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The internal combustion engine is stableonly under certain thermal conditions. Too low a temperature leads to rapid wear, and an excessively high temperature can cause irreversible effects until the pistons in the cylinders get stuck. Excess heat from the power unit is diverted by the cooling system, which can be liquid or air.

cooling system connections

They have a different device, while the secondThe design is much easier to manufacture and operate. But in modern cars it is used extremely rarely due to its features and disadvantages. The first scheme has found wide application in the automotive industry. The nozzles of the liquid-type cooling system function as pipelines through which water or antifreeze is circulated.

Composition of cooling system equipment

When manufacturing the cylinder block and its headwalls are made double. The space between the inner and outer surfaces is called the cooling jacket. To transfer excess heat to the atmosphere in the system, there is a radiator, which is installed in the front part and is blown by the incoming air flow. If there is insufficient pressure, a fan is activated, which may have a mechanical or electric drive.

 cooling system nozzle set

To create and maintain circulation of liquid inthe pump is inserted. The pipes of the cooling system interconnect all of its elements. There is also a device in the system called the thermostat, its function is to maintain the coolant temperature within the specified limits. When heated, the antifreeze begins to increase in volume, to compensate for this phenomenon, an expansion tank is introduced into the structure.

The pipes of the cooling system are also connectedwith one additional device. It is a question of the heater of the car's interior, or as it is customary to call it in common speech with a stove. This, in fact, is another radiator, only the heat removed from the engine is spent more rationally to maintain a comfortable thermal regime in the car's interior.

Individual parts of the system

Most of the responsible nodes and mechanismsThe engine is made of ferrous or non-ferrous metals, some of them are made of polymers. To ensure the same connection between the elements on the operating power unit and relatively stationary body they are unsuitable. Requires materials that do not transmit vibration and excessive load. Hoses of the cooling system are made of rubber reinforced with strong threads.

nipples of cooling system vases 2107

Set of nozzles of cooling systemis a high-tech product. The material from which it is made is subject to special requirements. First of all, hoses should have high mechanical strength and resistance to aggressive attack of aggressive chemical compounds. The antifreeze heated to a temperature of 90-105 ° C is capable of destroying many materials.

In addition, the nozzles should be sufficientelastic to compensate for the mutual movement of the engine and body. In this case, they should not transmit vibration to the body from the operating power unit. Instead of natural or artificial rubber, synthetic materials are increasingly being used. One of the most promising is silicone.

Maintenance of the system

Reliability and smooth operation of the engine, itsaggregates and assemblies is achieved largely due to the established service. Maintenance of the cooling system is the timely filling of the antifreeze in the expansion tank. However, the fluid loses its characteristics over time and needs to be replaced. This procedure, as a rule, is carried out through 50-100 thousand km of run (or after a certain period) and is accompanied by the washing of shirts and radiators.

silicone nipples cooling system

Replacement of the nozzles of the cooling system with a plannedmaintenance is carried out only if necessary. For example, if there is a leakage of coolant through fistulas in the hoses. Most damage to the nozzles occurs in the area of ​​their connection with the inlet nodes or under the metal clamps. These parts provide a tight contact between the metal and the hose material.

Preparation for repair and restoration works

Replacement of damaged flexible piping is betterproduce in a suitable room: a garage with a inspection pit or a repair box with a lift. The process begins with the engine turning off, after which it is necessary to wait a while for it to cool down to an acceptable temperature. The machine must be placed ahead of the pit or on the lift in advance in order to provide access to the units and assemblies from below.

Carefully open the cover of the expansion tank.Now loosen the yoke at the lowest point and try to undock, which is not always possible due to the boiling of the material. In particular, the nozzles of the cooling system (VAZ-2107 is an example) often have to be simply cut. The liquid is drained into a pre-prepared container with a wide mouth.

Some subtleties when replacing individual parts of the cooling system

For repairs, we will need newdetails, they can be purchased on a free sale - there is no shortage. For rare models of cars, analogues are selected, which are the most appropriate in size and shape. However, you can order original spare parts from authorized dealers. There is a sense in place of rubber hoses silicone pipes of the cooling system, the performance of which is much higher.

replacement of cooling system connections

The hoses are installed on dry andcleaned from contamination. Then the antifreeze is poured and the tightness test is performed first on the engine off and then on the engine. Qualitative nozzles of the cooling system with proper installation do not need any additional measures for sealing.

Original spare parts guarantee long-term operation of the power unit without any complaints and problems.

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