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MAZ-241 is a Belarusian busFor urban use, which is used to transport passengers on medium-duty routes. The modification is intended for internal use, inter-city trips, tourist movements and personal traveling orders.

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General information

The bus has a diesel power unitCummins ISF3.8 S with four cylinders. The engine meets the requirements of the environmental standard at the level of "Euro-4", is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox. At each dependent air suspension with a pair of cylinders, there are two telescopic shock absorbers.

The bus MAZ-241 is equipped with a brake unit withprotection from slipping and locking. Equipping with individual blower panel devices, fans fixed on the roof ceiling and in the hatch of the vehicle, contributes to the creation of the most acceptable climatic conditions.

The objective pluses of the bus MAZ-241panoramic glazing that guarantees excellent visibility, as well as an upgraded dashboard and a convenient system for accommodating luggage compartments. For the spare wheel is equipped with a special closed compartment, protected from below. Additionally, the ease of removing the reserve provides a practical roller mechanism. The capacity of the bus is 36 people, while there are 22 seats in it.

 bus maz 241

Main technical characteristics

Below are the main design features and technical indicators that the MAZ-555102-241 bus has:

  • The maximum speed indicator (km / h) is 105.
  • External turning radius (m) - 9.
  • Wheel base (m) - 3.84.
  • Length / width / height (m) - 6.79 / 2.55 / 2.94.
  • The type and size of the tires is 245 / 70R19.5 ".
  • Brake system - disk unit with ABS, rear elements - drum type, there is ventilation.
  • Bridges: The leading front is equipped with a central reducer of conical type, rear - standard.
  • Suspension: front - pneumatics with a pair of cylinders, in the middle - dependent springs, rear - balloon type with two telescopes.
  • Gearbox - mechanics, six steps (Feast Gear 6j70T).
  • Power plant - Cummins ISF, 8S (EURO-4).

In addition, the bus is equipped with a luggage compartment capacity of 0.7 cubic meters. meter and a fuel tank with a capacity of 190 liters.

Other data

MAZ-241, the technical characteristics of the main plan of which are presented above, has such additional indicators:

  • The maximum load maintained by the front / middle / rear axle (t) is 4.1 / 5.2 / 5.3.
  • Scheduled passenger capacity (sitting / standing) - 22/35 people.
  • Track front / back (m) - 2,1 / 1,9.
  • Clearance (cm) - 14.2.
  • The torque of the motor is 1300-1700 rpm.
  • Cooling is liquid.
  • Presence of turbo - is.
  • The volume of the power plant (cubic cm) is 3760.
  • The compression ratio in the combustion chamber is 17.2.
  • Features of the engine - the piston unit is located in a row, works on diesel fuel, has an injection system of injection.

маз 241 photo

Salon equipment

The vehicle of small category МАЗ-241 is intended for various types of passenger transportation. The machine has a length of 6800 mm, equipped with 22 comfortable seats.

The main ventilation in the cabin is made throughhatch, opening window, and also forced using fans. To maintain the appropriate microclimatic conditions, the distributed personal ventilation design for passengers has been introduced.

The driver's seat is adjustable in severalpositions, has a memory of positions for different drivers. The updated control panel corresponds to ergonomic and design requirements of the present. The steering column is a well-designed construction that prevents the possibility of injury in an unusual situation.

What is worth noting?

Bus MAZ-241, photo of which is presented below, has a number of advantages in comparison with similar models.

This modification is made in a compactperformance, in addition, developed an extended version. In the vehicle there is a significant area of ​​the glazing of the passenger compartment, there is a spherical windshield. The visibility, as the owners of this equipment note in their responses, meets the main purpose of technology, namely the service of tourist groups when viewing various sights. The machine has an impressive width. Harmoniously complement the general picture is the main homophocal optics and rear multicomponent light elements.

Entrance door - in the singular, through itcome the driver and passengers. It's bad or good, it's hard to say unequivocally. Interior of the interior is decorated in light colors, which creates the impression of spaciousness and comfort.

Comfortable passenger seats are madeGerman company Vogel Sitze. Armchairs are placed according to the classical version, not including the first single seat (for a guide or conductor). It is deployed at right angles to the rest of the passengers and faces the driver.

маз 241 technical characteristics

Complete variants

MAZ-241 model line of buses containsvarious configurations, which are indicated by adding some symbols after the common name of the vehicle. Next, consider the brief characteristics of each of the modifications.

Variations MAZ-241030 is equipped with a Cummins engine with a capacity of 170 horsepower, an automatic transmission unit from Fast Gear with a six-speed gearbox.

The bus under the index 241S30 is a model for those,who value comfort. Designers have provided all the necessary details so that traveling in such a vehicle was really convenient for both passengers and the driver.

 maz 555102 241

Comparison with the closest competitor

If you compare buses MAZ-241 and PAZ-320412,it can be noted that these machines have significant differences. The Belarusian model has a soft move, it has a carrying body, and the PAZ is simple and reliable, but less comfortable.

According to its MAZ dimensions, it is possiblecompare with the smallest "pazovskoy" model. The presented version of the body on the internal equipment does not yet pull on the inter-city car. In addition, the PAZ suspension without pneumatic elements. The defining moment in choosing the main competitor for a comparative test drive was similar internal design.

MAZ has a more modern design. This applies to both the exterior and interior equipment. An expressive belt line made of plastic, a panoramic windshield, a specific glazing of the aquarium type - all these are successful solutions of the developers, perfectly implemented in the bus in question. At first glance, it seems that the machine is slightly flattened at the top. This effect is achieved due to the proportions of the bus. Its width is 2.55 m, while it has a low landing of the bearing body element, whose height is only 2.78 m.

маз 241 reviews


The buyers highly appreciated the MAZ-241 bus. The testimonies testify that the "kid" turned out to be glory. This proves the fact that domestic designers and designers are quite capable of creating both high-quality and beautiful machines. All elements of the exterior and interior equipment of this bus are made practical, taking into account the convenience and ergonomics.

This vehicle is widely used in the post-Soviet space - both within the regions, both for long-distance traffic and in the corporate segment.

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