Ignition module VAZ-2114: features and characteristics


Each of us knows that to ignitefuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber, a spark is needed. The latter is formed just by the work of the ignition system. Its design on different cars has some differences, but its main principle of operation remains unchanged. And today we will talk about how to test the ignition module VAZ-2114, as well as how to make its replacement with their own hands.

ignition module VAZ 2114


This element of the car is aA complex electrotechnical device whose main purpose is to generate a high-voltage current and transmit it to a candle. In total, two types of modules are used on cars: one with a single coil for each candle (separate) or one for two (block). Module ignition VAZ (2114th "Lada") - block type. Such elements include a two-screw coil. The design of this part assumes the following components:

  • Low voltage terminals.
  • High voltage output.
  • The iron plate-shaped core.
  • Primary and secondary winding.

Single-spark analogues have a slightly different design, which includes:

  • Core.
  • High-voltage connections through a spring contact.
  • A candle.
  • External terminal for low voltage.
  • Secondary and primary winding.

Unlike single-spark, such coils are lighterMounted due to their special (block) design, which has a common housing. Despite the fact that there are several such elements in the unit, they all work as independent devices. This design makes it possible to apply a shortened conductor, which goes to the primary winding of the mechanism.

Ignition module VAZ-2114 - malfunctions

About the malfunctioning of this system can be judgedon the following grounds. First, the coil malfunctions can be said to fail when dialing the speed of the car. Secondly, it can manifest itself in a significant loss of power of the machine, as well as in the "floating" idle engine speed. And thirdly, non-working 1-4 or 2-3 cylinders signal irregular operation.

It should be noted that such symptoms are veryoften occur due to faulty DMRV, or the idle speed regulator. Therefore, first of all we look at their performance, and then we diagnose the ignition module.

VAZ-2114: where is this part located?

On cars of the Lada Samara-2 family this element is placed in the engine compartment.

replacement of ignition module VAZ 2114
The easiest way to find it is to find high-voltage wires. One end of them reaches for the candles, and the second goes to the ignition module itself.

How to diagnose the module operation?

Checking the ignition module (VAZ-2114 "Samara-2")for operation is performed in this order. First, take out the negative battery terminal and then take out the wiring from the coil mechanism. Further we unscrew all screws and bolts that fasten the body of the element. Further all works (as before) are made with the engine switched off. We disconnect the assembly of the module, using a multimeter to measure the level of the total resistance between the terminals of the contact connector. Then we compare the results with the table norms, which are specified in the instruction manual. If the data obtained is significantly different from the table data, the circuit is short-circuited and the coil is faulty.

how to check the ignition module VAZ 2114

After installing the continuity of the wires, you canbegin to diagnose the secondary circuit ICE - the measurement of the resistance level between the ignition terminals. Based on the results of the measurements, we draw conclusions, and if the fault is hidden in the coil, then the module must be completely replaced. There are no other solutions to this problem.

How to replace the device yourself? Instruments

To begin with, we need to prepare a set ofkeys, which we will use. During the work on removing and installing the ignition module, we need two 13 and 17 millimeter wrench keys, as well as one car key for "10". The latter we need in order to remove the terminal from the battery. In addition, you should prepare a hexagon for "5". With the help of the latter we will release the ignition module from the holder during dismantling.

Part removal process

So, how is the ignition module replaced?VAZ 2114th Lada? First you need to de-energize the vehicle's on-board network. For this, as in the previous case, we remove the negative terminal with the battery (if it has not been removed before). Next, you need to remove the engine's trim plate. This can be done by removing the oil filler cap. It should be noted that this operation is used only by VAZ owners with a 1.6-liter engine. Half-liter "Samara" is not equipped with a similar engine cover.

ignition module VAZ 2114 malfunction
In the next step, remove thewires and high-voltage wires. Using a key on 13, unscrew the two mounting bolts of the crankcase of the engine, with the horn on 17 unscrew the last fastening of the module. Further this detail is quietly extracted from the engine compartment to the outside. The module itself is released from the holder by means of a hexagon on 5 millimeters.


Before installing a new element in the machine,It is necessary to connect the high-voltage wires in advance according to the scheme of the module. Also you need to pay attention to the quality of fasteners - excess oxidation and dirt are thoroughly cleaned at the ends at the junctions.

connection of ignition module VAZ 2114
Further, the ignition module VAZ 2114-th "Lada" can beboldly set on a regular place. Assemble the element in the reverse order. After the ignition module has been connected, the VAZ-2114 needs to be started and checked for proper functioning of the parts. If all of the above symptoms of malfunction have disappeared, then you did everything right.


So, we found out what the ignition module is andhow to replace it with your own. Finally, we note that when connecting it is important to monitor the correct connection of the entire wiring contour, since with the slightest error it will be impossible to guarantee the operability of the details of this system.

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