Installation of the alarm on the car by one's own hands: step-by-step instruction, diagram and feedback


To set the alarm on the carwith their own hands, it is necessary to have at least the slightest idea of ​​how such electrical equipment works. More recently, such installation could only be done by experienced autoelectrics. But now in a free access there is a lot of information about the correct installation of devices.

Anyone can study step by stepguide yourself and do all the work. Even the alarm operation manual describes in detail all the manipulations that are made on the car. There you will even find a description of the functions that you can program yourself. The installation of the "Sheriff" signaling on the car by one's own hands is essentially no different from the installation of any other anti-theft system.

Advantages of car alarm

Regardless of whether you have a new car orhigh mileage, he can become a tasty morsel for the hijackers. If you buy a new car in the showroom, then most likely, you dealer will offer to set the alarm. And they can even threaten that the unauthorized installation of the security system car will be removed from the guarantee.

car alarm installation

But you choose where and what securitythe system will install. Such actions of dealers are illegal, they just try to make the most of it. In the event that the alarm installer gives a guarantee for his work, he confirms that the installation is made according to all requirements. And the auto show can not refuse warranty service only in the event that it will be proved that the car broke down precisely because of illiterate installation.


There are several advantages of the installationalarm on the car with their own hands. VAZ almost all models are cars are not very sophisticated in design. They can be equipped without any problems with security systems of any type. You will get the following benefits:

  1. Save a lot of money. If you turn to the workshop, the auto electrician will take a round sum from you - with this money you can buy a new alarm, and sometimes even two.
  2. Of course, you will receive moral satisfaction fromwork done. The security system is a complex equipment, which not everyone can install and correctly configure. If you do the installation yourself, you will also get a useful experience in installing security systems.
  3. If car dealerships and workshops are installedall controls, as well as sensors, in the same places on all machines without exception, then for self-installation you can choose any arrangement of components.

car alarm installation

These are only the main advantages of independentinstallation. Each motorist can bring some of his features. For example, add one or two additional sensors to the system and increase this by a degree of safety. With a special desire, you can even change the standard sound of the bell, which is necessary to alert you of an attempt to enter the car.

Varieties and complete sets of security alarms

Before installation, you must select thean acceptable security system. First, decide with the manufacturer, then with the model. The cost of the device will depend on the number of security and service functions. If we generalize, then all security complexes can be divided into three subgroups:

  1. The simplest car alarms, in which there is an anti-grabber, anti-scanner, several terminals for controlling power mechanisms, electric locks, inputs for connecting sensors.
  2. Signaling with feedback, equipped with a large number of sensors, and also allow you to give an alert to the key chain when trying to enter the car.
  3. Car alarm GSM. The most advanced type of devices, since theycan in case of hacking make a dialing number specified in the settings. In addition, it is possible to track the position of the car with the help of geolocation.

The simplest car alarm system

installation of the alarm sheriff on the car with their own hands

Also called "opener", because they have very few functions:

  1. Arming and disarming.
  2. Opening and closing all doors.
  3. When attempting to enter the car, panic mode is activated, sound and light warning occurs.
  4. In the case of unauthorized access, the engine is blocked.

Among the shortcomings of such security devices,to allocate one basic - very simple protocol, by which radio commands are transmitted. Therefore, installing an alarm on the car with their own hands will add only one useful function - remote opening of doors and trunk. Such devices are one-sided, and the range of action does not exceed several tens of meters. Among the advantages can be identified only low cost.

Signaling equipped with feedback

If you need to installcar alarm with auto start, then you need to use this type of device. These are the most modern designs, they have a lot of functions, a more advanced data transfer protocol. This means that when using this car alarm you can not only manage, but also receive information from the car.

installation of car alarm with auto start

For example, a driver can receiveinformation on whether the machine is armed, whether any attempts were made to break into the machine. There are also the following options for car alarms:

  1. Remote start of the engine for warming up in winter.
  2. Installing a turbo timer. The engine continues to run at idle speed so that the turbine compressor is cooled after arming.
  3. Inclusion of different modes of interior lighting and car body.
  4. Electric closers of glasses or a sunroof in the roof. When arming, if windows or a hatch have been opened, they will automatically close.

The range of this type of device is several hundred meters. The cost is at least twice as high as that of simple security systems.

Car Alarm GSM

In the main unit there is a GSM-module, and alsogeolocation of GPS. Signals from these two modules are fed to the microcontroller, which functions as a computer that collects and processes information. The GSM module looks like a simple cell phone. It receives and transmits signals in the mobile network coverage area. GPS module with the help of a satellite allows you to determine the position of the car at a particular time.

installation of the alarm system with your own hands step-by-step instruction

Car alarm is being installed on your car.hands on the standard scheme. It is similar for both simple systems and for more complex ones. With the help of the controller, all information coming from the sensors of the security system is processed, after which the parameters of the control signals are calculated. The driver can control his car with SMS and voice, and also through the browser over the Internet.

Tools and materials for installation

Before you set the alarm on the car, you need to collect the following tools:

  1. The multimeter - with its help the voltage is measured, the continuity of the wiring is carried out.
  2. A set of flat and cross screwdrivers.
  3. Sockets and ratchet.
  4. Electric soldering iron.
  5. Scissors, nippers.

how to set the alarm on the car

Still need these materials:

  1. Adhesive tape double-sided.
  2. Insulation tape and heat shrink.
  3. Plastic clamps-ties (preferably black).

It is necessary to have at hand several wires of different colors, so that, if necessary, add them during the connection of the device.


Step-by-step instruction for installing the alarm system with your own hands:

  1. Determine the place of installation of the central unit. The farther you hide it, the more likely it is that if an attacker tries to break in, he can not turn off the guard. It is desirable to place the central unit deep under the dashboard, there are enough free niches.
  2. Mark the position of the sensors in the car's interior. The impact sensor must be installed on the engine compartment partition.
  3. If the car does not have limit switches, install them. In this case, the security system will be able to record the opening of doors, hood, trunk.
  4. Determine how to conduct thestartup blocking. For carburetor vehicles, it is best to turn off the power supply to the switch or to short-circuit the Hall sensor. On injector cars, it is possible to open the power supply circuits of a gasoline pump, injectors, electronic control unit.
  5. After completion, connect the unit to the vehicle's on-board network via a fuse.

car alarm installation with auto start instruction

According to this scheme, installation is performedcar alarm with auto start. The installation instructions that come with the device contain a complete description of the design, and most importantly a detailed programming guide for all functions.

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