Aerography on the machine. How to make vinyl aerography on the car


Aerography is the process of applying compleximages on the surface of cars, motorcycles and other means of transportation. Perform this technique with the help of special equipment. Most often there is airbrushing on the hood. This process requires certain skills. Today, a new technology has also appeared: vinyl airbrushing.

Why draw?

This is one of the most working and most effective anti-theft systems. Especially when cars are rarely stolen, where the plot is based on a complex plot that covers most of the bodywork.

Also, in addition to security functions, airbrushing oncar demonstrates to all who see the car, the interests and hobbies of the driver, his vision of the world and the idea of ​​the beautiful. Sometimes with the help of such artistic tuning it is possible to hide the consequences of body repairs.

aerography by car
Drawing makes it easy to remove misses in color. Images on the plastic covers of spare wheels on most crossovers and jeeps stop thieves. These caps have reasonable prices, and they can be removed almost without difficulty.

Art with my own hands

Run any pattern on the car bodynot difficult. This art is only now beginning to develop. This process can bring a lot of pleasure, because this creativity in its pure form. In addition, a drawing made independently is a serious amount that can be saved.

Question price

How much does an exclusive airbrush cost for a car? The price for similar services can be quite high.

aerography on the hood
It depends on the level of the firm, the training of artists and the characteristics of the region. On average, the price ranges from 9,000 to 25,000 rubles.

If it is decided to paint the entire body, it will becost more. The minimum price starts at 110,000 rubles and can instantly grow to 300,000, depending on the task. Many companies that specialize in such services, airbrushing on the hood can cost as much as half of the car itself. Figure on the caps of the reserve will be cheaper. The price of it can grow if special paints with special effect are used in the process. Some companies charge a fee for developing a sketch. Often the project has an initial price of 5000 rubles, so it's better to meet artists with a ready idea in mind.

If airbrushing on the machine is affected byaccident, then firms restore images. Small fragments can be restored at a discount, but in the event of a complete re-creation, you will have to pay the entire cost.

What do you need for airbrushing?

The first thing you need is the main tool - an airbrush. They are sold in art stores.

paints for aerography
Also it is necessary to get a compressor and a hose,which will connect the two components. Still need to buy quick-detachable connectors - this will greatly facilitate the work. In order not to harm the health, it is recommended to purchase a respirator and filters for it.

For disassembly of body partsstandard tools: ratchets, heads, screwdrivers and much more. If you want the image to dry up as quickly as possible, you will need to purchase infrared drying. After that, dust will not stick to the drawing.

airbrushing to the car price

Paints for airbrushing

This is the second important issue for those who decidedto put on the surface of the body of some drawing. In the process of using different compositions. To the paints for permanent airbrushing make certain demands:

  • Resistance to moisture.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
  • A rich set of flowers.
  • Possibility of breeding.
  • Good spray and even coat.

There are several types of paints popular among artists. All of them have certain characteristics. Each type helps to solve a certain task.

Automotive Nitro-paint

Nitro-colors for machines are characterized by rapid, almost instant drying after application. They need to use special solvents, and their toxicity is very high.

Among the advantages are:very fine grinding, the ability to perform transparent fillings or output very thin lines. Such paints for airbrushing quickly wither, which allows for several sessions in a single session.

Among the shortcomings is a small color rendition.Because of this, dyes can not create bright and rich drawings. Mixing colors does not always produce the expected result. During the washing process, a layer of varnish on the body may be damaged.

Auto-enamels and acrylic paints

These coloring materials are least resistant to mechanical stress and atmospheric phenomena.

airbrush drawings
Among the merits is the exact result withmixing and use. Acrylic mixtures dissolve in water and are not toxic, and their palette is quite extensive. Another advantage - acrylics quickly dry. After the airbrushing on the machine has dried, the pattern will become opaque. But it's easy to fix with a varnish.

Special paints

This is the best choice, and with them it turns outa truly perfect result. These mixtures are non-toxic, perfectly combined with any coatings. The palette includes transparent colors and metallic. Also for the creation of drawings, ordinary car paints are also used.

Select an image

This is an important and responsible step. Here the main thing is that the image is combined with the machine.

aerography on a white car
After all, this will have to travel long enough. The best tuning will be ridiculous to look at the old classic VAZ. Therefore, you should think well over the sketch.

Today there are a variety of drawings on the machines.Aerography can be performed on different technologies with different effects. You can also draw with your own hands. For beginners, ready-made stencils are sold in this case.

Types of aerography

The classic is done with the help of an airbrush.Real professionals of this art can create an image of almost any complexity. It can be simple stylish lines or high-grade pictures. Luminous airbrushing on the machine will "burn" in the dark with neon light. It looks very impressive.

Screen printing is a special vinyl sticker.The image is printed on a wide-format printer. With the help of this coating, you can effectively mask various body defects. If desired, this film can be easily removed. Applying it requires accuracy - the pattern can easily be damaged. The cost is 10 times cheaper than the classic tuning. You can do it simply yourself. First, wash the surface of the machine and degrease it. Spray soapy water in the place where you will glue the vinyl. Separate the base from the label, and place the last one on the selected surface. Try to maximally level the film. If there are bubbles left, puncture these places with a needle and dry it with a hair dryer, they will disappear. In order not to damage the pattern, do not wash the machine for a week.

3D-paintings - images that mimic reality 100%. Often such aerography is reinforced with various volume elements made of fiberglass. Monochrome drawings and color are also distinguished.

Features of airbrushing

Aerography on the car - it's not so difficult.It is important to work in a dust-free environment and have certain skills. But this process has features. For example, beginners are better off working with a white or black car.

White color - solemn, but at the same timesufficiently marquee. This should be taken into account when selecting a sketch. It should be remembered that any color on a white background will be darker than it is. Modern white shades can be different. Even if you know what car is painted, you can still not find the right color.

Aerography on a white car will be spectacularlook, if the picture is monochrome, in the gray-blue range. Also for the white, some bright and cheerful pictures are perfect. On a black car is better to draw something stylish. When choosing a sketch, one should take into account the background possibilities. Monochrome images, and color pictures will suit both black.

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