"Suzuki Bandit 600": specifications, photos, reviews


New model of road motorcycle "Suzuki Bandit600 "was first introduced to the public in 1995. It became the eldest in the GSF lineup.Having some common features with the predecessor of the" Suzuki Bandit-400 ", the" six hundred "cardinally differed from it.The main feature was the motor, migrated from" Suzuki Katana ", which he once got from an even older version - GSX-R 750. Of course, the power unit underwent a modernization, which resulted in a power of 77 hp and 54 Nm of torque.

suzuki bandit 600

Other features of the "Suzuki Bandit 600" include a steel duplex frame, laconic pendants in the form of a conventional telescopic fork and mono-shock, as well as a 6-speed gearbox.

Difficult character

Not in vain, even in the advertising campaign reflectedtie to the gangster romance, which is assiduously hinted and the designers of the line, and marketers developing advertising for the motorcycle "Suzuki Bandit-600." The photo, which depicts a bike behind the bars, and even with the weight weighed on the rear wheel, flew around the world.

Suzuki bandit 600 specifications

In general, neither the concept nor the marketingthe campaign, or any specific TTX does not promote the criminal way of life in any way and in no way contribute to it. Rather, the link to this image is more connected with the gentleness, the desire for freedom, free impulses, road romance - in a word, with all that one way or another characterizes the worldview of each biker.


Under the name and appearance of the bike. His headlights, surrounded by the plastic fairing, cause associations with concentrated eyes, visible in the slit of the balaclava.

Suzuki bandit specifications

By the way, not all models are equipped with fairings. "Suzuki Bandit 600" was originally produced in two versions:

  • GSF 600N - without radome.
  • GSF 600S - with fairing.

In other respects, both versions are absolutely identical. They were distinguished only by the design of the "face". The following photo allows you to make sure of this.

motorcycle suzuki bandit 600

It is interesting that the motorcycle "Suzuki Bandit 600",the characteristics of which completely correspond to the definition of "classics", has also clear features of the neykeda. They are expressed in the obvious features of the layout. And the arguments in favor of the classics begin with an archaic air-oil engine and double rear shock absorbers, and end with forms. Many experts considered it a defect of the manufacturer, because from such a layout, buyers expected much more sportsmanship, rather than dimensionality. By the way, this was an incentive for the creation of the 650th version of the "Bandit" in 2005, which came to replace the "six-hundredth" fellow.

Pages of History

Serial production and sales of the Suzuki GSF 600Bandit started in the distant 1995. A year later, version S was released - with a fairing. In 1999, the bike got a new rear shock absorber with preload and adjustable compression. 2000 was marked by a number of serious updates. "Suzuki Bandit 600" got a new plastic, a more modern front fairing, a modernized carburetor with a throttle sensor, an electrician, an additional air filter and brake calipers from Nissin. Increased and the capacity of the fuel tank - up to 20 liters. At the expense of carburettors, the maximum power increased to 80 liters. from. Since 2002, the standard model includes a fuel level sensor. The fairing also changed: its lines became smoother.

suzuki bandit 600


The first thing that potential buyer of the motorcycle "Suzuki Bandit 600" decides to familiarize with - technical characteristics.

Full model nameSuzuki GSF 600 Bandit
A typeRoad, neyked
Years of production1995-2004
MotorRow, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke
Scope599 cm3
FrameTubular, steel
Fuel supplyCarburetor
Tank20 liters (before 2000 - 19 liters)
Power (max.)80 liters. from.
Dispersal of up to hundreds4.1 seconds.
Speed ​​(max.)195 km / h
Dry weight204 kg


Under the typical appearance of the neykeda is hidingsports soul. Of course, in the first place, "Suzuki Bandit 600" is designed for pokatushek around the city and its environs. This model is most often chosen by residents of large cities, accustomed to the rapid pace of life. Conceived as a maneuverable transport for the street, he behaves well and out of town. Of course, it is too tough for him to hilly or swampy terrain, and what, he asked, did he forget there? For off-road, there are enduros and tourists. But for those who like to measure their strength in high-speed arrivals, "Bandit 600" can become just a dream come true.

suzuki bandit 600 photos

Quite tolerably, he behaves in distantwanderings. It's silly to compare his comfort level with the cruiser. However, a trip to the neighboring city will not bring any significant inconvenience to the pilot or passenger. The sports saddle shape, of course, will force you to halt and knead the stiff muscles. But, on the other hand, a fast high-speed engine will significantly reduce the time needed to overcome the distance. A valiant cruiser can not keep up with the Japanese "Bandit"!

Weak sides

It is worth mentioning about the minuses of the Suzuki Bandit 600 model. The feedback from the owners is often indicative of the following:

  • After falling, deformation of the forks of the fork is possible.
  • The motor is prone to overheating in hot weather, especially in urban traffic jams.
  • The plastic fairing is not very reliable. Once you just drop the bike on it, how it splits and bends.
  • Approximately after 20-30 thousand kilometers of mileage, the resource of the rear shock absorber is coming to an end.
  • The moment of locking the wheel is difficult to feel the rear brake.

suzuki bandit 600 reviews

However, the same motivators write that all problems of the bike are solved. That is promoted by a wide network of service centers of Suzuki, availability of spare parts, wide opportunities for tuning.

Fuel & Consumables

Let's face it, the bike has absolutely averageindicators for weight, speed, fuel consumption. Do not expect miracles from him. Of course, much depends on the driving style, temperature, the weight of the pilot with the passenger and luggage, the quality of the road surface and much more. On average, plan that you will spend about 6.5 liters for every hundred kilometers.

Suzuki bandit 600 specifications

Do not run a bike, take care of its technicalin good time, change the oil and try not to save on the quality of gasoline. All this will reduce fuel consumption, - owners of the "bandit"

A few words about competitors

Not all those who choose the motorcycle "Suzuki Bandit 600", are ardent fans of this particular company. Some consider other models of this class. Usually the list includes:

  • "Honda SV600 Hornet".
  • "Diversion" from Yamaha.
  • "Yamaha Faser" (FZS 600).
  • "Honda CBF 600".

Each model has its strengths and weaknesses. In whose favor to make a choice - you decide.

Features for tuning

The manufacturer offers many spare parts,which can be installed on the "Suzuki Bandit 600" optional. Responses of owners most often describe the replacement of the steering wheel, the modernization of the plastic weather cloth and wind protection.

motorcycle suzuki bandit 600

Often tuning is subjected to a fairing. This makes it possible to install additional protection on the headlight. Replacing the windscreen large in size allows the pilot to better and longer to withstand speeds above 140 km / h. At home, judging by the feedback, it's not so easy.

Modernization can also affect the saddle. This is especially true for those who often carry passengers - as on most sports bikes, the hometown back seat of the "Bandit" is rather modest.

Wide possibilities for tuning and excellentadjusted traffic supply of original spare parts - all this provides an opportunity for every owner to tailor his beloved "horse" to himself, taking into account all tastes, requests and needs.

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