Peugeot Partner Tipi: specifications, photos


With the release of Citroen Berlingo, the company"Peugeot" began to develop a similar in class cars. It should be a reliable and competitive LCV-class representative. This was Peugeot Partner of the Type. Technical characteristics and features of this model, see our today's article.


Peugeot has always been famous for its creative ideasabout the design. The exterior of the Peugeot Partner Tepee is quite memorable - a smiling silhouette, triangular headlights and a huge bumper with a silvery insert.

peugeot partner tepee

The hood of the car is very flat and compact, thatit gives some inconvenience with THAT. However, this is more than offset by the huge windshield. The visibility of the French "heel" is simply gorgeous - note the owners' reviews. Peugeot Partner Tipi has a black roof with rails. As an option, you can install a panorama.

Note that Peugeot Partner Tepee recently underwent restyling. As the updated "Tipi" looks, you can see in the photo below.

peugeot partner type specifications

The French have slightly changed the shape of the optics, the bumper andgave the hood greater relief. The radiator grill became more pronounced, with a chrome edging. Above the fog lights (which have become more compact) is a strip of navigation lights.

Dimensions, clearance

The length of Peugeot Partner Tipi is 4.38 meters,width - 1,81, height - 1,8 meters. Due to its squareness, the machine can accommodate up to five people. But the clearance for Russian conditions is not enough. The regular ground clearance is only 15 centimeters.


Interior design is made modestly. It's no secret that the "Tipi" was developed on the basis of the "Partnerner" truck. On the luxurious finish and leather seats can not think - everything is as simple and practical as possible. On the center console can be a small multimedia display with navigation. The center console is equipped with a radio cassette recorder and an air conditioner control unit. What is noteworthy, the gearshift lever is part of the continuation of the panel.

peugeot partner typed gasoline

Yes, it does not come out straight from it. But the characteristic "beard" that stretches through the salon is not here. This allows you to increase the available space in the machine. Landing is almost captain, but a lot of adjustments allow the driver to adjust everything to the maximum "for himself." Everywhere there are niches and glove boxes - you will not have questions about where to put things. The luggage compartment is designed for 675 liters. If necessary, its volume can be increased to 1350 liters. By the way, the carrying capacity of the "Frenchman" is as much as 650 kilograms. The machine has the same platform as its cargo counterpart. Therefore, the car easily withstands significant loads.

Peugeot Tipi feature - panoramic roof(shown in the photo below), available as an option. It consists of four glasses - it looks very unusual. The glasses have a tint film, thanks to which the interior does not heat up in the heat.

peugeot partner tip diesel

Another "secret" of this car is the built-inflavor capsule. It is mounted in the air duct deflectors. As it arrives, the air is saturated with a pleasant aroma of citrus. Also note that, as an option, the manufacturer can complete the "Type" climate system (two-zone), tire pressure sensors, rain and light. Electric window regulators are already available as standard.


"Peugeot Partner Tipi" is distinguished by a wide rangeengines. Here there are both diesel and gasoline units. Let's start with the latter. The basic is the four-cylinder unit for 1.4 liters. Its maximum power is only 75 forces. Of course, with such an engine the car will have sluggish technical characteristics. "Peugeot Partner Tipi" 1.4 accelerates to hundreds in 17.5 seconds. The maximum speed is 148 kilometers per hour. How much gasoline does Peugeot Partner Tipy consume? The fuel consumption is about 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

peugeot partner tip owner reviews

The average in the line is a 1.6-liter unitfor 109 horsepower. With him, the machine is gaining 100 kilometers per hour in 12.2 seconds. The maximum speed is 160 kilometers per hour. Remarkably, this engine consumes as much as the previous, 75-strong unit.

The flagship in the range of petrol is the unit1.8i. Its power is 147 horsepower. Acceleration to a hundred takes less than nine seconds, and the maximum speed is limited to 170 kilometers per hour. The fuel consumption in the mixed mode does not exceed nine liters.


The range of "solid fuel" units is also extensiveand includes three power plants. The basic engines are HDI in volume of 1.6 liters. Depending on the degree of formation, these two engines produce 75 and 90 horsepower of power. The fuel consumption for them is the same - 5.4 liters per hundred. Acceleration to a hundred takes 15.4 and 12.9 seconds.

peugeot partner tip owner reviews

After the restyling of Peugeot Partner Tipi (diesel)was equipped with an aggregate of 110 horsepower. This is a motor with direct fuel injection, corresponding to the Euro-5 standard. The fuel consumption is 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers of track in mixed mode.


The car is equipped with an independent suspensionfront. Behind there is a classical "beam", suspended on screw springs. Shock-absorbers are hydraulic, but rather rigid. Only at full loading the car will differ high smoothness of a course.


So, we found out what technicalcharacteristics of Peugeot Partner Tipi, design and features. This car will be an excellent choice for large families. Thanks to the large trunk, you can take with you everything you want, and even more. The cabin is quite comfortable, and with an economical diesel engine you will not notice the cost of fuel. Yes, this machine has a weak overclocking dynamics. But still its purpose is completely different.

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