Popular Infiniti sedans and their technical characteristics


Infiniti is a Japanese carmanufacturer, owned by the famous company Nissan Motor. This division is engaged in the production of elite and expensive models. But all their cars are built on the basis of Nissan cars. In the main, Infiniti produces off-road models. Its crossovers really enjoy a lot of popularity. However, the Infiniti sedans are also good in their own way, even if there are not so many of them in the model line. And they should also be told about them.

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G35: Design

Start story about sedans "Infiniti", photowhich are provided below, stands with this model. Her debut took place in 2002, and she is an analogue of the famous Nissan Skyline. True, this model was also produced with a coupe. A bright feature of the machine is its design. Sports, dynamic - everything in it attracts attention. This is a high and short trunk line, an arched roof, an elongated bonnet, expressive body lines. In 2005, the exterior was slightly transformed. The model received an updated hood, radiator grille, wheels, optics and headlights. And in 2007 the world saw a completely different sedan. The G35 was positioned by the developers as a flagship. And they believed that he would become the main competitor of the BMW 5 Series.


Attractive design, comfortable interior andan impressive engine - that's how the Infiniti sedans differ. Technical characteristics of the G35 are really impressive. The very first models were offered with a 263-horsepower 3.5-liter engine that could run both mechanics and the automaton. Then, after the modernization in the mid-2000s, the power was increased to 277 liters. from. The volume remained the same. With the improved engine, the G35 could accelerate to "hundreds" in just 6.1 seconds.

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This model was presented to the public in2013 in Detroit. Interestingly, the Q50 is the first car of the brand, which was created by the alliance Renault-Nissan together with the concern Daimler. The predecessor of this model was a machine known as the G37. These sedans "Infiniti" are built on the same platform. True, for the Q50 it was modernized. Also changed the characteristics of springs, shock absorbers, made the subframes more rigid. There were two options - with a full and rear drive. In the first case, the model was equipped with the Intelligent AWD transmission.

In the image of this model, designers combinedtrends of the past and new principles of style. It can be seen that some of the developers took over from such concept cars as Essence, Emerge-E and Etherea. But the most striking features - this is the original shape of headlights, LED front optics, a powerful radiator grille and double exhaust pipes.

What about the interior? Sedans of Infiniti are premium cars. Inside, they look just as impressive as outside. The main highlight of the salon is the interface of the communication system, known as Infiniti InTouch. The control is divided into two touch screens located one above the other. The bottom was placed on the screen by 7 inches, and on the top by 8. The large display is responsible for the car settings and navigation. The bottom performs multimedia functions.

Infiniti sedans lineup


Of course, all Infiniti sedans are differentvery practical, ergonomic and comfortable interior, inside of which there is everything that can only be needed - starting with adjustable seats in 8 directions, the development of which involved the NASA specialists themselves, ending with the ventilation deflectors for passengers. But it is more important to tell about technical characteristics.

There are several variants of the model. The first is a car with a 328-horsepower 3.7-liter engine under the hood. And the second - a car with a hybrid power plant, the total capacity of which is 355 liters. from. Each model is equipped with a 7-speed automatic. The maximum speed is 250 km / h, and the "hundreds" car reaches in 5 seconds. By the way, for European buyers a version with a 2.1-liter diesel 170-horsepower engine was created. This car is weaker than the above, since its speed limit is 230 km / h. And up to "hundred" it is accelerated in 8.5 seconds. But this model is offered with 6-speed mechanics.

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Q70: about the model

In 2014 new "Infiniti" began to appear(sedans). The model range has expanded with a car like the Q70. Appearance, as always, is beyond praise. And the interior is also designed in an elegant and solid design. Inside there is a unique atmosphere of coziness and luxury, thanks to the abundance of soft panels and a high level of equipment. Everything is finished with high-quality leather and Japanese ash. And as decorations are decorative inserts of aluminum.

7-inch display driver can nowto operate by means of the keyboard. Another novelty of 2014 pleases with comfortable seats, equipped with pronounced lateral support, heating and electrical adjustments. In the maximum configuration, even ventilation for the seats is offered. By the way, all sedans "Infiniti", photos of which are provided, are quite capacious luggage. This model, for example, can accept 500 liters of cargo. For an elite sedan this is quite a good indicator.

 sedans Infiniti specifications

What's under the hood?

The Q70 is offered with three different gasolineengines. The basic unit is a 2.5-liter 222-hp motor, thanks to which the car reaches "hundreds" in 9.2 seconds. The maximum speed is 231 km / h. By the way, this car consumes not so much - 13.3 liters of fuel per 100 city kilometers. When driving on the highway, only 8 liters leave. The other two engines are mounted on all-wheel drive models. One of them produces a power of 333 horsepower (the volume is 3.7 liters). Thanks to this motor, the car accelerates to 246 km / h. By the way, the mark in 100 km / h the shooter reaches 6.3 seconds after the start. This model consumes more - 15.3 liters in the city and 8.5 along the highway.

And, finally, the last engine: 5.6-liter, 408-strong. With it, the car accelerates to "hundreds" in 5.3 seconds. And its high-speed maximum is 250 km / h. True, this engine requires about 18.7 liters of fuel per 100 km in the city. In general, these three models are the brightest representatives of the sedan class from the Infiniti concern. Every car is different. Looking at all the cars listed above, you could see for yourself.

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