Backlight salon and tuning by yourself


Most car owners want to dohis pet is individual and stylish. One of the elements that most often modify the beginning tuners is the interior lighting. Well-designed lighting can create a real cosiness in the cabin. You are completely free to choose the shade that you most like. LED interior lighting can be bold red, and can be more soothing (blue, green).

Interior lighting
The implementation of the improvement is due to theapplication of LEDs. Illumination of the cabin looks great, if instead of LEDs apply, for example, LED tape. Thanks to this decision, your car in the dark will be of extraordinary interest to others. The original interior lighting will be an excellent decoration for both a domestic car and a prestigious foreign car.

Installation locations for additional light sourcesare quite diverse. Most often tuners prefer to do illumination of legs, as well as instrument panels. Illumination of the cabin with their own hands is done very carefully and painstakingly. To begin with, you can replace all standard backlight lamps with colored LEDs. For reasons of ethics, the color scheme of the dashboard, buttons and footlights should be the same. But this is not the rule, especially for people who like to show imagination.

LED interior lighting
At your disposal can be the mostvarious colors, sizes, as well as brightness. If the color you are free to choose yourself, then about the size and brightness there is excellent advice. The interior lighting should be arranged with as small and bright LEDs as possible. A clear advantage of LED lamps is low power consumption, vibration resistance and a rare burnout. There is one "but"! Often, for their installation, it is required to drill small holes in the plastic of the cabin, which not everyone likes.

A wonderful alternative are LEDtape. It is best to use moisture-proof tape that is covered with silicone. Note that this coating protects against accidental mechanical damage.

Self-illumination of the cabin
Consider a minimal set of backlight elements,which you need to buy in advance. You will need LEDs or LED strip, wire (better 3-5 m), power button, electrical tape and a set for soldering. To achieve a more effective result, you can buy a special module that will allow you to adjust the brightness of the glow, control the program if your LEDs have a different color, and you can also buy a remote control backlight.

Installation must be carried out in accordance withthe following main points. The LED strip should be cut strictly in a certain place, and the ends of the conductor should be soldered to the positive and negative terminals. After that, remove the protective layer from the tape and glue it to the bottom of the front panel. It is best to find a place that will hide the existence of your refinement, but the light will spread unhindered. The last step is to connect the button to turn on the backlight and place the wiring under the lining or mats.

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