BMW S1000RR sports bike: specifications, description, operation


BMW S1000RR sports bike attracts at onceattention is a record for the superbike engine volume. The liter engine turns it into a true conqueror of roads, which can also be followed by a race track, the intricacies of city streets, and even the rugged terrain. Released just 5 years ago and already received two updated versions, this motorcycle rightfully occupies a worthy place in the manufacturer's lineup.

BMW S1000RR in the family of sportbikes

The first release of this bike was released in 2009. Initially, the model was conceived as an advanced, powerful, requiring a driving skill. The sports bike BMW S1000RR not only allowed the owner to feel all the buzz from the ride, but also stressed its status.

sports bike bmw s1000rr

In addition to the serial version, there was developed andracing model on the same basis. All the advantages of racing bikes were successfully demonstrated by the pilots of BMW Motorrad Motorsport during the World Championship.

Technical specifications

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The first, released in 2009, the BMW versionS1000RR was equipped with a 193-horsepower engine and had a mass of 204 kilograms. The twisting moment exceeded 9 thousand turns. The manufacturer took care of both a solid aluminum frame and powerful brakes. The traction control system made it possible to manually select the driving mode to provide the pilot with maximum comfort and allow full control of the situation. In 2010, the sport bike BMW S1000RR became the best among the serial bikes in the rating of dynamic indicators.

In 2012, the manufacturer made a decisionpamper the fans with the new version. The result did not take long. The BMW S1000RR was re-released. As it was announced, the changes and improvements were mainly reflected in the appearance of the bike. He got an advanced device and updated fairings. As for the technical component, no innovations have touched it.

And only the third generation, whose salesscheduled to begin in 2015, was the result of the joint work of engineers, designers and designers. Power increased to 250 horses, weight, on the contrary, was reduced by 4 kg. The torque of the new bike reaches 12,000 revolutions. Ride modes, available in previous versions, were supplemented by two more, including the "User" mode, which allows the pilot to customize the bike "for himself."


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Motorcycle BMW S1000RR, photo of which causea real reverence in the heart of every lover to drive, is a pronounced representative of the sports family. In his design embodied the best traditions of superbike style, as well as the own developments of the concern BMW. The highlight of the exterior is attached to the headlights, which immediately fall look: they are almost the same size, but of different shapes. The fairings hide the iron insides of the bike only partially, giving an opportunity to get some idea of ​​its powerful knots. Pleases the eye and wheels, equipped with cast wheels, anodized in black. The driver's seat provides for the athletic landing of the pilot, and additional comfort is provided by the updated adjustable footrests. Passenger saddle, as on most sportbikes, worked quite modestly. A special feature of the model is considered by many as a carbon tank cap.

Dynamic indicators

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Speaking about the dynamics of the bike, you can not onlylist his excellent characteristics, but also mention a couple of these records. The BMW S1000RR sports bike has repeatedly hit various test drives. It is found that a motorcycle can overcome 1 km from its place in just 18.5 seconds, while its maximum speed reached 285 km / h. Classical test distance of a quarter mile, he passed for 10.1 seconds, accelerating to 235 km / h. The ring road became a springboard for a new record - in its class he came first. The legendary German edition of Motorrad tested the most powerful motorcycles of the class 1000 cm³ of the 2010 model year, and according to the results of testing the BMW S1000RR sports bike turned out to be the most dynamic. He was able to develop a speed of 305 km / h, from the place accelerated to 200 km / h in just 6.9 seconds. At around 10.4 s, its speed reached 250 km / h, and by 14.8 s - 280 km / h. Thus, the sportbike surpassed all liter-made 2010 series bikes, including the Kawasaki ZZ-R1400 and the Suzuki GSXR1300 Hayabusa.

Consumption of fuel, components, consumables


Motorcycle BMW S1000RR, the price of which reaches20-25 thousand US dollars, quite expensive and in operation. Accessories on it, as well as on many other cars and motorcycles "BMW", cost a lot of money, and you can get them only from the officers. The fuel consumption reaches 5.5-6 liters, depending on the route, driving style and weather conditions. But the cost of operation does not stop the real admirers of the brand.

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