also the power by 75 hp.

 Tuning Tuareg Optics

Thus, to achieve the maximum effect on the VW Touareg, the following modified spare parts are installed:

  • A set of body kit "maximum".
  • Front, rear and side protective arcs.
  • Additional thresholds.
  • Extended tires and wheels.
  • The staircase of the rear door.
  • Roof rails and roof racks.
  • Upgraded exhaust system.
  • Modification of the engine both software and mechanical.
  • Replacement of the rear axle with full drive.
  • Change of seats of salon, and also installation of additional control and measuring devices.
  • Firmware ECU under the option of "maximum tuning."

All the improvements made on the VW Touareg make the car more powerful, more dynamic, more comfortable and increase the permeability. It is worthwhile to understand that all modifications are not expensive and can have a fairly high price.

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