How to put the ignition on the VAZ 2106? Instruction how to set the ignition for all VAZ models


On cars of the VAZ family falling underthe category "classic", including the "six", is installed electrical ignition system. The exception is its modified version, in which the contactless system was mounted. In the first case, a B117A tool was used as the coil, while the modified ones were equipped with coils of the series 27 3705. The main distinguishing feature of both devices was the difference in some elements of the winding. The only thing that has remained the same is the "habit" of frequent failure (by the way, the same ignition of VAZ 2107, the "seven" is built on the same principle).

About the ignition locks on the VAZ family "classic"

On the "classic" was installed a standard engine start lock, which did not differ fundamentally from previous representatives of the VAZ family. In its design there are three main details:

  1. Contour part.
  2. Anti-theft device.
  3. Castle.

In this case, if the anti-theftdevice, car enthusiasts had to change the entire system in its entirety. The contact part, which is located in the ignition case, can be replaced in a separate order. Installation of the vehicle's ignition device (VAZ) is carried out under the front panel, namely under the dashboard (to the left of the driver), on the mounting bolts of the steering shaft.

how to set the ignition on VAZ 2106

All three components must provideharmonious and trouble-free start of the engine, because it is on their condition will depend on the performance of the entire vehicle. As a rule, the question "how to set the ignition on the VAZ" (21213 including) car owners are specified not earlier than through 100 thousand kilometers of run, since the lock is set up by the delivery truck itself on the conveyor belt. But if this question does arise, you need to take certain measures. If you do not adjust the ignition key in time, your car will at least overspent the fuel, or even stop turning on normally, even "on hot".

Signs indicating the failure of the ignition system on vehicles VAZ

Before putting the ignition on the VAZ 2105(however, as well as on any model), it is necessary to make sure that the breakdown is in the key. The most likely symptom of this in the event of malfunctions in the ignition lock can serve as an overheated engine and poor acceleration dynamics. In addition, it happens that at low and medium revs in the salon you hear a characteristic ring in the engine compartment. I also want to say about the revs that at idle, such a car can slightly shake, if its ignition is incorrectly set or the ignition switch is adjusted.

Is this the ignition switch?

Every experienced car owner knows that suchsigns like engine overheating, loss of vehicle dynamics and increased fuel consumption can arise not because of the lock, but because of a number of other technical problems. This may be a malfunction in the fuel system, poorly regulated carburetor or simply poor-quality gasoline. Therefore, in order to make sure whether this is really a symptom of a malfunction of the ignition lock, you need to pay attention to the candles. It is by their condition that you can determine what kind of failure it is and how it is caused.

Before putting the ignition on the VAZ 2106, motorists pay attention to the amount of deposits in the working part of the candle. If on its surface so much dirt accumulated, as in this photo ...

ignition of VAZ 2107

... then, of course, the reason lies in the castleignition. There is so much plaque here that there is simply no point in restoring the working surface of this incendiary element. Otherwise, after a few hours of prolonged and painful work, you still will not achieve anything, and the electrode will not again supply a spark in the normal amount. As a rule, the working surface of a candle with a black oily sediment is no longer subject to recovery. The same applies to parts with a thick layer of coating on the working surface. Such parts are subject only to replacement. But if you still want to try to restore the characteristics and clean the candle from contamination, you can make the following manipulations:

  1. Put a candle in 2 or 3 cylinders of hot and serviceable ICE. Here the heating temperature is somewhat higher, since the combustible fuel-air mixture is more lean than in the 1 and 4 cylinders.
  2. Process the working part with sandblast.

In another way put the ignition on VAZ 2101-2106simply impossible. Other ways, such as cleaning with a metal carriage or calcining a surface, is just a waste of time, and by such methods you will not exactly achieve the desired result. Therefore, to save your personal time, change the candle in the kit.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact,how many kilometers your candles have already "run back." If they are operated for more than 30 thousand kilometers, it means - under condition of accumulation of carbon and pollution - such a part needs to be changed. Specialists recommend replacing the candles at least once a year, even if the speedometer did not add 30,000 during this period. But in any case, do not wait until they completely fail. This can significantly affect the technical condition of the car, and not for the better.

The candle wears out during the process of decreasing heightthe central electrode and the outer section. During engine operation, the thin end of the outer electrode is heated to a temperature that is sufficient to ignite the working mixture in the combustion chamber. If the liquid ignites independently of the spark (this process is known as random ignition), then the driver can feel a noticeable loss of engine power. Sometimes it happens that even with the ignition off, the engine does not stop working. This indicates that the candles have come into malfunction, and with them - which is quite possible - and the ignition switch.

But how to put the ignition on the VAZ 2106 in this case?

how to put the ignition VAZ 2108

In this case, it's best to just replace the candlenew detail. But if you decided to restore it, try to cut the clogged part of the outer electrode with a suitable tool. Do not neglect the size of the clearance in the candles, which should be 0.55 mm. If your VAZ runs on the 76th gasoline, this value can be increased to 0.6 millimeters. But if the gap is very large, it will significantly complicate the start-up of the engine in the cold season, and, moreover, lead to a significant over-consumption of fuel. And this happens because the spark formed in the electrode can sometimes disappear, not reaching its final destination point. For the future useful advice: to avoid such situations, it is always better to bring a new set of spark plugs (and preferably also the cover of the switch and the slider). Still, the VAZ is not a Mercedes, and it can break at any moment. Well, with the "six" more or less figured out. And find out how to put the ignition VAZ 2107-21099, you can be a little lower.

In all the fault of the distributor?

As practice shows, this particular productmost often fails. Also it is worth noting that the distributor can not break, but any small element of its design. So, one of the smallest and unreliable parts is the ball bearing 900706U, which is supplied with a diaphragm of a vacuum-corrector. In addition, the distributor cap may break. Most often, this is either a deformation in the form of a crack, which is a result of mechanical damage, or a layer of deposits in the form of an oil with graphite. Another cover distributor does not like water and in cases of wetness also breaks down.

If you have a broken ball bearing, younotice that the motor has stopped "pulling", and you will feel how bad it works at idle. Often, to adjust something in this case is simply impossible. However, if you want to set the ignition (on VAZ 2114, for example) with a broken distributor cap, you can try to fix the situation by doing the following series of works:

  1. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the distributor.
  2. At its end, tie the knot and fix the element in such a way that it does not "hang out" while driving.
  3. Press the draft element of the vacuum corrector with a strap. If its end does not fit between the bend of the rod and the body, then try to make a new part and repeat the manipulations.
  4. Adjust the gap in the breaker contacts. In this case, an error in the range from 0.05 to 0.35 millimeters is allowed.
  5. At the last stage it remains only to set the exact angle of ignition (it is equal to 7 ° 30 ').
    put the ignition on the VAZ 2101

So you can put the ignition on the WHA2105-2110 and return the lock to normal operation. However, often in such cases, fuel consumption increases (by 3-5 percent) and the level of CO concentration increases2 in the exhaust gases of the car.

By the way, with such "symptoms" on cars "Niva", VAZ "kopek" and "six" the tachometer arrow is walking along the entire scale, regardless of what the true engine speed is.

So, let's look at how to put the ignition on the VAZ 2106.

put the ignition on VAZ 2105
Since the design of the "classics" and VAZs of the "ninth" family is almost the same, it is possible to apply the instructions we offer almost to all models of cars of the Volga manufacturing plant.

Before you put the ignition on the WHA2106-2110, we need to prepare several wrenches (13, 14 and 36 millimeters), as well as a minus screwdriver and a set of probes to measure the clearances. With the help of spanners for 13 and 14 millimeters, we will unscrew the fastening elements of the trambler. With the help of a 36-millimeter tool, we have to twist the ratchet of the crankshaft.

So, how to put the ignition on the VAZ 2110?First, we pick up the key to 36 and unscrew the crankshaft clockwise. You have to turn on yourself. At this point, you need to carefully inspect the contact in the trambler. We expose the largest contact gap. To do this, take the probe by 0.40 millimeters. If the value obtained does not match the set value, then the gap must be adjusted. In this case, take a flat screwdriver and loosen the screw of the contact. Now, using the eccentric, you should set (increase or decrease) the gap. In this case, the probe itself must be between the movable and fixed parts of the contact of the trambler.

How is the ignition adjusted?

VAZ 2106 and all his other "brethren"are repaired in the same way: after the contact gap has been set, go to the adjustment of the next important parameter. Now we need to adjust the clearance of the ignition. How to put the ignition on the VAZ 2110? To do this, use the key to turn the crankshaft pulley clockwise until the mark of the crankshaft matches the required notch on the timing (gas distribution mechanism). There are only three of them. The first designates an angle of 10 degrees, the second - 5 degrees ahead, and the third (it's the longest) we will not need, since this is the top dead center. We only need the second label.

how to set the ignition VAZ 2111
After setting these values, you shouldcheck the piston of the first cylinder, which should be located at the top dead center. This can be done as follows: unscrew the candle of the cylinder, which is located near the trambler, and insert a screwdriver into the candle hole. If the piston is located at the top, then the screwdriver immediately rests against it. If not, then the crankshaft pulley should be rotated 3600 and again put it on the labels.

Note!To correctly set the ignition, VAZ 21213 (in principle, like any other car) should be cold, as the temperature contributes to the appearance of errors. Even when doing these jobs, you need to take into account that the crankshaft can rotate 360 ​​degrees, and the camshaft - only 180. It is due to this characteristic that the piston will be in the position of the top point.

At the next stage we need a 12-voltlight bulb with 2 soldered wires. One of them we connect to the "mass" of the car (to the body or engine), and the second we connect to the contact of the trambler.

Final Steps

Next, you will not have problems with how to exposeignition (VAZ 21099, 2114, 2115 or 21213 - is not important, the principle of operation is still the same). Using a 13 mm wrench, unscrew the connecting elements of the last mentioned part and rotate them until the lamp illuminates. The latter should not shine completely, but only vpnnakala. If, however, it immediately caught fire when connected, it means that the trampler should be turned clockwise until it goes out. Once this happened, you need to catch the moment when the light bulb will fizzle in the air. Then there will be an advance of ignition, and we will have to tighten the fastening back, put the lid and start the engine. Everything, the task "how to set the ignition of VAZ 2103-2110" is solved.

We repair VAZ 2106. How to set the ignition? Method number two: apply a strobe

You can go another way.In this case, we need to establish a small gap between the contacts of the breaker. After the cap of the trambler has been removed, use the adjustable wrench to install the crankshaft in a position in which the gap would have a maximum value. Now unscrew the bolt-lock on the bearing plate and with the help of the feeler select the appropriate position, which equals to its easy movement. Next, you need to re-tighten the screw and find the marks on the engine. This is 0, 5 and 10 degrees. On the rim of the crankshaft pulley there is a similar layout. We now set the ignition.

After all these operations we take a specialthe device is a stroboscope. With his help we make adjustments. But since this tool is working from the mains, it must be connected to the battery wire first. The hose of the vacuum-corrector in this case should be silenced. Now we start the engine and wait until the idle turns become stable. After that, we loosen the mount of the trambler a bit (in order to turn it further). Further we direct a stroboscope on the marking, which is on the engine and on the division of 5 degrees, we set the ignition value for the 92nd gasoline. If you have a VAZ of the "tenth family", then set the gap to 0 degrees. It is designed to consume gasoline with an octane rating of 95 or more. After performing all these manipulations do not forget to screw back the latch. Well, at this stage, the question "how to set the ignition (at VAZ 2104 including) using a strobe can be considered closed.

put the ignition on the VAZ 2110
In the photo on the right you can see the strobe in action. Below we will consider how to set the ignition of VAZ 2111-2106 without a stroboscope.

If you did not have the mentionedyou can replace it with a 12-volt lamp. You will also need several wires. In the same way as described above, you will need to scroll the crankshaft to place the required marks. Then one wire from the lamp should be connected to the coil of the trambler. The second wire will be our "mass".

We need to turn on the ignition.To do this, loosen the wire again. Next, find the position in which the voltmeter will show the average values. In this case, it is unacceptable that the lamp goes out or the light is too bright. Then, fix the bolt back and put the trampler back in place. Remember that the screw must be loosened by no more than 2 turns.

In principle, all of the above methodslead to the same result. And whatever of them you did not use, all the same, you will have the ignition adjusted. The differences between the procedures are not very significant, however, like the design of the VAZs of the "tenth" family or the same "classics". Therefore, all methods of adjusting the ignition key can be used for almost any model, from the legendary Kopeyka to Lada Priora.

Go ahead.How to set the ignition (VAZ 2115 is no exception), we have already found out. But did this really affect the engine? How correctly the gaps were exposed, we learn on the go of the machine. To do this, warm the VAZ engine to operating temperature of 85 degrees Celsius (when the arrow is in the green scale) and find an even and straight section of the road.

A peculiar test drive

put the ignition on VAZ 2104

After the internal combustion engineheated up to the necessary temperature, we leave on a line and we are dispersed to 50 kilometers per hour. At the same time it is necessary to switch to the fourth gear and sharply push the gas pedal to the floor. If at that time you heard quiet and short tapping, you can rejoice: this indicates that you have correctly set the ignition. In this case, twist the cap of the trambler clockwise, and safely drive wherever your soul desires, at any distance. By the way, for the VAZ family of "classics" it's enough to accelerate up to 40 kilometers per hour and switch to the fourth gear.

In continuation of the knock ...In the event that you feel loud and characteristic sounds during the sudden pressure of gas in the floor, you know, this indicates that all the adjustment is not done correctly. This is also evidenced by such signs as engine overheating, power drop or increased consumption of gasoline. Consequently, we again return to the question of how to put the ignition VAZ 2108-21099.

how to put the ignition VAZ 2103
Unfortunately, all possible solutionsproblems we have already considered. But do not get upset, because even from a desperate situation, you can always find a way out. So, what to do if the work was done incorrectly? In principle, the only correct solution will be to contact the service station. Qualified and experienced masters quickly and efficiently will be able to set the ignition (on VAZ 2104 and on any other model). By the way, such a service will cost you quite inexpensively, of the order of several hundred rubles.


Now you know exactly how to set the ignitionVAZ 2108-21099 (with your own hands, by the way). Regarding the methods and methods of the mentioned adjustment, one thing is worth mentioning: the final result of all the works performed will be the same. Therefore, there are simply no fundamental differences between what type of option will be chosen for adjusting the car's ignition. The only thing worth paying attention to is that with the use of a strobe to expose the necessary clearance is much easier. Well, of course, without a feeler here you will not do anything.

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