Accessories and tuning "Mitsubishi Outlander 3" (Mitsubishi Outlander)


Mitsubishi Outlander 3 tuning is an installationan improved set of spare parts and accessories to improve the performance of the car, as well as improved aerodynamics, streamlining, power qualities and appearance of the vehicle. In Japan, it is commonly believed that the Mitsubishi Outlander finalization includes the installation of additional small attributes that are not included in the standard equipment of the vehicle.

tuning Mitsubishi Outlander 3

Outdoor tuning

Outdoor tuning "Mitsubishi Outlander 3" isinstallation of aerodynamic body kit. They are designed to improve the streamlining, as well as the beauty of the car. Professional tuning shops use spare parts that are developed by well-known manufacturers such as JP, WAP, UTC, Ishimo and others.

To external tuning it is necessary to carry the following details:

  • Front and rear bumper.
  • Radiator grille.
  • Hood deflectors.
  • Thresholds.
  • Chrome-aluminum thresholds.
  • Rear window spoiler.
  • Headlights and lights.
  • Glass.
  • Painting and airbrushing.
  • Body extensions.
  • Off-road kit.

Bumper "Mitsubishi Outlander 3" is the first stageimprove the aerodynamic qualities of the car. As a rule, it is changed by a set - front and rear. If the security element is manufactured by a well-known world manufacturer, the fastenings are of a regular nature. That is, the part is fixed to standard bases, without installing or manufacturing additional ones. Thresholds are usually included with bumpers, because they are made in the same style. This is done in order not to disturb the harmony and beauty of the whole set of skirts.

Tuning lights «Mitsubishi Outlander 3»are installed on standard seats - instead of regular ones. The main manufacturers in the market in this category are the companies JP and Wirx. In this case, not only the appearance of the optics changes, but also the quality indicators. So, the lights from Japan Power shine on, and the special design allows the driver not to blind the oncoming car.

Wind and rear glass "Mitsubishi Outlander 3"often just go through a tint. This type of tuning is prohibited in many countries. But car owners stubbornly do it. Of course, the prohibition is connected first of all with traffic safety. Although with the development of modern technology, even toning can be safe. The company JRC has produced a number of glasses for Japanese cars that protect from sunlight. They have a tint, but at the same time the light-passing qualities correspond to international standards.

mitsubishi outlander

Tuning of salon

The tuning of Mitsubishi Outlandera dashboard dashboard, the replacement of seats with sports or with leather material, the reworking of the luggage compartment, the installation of noise and vibration isolation, the replacement of the interior lighting. So, in 2014, the studio Vortex produced tuning "Mitsubisi Outlander 3" in the salon part. They completely replaced the carpet, overstretched the seats and the ceiling, replaced the interior lighting, installed a number of accessories in the cabin and the luggage compartment. Later, the manufacturer himself admitted that this is the best option for tuning the car, which they saw.

Mitsubishi Outlander 3 lights

Tuning of running gear

Tuning chassis and suspension is aimed atImprovement of dynamic qualities, adhesion to the road surface, control of the car at high speed. He also means decorating the car. For this, various disks can be installed on the Mitsubishi Outlander 3. The most effective are chromed and nickel-plated, but they are more expensive than other options.

bumper Mitsubishi Outlander 3

Off-road tuning

To off-road tuning Mitsubishi Outlander 3can be attributed the installation of a winch, a set of dodgers, which are designed to protect the body of the car, mounting the trunk on the roof, stairs - on the tailgate. In addition, the work involves increasing the suspension and improving it by replacing the air filter. All these details are produced only by companies specializing in the development and production of modified spare parts.

A complete set of off-road tuning for"Mitsubishi Outlander" represents only one manufacturer - Racing Japan S. In the CIS countries such a modification is not massively supplied, and in Japan and the United States the cost is 4,200 dollars. Of course, if you go to specialized tuning shops, you can get such a kit. But the price will be higher.

Accessories for Outlander 3

Accessories for "Outlander 3" can be attributeda lot of spare parts: roof rails, door covers, transparent headlamps and engine protection, saloon and luggage compartment covers, cabin curtains, mud flaps, chrome handle pads, speakers, GPS modules and other parts that are not standard and tuned .

curtains Mitsubishi outlander 3

Installation of outdoor accessories

When a consumer buys a car, hetries to maximally improve it for the comfort of the driver and passengers. So, in car dealers first of all the client is offered to install standard outdoor accessories:

  • Lower motor protection. It not only protects against water and ice, but also takes on the kinetics of the impact, if the machine strikes a solid object (stone or stump).
  • Mud flaps. Set to ensure that in bad weather conditions when driving and turning the wheels, dirty water and swamp do not get on the doors and thresholds. This is to ensure that the driver and passengers do not stain clothing when leaving the car.
  • Glass deflectors. Designed to close the top of the window to protect it from the rain. In this case, the passenger can open it a little to supply fresh air.
  • Chrome plated handle pads. They do not have practical value, but serve as decoration to emphasize the style.
  • Door and trunk lining. They are also a decoration. Practical benefits are not borne.

Varieties of interior accessories

Interior accessories, like exterior parts, are available when buying a car. Or they are purchased in shops or in automobile markets separately.

discs on the Mitsubishi outlander 3

Curtain "Mitsubis Outlander 3" is an accessory,which should additionally protect from the sunlight salon, as well as give a unique style to the interior. The color is selected according to the upholstery and decoration. There are several types of curtains: a practical model for full protection from the sun and a decorative option.

Baggage pockets are specially designedgloves, which are executed in the form of a grid. They can easily put various accessories, which can be required on the road. As for the rugs, an additional interior accessory is offered to install additional rubber coatings that are easily removed and cleaned. They are designed to accumulate dirt, dust, water and snow that the driver and passengers bring to the passenger compartment. They protect the coating from moisture, which it can destroy.

Seat Covers - designed toprotect the material from rubbing and damage. There are several options for this accessory for Mitsubishi Outlander 3: conventional, made of synthetic material, leather and leather. Of course, the most popular are the models from ordinary fabric, because they are tough enough. In addition, they are inexpensive compared to other options.

Mitsubishi glass outlander 3

We work independently!

With my own handsome tuning "Mitsubishi Outlander 3"hold real, but difficult. This is connected primarily with knowledge of design features that are quite complex. Thus, the manufacture of modified spare parts for exterior garments requires special knowledge and calculations. Of course, some motorists practiced the manufacture and installation of tuning parts made by themselves. But it looked ugly. In addition, such details were impractical, because their functions were not carried out by the body.

So, it remains to be attributed to the tuning producedwith their own hands, only the installation of already manufactured professional spare parts. At the same time, it is done quite easily, since the landing fixtures of such parts are standard and are mounted on standard fasteners. As an option, the tuning with their own hands can be attributed to drawing and inscriptions on the body, the installation of cilia headlights, installation of acoustics and other works that do not require special skills and abilities.

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