Alarm Starline A91: autostart how to turn on? Car alarm: manual, reviews


Each vehicle owner acceptsall the necessary measures to protect your car from theft, burglary or other unforeseen troubles. Domestic drivers of different brands of cars have long known the alarm system Starline A91. How to enable autorun and use other useful features will help to understand the advice of experts.

Computer support of the system was created onbased on the latest scientific developments in the field of signal coding. Thanks to this, information is exchanged according to a particular type. This approach eliminates the possibility of hacking the system. Application for managing two-way communication between the keyfob and the on-board computer makes the operation of the equipment comfortable and simple.

Characteristics of the system

Signaling "Starlight A91" has in its system the function of autorun. It is designed for different types of cars. The price of signaling Starline A91 is about 8,5 thousand rubles.

The system has a two-way communication type of the computer andkey fob control. The signal range is 1800 m on the terrain without obstacles. If there are trees, buildings and other barriers between the machine and the keyfob, this figure is almost 2 times lower.

Alarm Starline a91 autostart as included

The encoding follows a dynamic principle. The system notifies the owner of various changes in the state of the car by sound and vibration. The equipment can be installed on a car with a diesel, gasoline, turbocharged engine. The transmission can be any.

terms of Use

According to users and professionalauto mechanics, the price of signaling Starline A91 is quite acceptable. The quality of the equipment is recognized as high, but in order for the system to perform its functions fully, it is necessary to pay special attention to its installation and programming.

Alarm Trigger Starline a91

Experienced experts say that the installation of allThe elements of the car alarm must be performed by professional mechanics. Only in a specialized service center the whole process is performed correctly. The signaling in this case is given a guarantee. If the user himself makes the installation of the system, he can make mistakes. This will affect the security qualities.

The encoding of the signal can not be hacked. It is transmitted over a 128-channel radio link. The onboard computer has more than 60 programs. The electrical system must support a voltage of 12V. The equipment operates correctly at an ambient temperature of +85 to -45 ° C. This is a reliable, resistant to unfavorable conditions equipment.

Expert Reviews

To ensure the right conditionsthe system recommends that experts carefully study the Starline A91 signaling instruction. In this case, all its elements will work seamlessly and reliably. The breakdown of the equipment presented is extremely rare. The operation of the system is recognized as durable and effective.

Alarm system Starline a91 price

If necessary, you can change theproduction program. You can control the settings with the key fobs that come with the package. The first console has a liquid crystal display - it is considered the main one. With its help you can evaluate the state of all machine systems. The second keychain (optional) does not have a screen, only the buttons control.

The program is fully Russified. Using a key ring is easy. In addition, you can add 2 more key fobs to the system memory. In total, the computer remembers 4 consoles. With their help, all functions are managed. Alarm Starline A91, reviews about which are exceptionally positive, are recognized as reliable and easy to manage.


The alarm system Starline A91 allowscustomize any program. To do this, it is recommended to use the remote with the screen. However, with the help of a button device, you can control most of the car's functions.

Starline a91 alarms how to enable autoplay

The main keychain has three buttons. If several control panels with a display are attached to the control unit, information about the settings changes will be displayed on the one from which the command was sent to the computer.

To get started, you need to readinstructions for signaling the Starline A91. This will avoid troubles in the management of its functions. Then the battery is installed in the device (it comes with the equipment). After that, you can perform the necessary settings for the operation of the equipment.

Safety regulations

Before making the Starline A91 signaling settings, you should review the safety rules. They are specified by the equipment manufacturer and clearly stated in the instructions.

Signaling with autostart Starline a91

To ensure a high radio rangethe vehicle must be left in the open. The review should not cover trees, foreign objects and structures. The machine must be installed on the handbrake. If it has a manual transmission, the transmission is put into neutral position. For the automatic box, you must set the PARK mode.

When performing the configuration and managementthe car must be in good working order. It should have a sufficient level of lubrication and fuel. When you turn on the autorun in the immediate vicinity of the car should not be people, animals or foreign objects. Keep the key fobs out of the reach of children. People who are not familiar with the rules for using alarms should not use the remote control.

Remote control buttons

Trinket alarm Starline A91, as already mentioned above, has three buttons. When you press them or select a specific combination, you can set the desired mode of operation of the equipment.

Starline a91 signal settings

The first button is the inclusion of commandsprograms. To do this, press the button once. If it is held for a while, the motor will start or stop. The protection mode is also activated by the first button. For this, the engine must be switched on. When you press and hold the first button for 3 seconds, the arming mode will be activated.

With the second button you can change the position of the cursor on the screen. For this, she is pressed quickly several times. When the second button is held for a long time, the trunk opens.

The third button also moves the cursor around the screenkeyring. With its help, turn off the warning signals of the timer, alarm clock. When the third button is pressed for a long time, the time indicators are set, as well as the energy-saving mode.

Binding of key rings

Alarm system with autostart Starline A91 canto require that key fobs be stored in the computer's memory. It is recommended to do this when buying a used car on which the system was previously installed. Also, in some cases, the system may stop responding to the console commands. In this case, you will need to bind them.

Car Alarm Starline a91

First you need to stop the motor. Next, using the instructions, we find the button for Valet settings. We press it seven times. Then the user turns on the ignition. After that, 7 beeps should sound. This indicates that the system has entered the setup mode. The previous settings are automatically lost.

The third and second buttons of the key fob at the same timeclamped. If the driver hears a beep, it means that the activation of the remote control has been successful. The same technology binds the other key fobs. The interval between settings should not exceed 5 seconds. Then the ignition is switched off. If the procedure is successful, the parking lights will light up 5 times.

Time setting

After a thorough study of the instruction of manydrivers can stay the question: how to enable the Starline A91 autostart alarm? The fact that the manual can be very confusing and difficult to perceive. In this case, the recommendations of experienced specialists will help.

Professional mechanics recommend beforeset the autorun setting the system time. This procedure is performed in the presence of a key fob with a screen. Time programming takes place according to a simple scheme.

First press the third button on the remote control. The clock symbol flashes on the screen. If you press the first button, the number of hours will decrease. Increase the figure will help the second button. Then the correct minutes are set. The procedure is similar. After setting the time, you can use various additional functions.

Autostart by time

To understand how to enable autorunalarm system Starline A91, it is necessary to listen to the advice of professional auto mechanics. This is an important function that increases the comfort of driving a vehicle. Using the keyfob, the parameters of this function are set.

It is possible to start the engine ondistance, extend its work or configure it to automatically start on the timer. The motor can be switched on at regular intervals. Depending on the operating conditions, the interval can be 2, 3, 4 hours or 24 hours.

To set the start interval of the motor,Press and hold the third button. First, the key ring will emit one beep. You can not release the button. Then the second signal will sound. The button needs to be released. By briefly pressing the cursor moves to the corresponding icon resembling a fan. Then the first button is briefly pressed. After 10 seconds the mode will be activated.

Autostart by temperature

Car alarm Starline A91 can runmotor temperature. It measures a special sensor. When a certain temperature is reached, the engine for warming up will be started at the place of its installation. The start can take place at a temperature of -25, -10, -18, -5º C. Warming up can last 5 or 10 minutes.

Autostart by temperature is activated bypressing the third button. When the second beep sounds, select the third icon in the row. When it is activated, the temperature will appear on the clock. The icon on the display will be dark. This indicates the activation of the autorun mode.

The temperature of the trigger will be the same as itsprogrammed by the manufacturer. When the system is connected to a car service, this indicator can be changed. The time and temperature parameters are set by the mechanic, who sets and adjusts the operation of the on-board computer.

Customer Reviews

Car alarm "Starline A91" is recognizedeffective and reliable system among domestic consumers. There is a low level of false positives. Equipment breakdowns are rare. If the Starline A91 alarm does not work, the cause may be incorrect installation or configuration of the system.

False activation of the siren can be caused byhigh sensitivity of the sensor. This parameter must be properly configured. Sometimes the system unit does not perceive the signals of the keyfobs, in this case they need to be tied again to the on-board computer.

Having understood what the Starline A91 alarm system is like, how to enable autorun and configure the basic functions, each user will be able to fully operate the presented system.

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