How to install the headlights on VAZ-2114


Domestic cars of VAZ brand alwaysare in great demand among our drivers. And there are good reasons for this - these machines have a fairly reasonable cost, as well as low maintenance costs. However, sooner or later motorists are faced with a situation where an iron friend requires minor repairs. To such cases it is possible to carry and replacement of a headlight on VAZ-2114.

headlights on VAZ 2114
Of course, you can use the service station,paying the service several hundred rubles, but why pay too much, if the same can be done independently? So, let's figure out how to choose and install the headlights on the VAZ-2114.

Brief instructions on the choice of headlights

Do not rush to immediately purchase standard headlights,because you have the opportunity to improve the light characteristics of the car. But the owners of domestic VAZ do not know firsthand how badly their dipped lights shine. Therefore, many motorists advise installing xenon instead of conventional halogen bulbs. Here it should be remembered that not always xenon can come directly to your car. It is best to install only those lamps on which the manufacturer has specified your brand and model of the car. Also, to improve the low beam, you can additionally install fog lights on the VAZ-2114.

Installation process

So, first you need to choose a place wherewill be replaced. The best option is a garage, and if it is not, you can replace the headlights on the VAZ-2114 and on the street. The main thing is that your car does not interfere with the movement of other cars. It is also worth remembering that the installation process should be carried out exclusively in dry weather.

fog lights on VAZ 2114

Put the car on a manual brake, switch offand disconnect the battery terminal on the battery. This is required so that you do not get electrocuted when connecting the wires. Then remove the decorative cover that covers the radiator. This part is often fastened to 4 bolts. Next, find a special screw, which is located under the plastic bumper and also unscrew it. After that, remove the screw that is located near the radiator (it connects our spare part to the bar). After that you will notice that the headlights on the VAZ-2114 will start moving a little - this is the sign that the spare part is completely freed from the fasteners.

Now you can safely remove the light device. But do not forget that the turn signals and headlights on the VAZ-2114 are closely interrelated, so it's strictly forbidden to separate them.

front lights on a vase 2114
So, we pass to the final stage - we removeall the wires. To do this, you need to remove 2 plugs that go to the turn signals and headlights of the head light, and to remove the hydro-corrector. On the back of the spare part you will see 4 more screws - they also need to be removed. Everything, at this stage, the disassembly of the headlights on the VAZ-2114 can be considered completed. The assembly is the same in the reverse order.

Useful advice: when performing all the procedures for assembling / disassembling, it is desirable to mark all untwisted bolts. This will save considerable time on installation.

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