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MAZ 5337 belongs to the class of "chassis", i.e. This mechanism is a cabin and a base on which various modifications of equipment can be attached. The first cars of this brand went to the roads back in the USSR - in 1986, and in 1987 on their base the first on-board car was created.

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The modern MAZ 5337 is a vehiclewith an engine power of 230 horsepower, a base of almost 4 meters, a five-speed gearbox. At it at the plant put the engine YAMZ6563.10 and a fuel tank for 200 liters. Chassis allows a maximum technical load of 11.65 tons.

Based on this car at the Ivanovo plantthe mobile crane MAZ 5337 (original specification - КС35715), which has remarkable characteristics is produced. It raises about sixteen tons, has a telescopic boom of three sectors with the possibility of extension, a microprocessor for limiting the carrying capacity and a special device ("black box") to collect information on operating parameters. The crane lifts loads to a height of 9 to 25 meters at a speed of up to 8.5 meters per minute, an empty hook moves 35 meters per minute up or down. The machine has a working range of two hundred and seventy degrees.

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In a number of cities MAZ 5337, technicalthe characteristics of which are a good basis for various developments, is used in modifications for road vehicles. They are equipped with watering and sand-spreading equipment, hydraulic control system, cleaning brushes. Therefore, when you see how a brightly colored car rides along the sidewalk at a speed of no more than 20 kilometers an hour and washes the asphalt, then the probability that it is made on the basis of the Belarusian chassis is very large. The volume of water, salt or sand in the body can reach 8.7-8.8 tons. The equipment of the machine allows to process roads by sand or salt with a certain density of sprinkling, to remove snow and to perform other economic operations.
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Today the MAZ 5337 serves as the basis for vans as well"Kupava" with the body equipment KI5426-11. These cars carry up to 8.2 tons of cargo in the body of 26 cubic meters. The length of the car is 7.5 meters, the length of the body is 5.2 meters. The latter is made of panels of the "sandwich" type with a covering made of steel or aluminum. The floor is made of corrugated aluminum sheet with polyurethane filling.

Also on the roads there are airbornecomplete sets of MAZ 5337 series, including 53371-071, 53371-033 and others. MAZ 53371 with power steering has a metal platform, on which the sides recline from the sides and from behind. The side boards consist of two parts, the floor of the body is wooden. The cabin of the car can be reclined forward, has two places for drivers, the possibility of accommodation. The seat is adjustable in height, length, inclination. These cars are unpretentious, time-tested vehicles that plow the roads of the entire former USSR. Special modifications ("CL") are produced, which can work in the regions of the Far North at temperatures up to minus sixty degrees. The car attains the maximum speed of 85 km / h and can walk as a part of road trains with a total carrying capacity of up to 28 tons.

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